Multiplex MAM9904 Blend In Cup Blended Ice Machine User Manual

June 14, 2024

MAM9904 Blend In Cup Blended Ice Machine

NEW!MAM9904 Blend-In-Cup® – Manual Fill Blended Ice Machine

– Save over $3,500 per year in syrup cost
– Quiet…50% less noise
– Fast…make 3 drinks at once and up to 120 drinks per hour
– Happy customers and crew…faster service with no pouring or pitchers to manage


Next generation Blended Ice System
Designed for restaurant and retail applications
• Blends and dispenses up to 3 different drinks at once
• Enhanced speed of service with simultaneous dispense and blending capability
• Ease of product loading and replacement
• Base unit accommodates 8 favor bins, each holding (1) 2 gal. (7.6 L) bag
• Automatic blending chamber rinse

Intuitive controls and prompts
Visual, icon based selection screen
• Speeds drink and option selection
• Mitigates entry errors and reduces learning curve
• Provides inventory and service feedback and data collection
• Step by step cleaning instructions

High Performance Yield
Automated portioning and dispense
• Recipe accuracy (ice, mix, syrups, add-ins), yield and product consistency
• Minimizes food waste and costs, maximizes yield (up to 12% more yield)
• Patented anti-drip technology

Blend-in-Cup Technology
Software driven, variable blend/mix profiles facilitates unique drink
• Product and ice dispensed and blended directly in the cup to reduce labor and
product waste
• Guarantees consistent cup all level
• Allows for excellent adaptability and capability for future product expansion

Focus on operator priorities
Provides equipment performance that results in:
• Strict adherence to food safety standards
• Reduced serve time with automated dispense and three drink capability
• No side clearance required

Service Support
Certified service and parts network
• An established network of reliable, trained service providers offering strong
commitments to local equipment and customer support
• 1 year parts & labor limited warranty, compressor additional 4 years parts only
• Extended warranty program available for purchase within 60 days of machine
install date

Base Models
MAM9904R01 with cup and lid holders – RHD
MAM9904L01 with cup and lid holders – LHD
MAM9904R without cup and lid holders – RHD
MAM9904L without cup and lid holders – LHD

Included Accessories
Install Kit: Includes required water, CO2 and drain hose/lines and connectors.
Clean/Sanitize Kit: (1) Cleaning container, (3) 5-gallon (19L) pails, hose lengths,
bracket and brushes.
Digital scale

Optional Accessories
BEV00009 Ice assist bar
1708665 Bag lifters (8)
BEV00003 Syrup rail
BEV00004 Syrup rail & bag lifter
BEV00005 Syrup rail & ice assist bar
BEV00006 Syrup rail & bag lifters & ice assist bar
BEV00007 Ice assist bar & bag lifters
BEV00008 Single cup holder

2100 Future Dr.
Sellersburg, IN 47150
Tel: 812.246.7000
Fax: 812.246.7024

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