MULTIPLEX Fresh Blender Water Filtration Retrofit Instruction Manual

June 9, 2024


MULTIPLEX Fresh Blender Water Filtration Retrofit


This water filtration kit bracket is only compatible with units that have a drain shelf similar to the picture below. This kit is NOT compatible with units that have enclosed drain boxes.


  • Puncture Resistant Gloves
  • Clean Bucket
  • Clean Towels
  • Drill (cordless recommended)
  • Universal Screw Driver
  • Permanent Marker
  • 3/32” Metal Drill Bit
  • 3/8” Drive Socket or Wrench


  • 020007985 Water Filtration Kit

Power OFF the machine and unplug from power source, this unit contains sharp moving parts. Wear gloves to protect hands.

Keep refrigeration cabinet door closed so product remains chilled while unit is off.


  1. Review literature packet included with parts and filters.

  2. Power unit OFF using power switch on top right of unit and unplug.

  3. Installation of new water filtration kit will be on back of machine. Without damaging water or drain lines, carefully move machine away from wall.

  4. Place bucket under rear drain.

  5. Turn off water shutoff valve and disconnect water line from back of machine.

  6. Carefully hang water filtration bracket on back of unit as shown below.

  7. Position water filtration bracket so it does not extend past the side of the unit. Make sure water filtration gauges do not come in contact with the drain funnel.

  8. Hold Assembly firmly against machine and mark the location of the two holes in the bracket onto the rear of the unit.

  9. Remove water filter bracket and carefully pre-drill holes in rear of unit with 3/32” drill bit to a maximum depth of 1/4” (6.35mm).

  10. Hold Assembly firmly against machine and drill 2 self-tapping screws in holes. Start with the bottom hole first.

  11. Tighten the four (4) nuts located behind the gauges with a 3/8” Drive Socket.

  12. Use permanent marker to write install date on each filter.

  13. Carefully insert the Pre-filter in the left assembly slot. Carefully insert the Filter in the right assembly slot.

  14. Connect water inlet line to left water line of assembly.

  15. Connect water at rear of unit and turn ON water shutoff valve.

  16. Hold water line from right of assembly over bucket and flush water line by pressing open quick connect. Flush line for minimum of 5 minutes and until water is no longer cloudy.

  17. Connect right water line of assembly to machine. REASSEMBLY

  18. Move machine back in place.

  19. Verify drain is connected correctly.

  20. Plug unit to power source and power ON.

  21. Enter the Service Menu.

    • A. Menu screens are hidden and will require a password. From start screen, touch the three corners in the order shown to access the password screen.
    • B. Enter password for SERVICE MENU and then press ENTER.
  22. Empty water from system.

    • C. Press SERVICE OUTPUT.
    • D. Press DISPENSE & BLEND.
    • E. Toggle WATER DISPENSE option to ON.
    • F. Water will dispense into dispense area.
    • G. Screen will time out and return to previous screen.
    • H. Press BACK or LOGOUT until return to main screen.
  23. Make a drink with manager present to confirm operation.

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