MULTIPLEX FB081AF Fresh Blender Instructions

June 9, 2024

MULTIPLEX FB081AF Fresh Blender



Time: 3-4 Hours

  • Wash & sanitise your hands regularly, wear gloves at all times.
  • All left and right references are based from standing in front of the FreshBlender.
  • This program is based on a unit that has been well maintained and has been cleaned as outlined in Welbilt Literature and FreshBlender Manual.
  • Total technician time is calculated assuming the aid of store personnel as needed.
  • All used PM parts removed from the unit need to be left with the Store Manager.
  • This is not a troubleshooting visit. Any repairs to be done to unit are at additional costs and are not calculated in this PM Program. If any additional problems exist that need to be resolved, a follow up visit should be scheduled.


  • Universal Screwdriver
  • Cut Resistant Gloves
  • Disposable Gloves
  • O-ring Pick
  • Oetiker Pliers (00681815)
  • Digital Scale (Capable of weighing in ounces)
  • Step Ladder*
  • FreshBlender Ice Dump Chute* (020007989)
  • Door Key* (WBL-95-136)
  • Food Grade O-ring Grease
  • Sanitiser, Shaker Jug & Sanitiser Solution Spray Bottle*
  • Cleaning Hose*
  • Clean & Sanitised Towels/Cloths*
  • 2 – 5 Gal (18 liter) Buckets*
  • Cleaning Cup*
  • Insulation Tape
  • Various Flexible Bottle Brushes to Clean out all Drains

* These items provided at store location


  • 020008349 Drain Cleaner
  • 000006036 Manitowoc Ice Maker Descaler
  • 020009161 PM Parts Kit (contents listed below):
    QTY| Description| Part Number
    2| O-Rings (Waterline & CIP Hose)| MCP00262
    1| Front Door Clear Blender Cover| WBL-33-064-FRU
    4| Dispense Head Screws| WBL-99-097
    1| Blender Shaft Bushing O-ring| 3235170
    1| Ice Evaporator Orange O-ring| 000008940
    1| Instruction| 020009182

These parts may be required in addition to the above parts. Use the PM Checklist to survey. With store approval, the parts should be changed and charged separately to the store.

QTY Description Part Number
1 Blender Shaft 020008753
2 Sanitation Fitting Latch WBL-94-050
2 Sanitation Fittings WBL-33-065-FRU
1 Shuttle Assembly WBL-33-014-FRU
1 Door Lock Support WBL-94-026
1 Door Lock Cover WBL-94-027
1 Shuttle Rail WBL-92-203
1 Water Pressure Regulator 3547784
1 Dispense Head Assembly WBL-33-050-FRU
2 Solenoid Valve White 020007658
2 Solenoid Valve Black 020007655
2 Solenoid Valve Brown 020007656
2 Solenoid Valve Green 020007657
1 LMS Valve Kit (12 pcs) WBL-96-107-FRU
1 Dump Valve WBL-97-031
1 Duck Bills (pack of 16) WBL-96-060B-FRU
1 Refrigerator Door Gasket WBL-95-013

Contact Fresh Blends Australia: 0460-430-392 if you have any questions or concerns.

Additional FreshBlender documentation and videos can be found on-line at


Note any known performance or damage issues before beginning Planned Maintenance (PM). Most damaged parts can be replaced while Zone 4 Descale is being performed. Take pictures before and after cleaning:

  • Picture of unit in location
  • Inspect dispense head
  • Clear Splash Shield & Shuttle
  • Scale/product build up
  • Condenser Filter at rear of unit
  • Drain at the front, side and rear of machine.
  • Tundish at the rear of unit
  • Verify the evaporator (center rear) drain isn’t blocked
  • Check product dispense area silicone seals.
  • Blender cup cover/EcoBlend holder for cleanliness
  • Any other photos that show issues with the unit’s appearance and operation.
  1. Check for leaks.

    • A. Remove Left & Right side panel and check for leaks. Specifically, the water inlet in the back to the regulator, lines to the float, and CIP pump connection to the manifold.
      NOTE: Top front door needs to be halfway open for RIGHT side panel to be removed.

    • B. Verify 35psi during water flow on the regulator, adjust as needed.

  2. Check all output functions.

    • A. Access the SERVICE MENU, from start screen, touch the three corners in the order shown to access the password screen. Enter the password for SERVICE MENU then press ENTER.
      NOTE: If the TOUCH TO START or OUT OF SERVICE screen is not currently displaying on the machine you must first enter a Flavor Selection screen then double tap the BACK button to bring the TOUCH TO START screen back up.

    • A. Go to Service Outputs, choose Dispense & Blend. Then operate each output one at a time noting any failures. Be sure to have a cup in the dispense area when operating product motors. Note any spray nozzles valves or motors not operating properly.

    • B. Using the screen controls, move the shuttle between dispense and blend, note of it’s properly aligned at each position. Inspect the shuttle rail and calibrate the shuttle if needed.

    • C. Using the screen controls, move the blender up & down. With the door closed turn on the blender blade rinse and operate the blender blade.

    • D. Go to Service Outputs> Cleaning and operate the Water Inlet, CIP Pump, Ice maker Water, Ice maker Dump Valve, and all CIP Valves 1-8. Place a cup
      in the dispense area when testing the CIP valves. While dispensing with the CIP valves observe the function of the dispense head.
      NOTE: If the dump valve won’t open to empty water from the float it will need to be manually drained with the water line disconnected and then cleaned or replaced. Zone 2 & 4 cleaning cannot be performed until all valves operate correctly.

    • E. Run Ice Maker Dump Valve or Water Dispense in Service mode to check and set water pressure while water is running or dispensing.

    • F. Replace any failed valve, disconnect water (turn off) and dump out all water, then shutdown to change any valves. If the dispense head, sanitation fitting, shuttle, blender, or stepper motor needs changing, it can wait till the Zone 4 Descale is being performed.

    • G. Inspect main drain line on right hand side then remove and clean out in 3 basin sink at store.

    • H. Pull machine out if not already, place bucket under drain, and inspect the middle evaporator drain. Make sure its not pinched or clogged, if so correct before pushing back into place over store/floor drain.

    • I. Replace O-rings.

    • J. Inspect product bins and condition.

  3. Update PM Checklist Inspection Form.

    • A. Make notes on checklist of anything observed to this point.
  4. Identify software versions

    • A. Press SUBSYSTEM VERSION INFO button & note software versions on checklist.
    • B. Run any updates if needed prior to Zone 4 or 2 cleaning.
  5. Manually flush product lines

    • A. Once all valves are working, manually flush all beverage lines in the Outputs> Cleaning screen with the CIP valves until only water is being dispensed.
  6. Perform Zone 4 Ice maker Descale/Sanitise. DESCALE & SANITISE ICE MAKER COMPONENTS

    • A. Follow the steps for manually descaling the ice maker components.
    • B. Access the SERVICE MENU then press CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS.
    • C. Press START CLEANING button under ICE DESCALE.
    • D. Make notes on PM Checklist. If machine has heavy scale build up?
    • E. Zone 4 Descale should take 50 minutes or less to complete.
    • F. While Descale is being performed, replace any dispense head, sanitation fitting, shuttle, blender, stepper motor or other water component now.
    • G. Use some of the supplied descaler and/or Lime-a-way/CLR to remove any scale from the dispense area, rinse nozzles, blender and any black plastic parts that it may appear.
    • H. Change out refrigerator cabinet door seal if required.
  7. Check Blender Motor and Blender Assembly.

  8. Perform Zone 2 Weekly Cleaning.

    • A. Access SERVICE MENU.
    • C. Press START CLEANING button under WEEKLY CLEANING.
    • D. Follow on screen instructions.
    • E. Check Shuttle, Shuttle Rail & Clear Splash Shield.


  1. Unit should look like it has been professionally cleaned.
  2. Inspect unit for water leaks in upper area and in refrigerated cabinet around sanitation fittings.
  3. After PM is finished, put unit back into operation.
    • A. Replace both side panels.
    • B. Close and lock door.
    • C. Push unit back into place.
    • D. Confirm drain line is connected to drain.
    • E. Press BACK or LOGOUT on screen to return to Drink Menu if needed.
  4. Make a blended drink (smoothie or shake) to confirm operation.
  5. Check drink to make sure it is blended correctly and all levels are correct.
  6. Perform Ice, Water and/or Product calibration as necessary. (See FreshBlender Calibration video on line at


  1. Fill out all areas of the PM Checklist.
  2. Give copy of PM CHECKLIST store manager if parts/labor was done outside the base PM scope.
  3. Completed checklist MUST be emailed to Fresh Blends Australia (FBA) at the following address:

Contact Fresh Blends Australia: 0460-430-392 if you have any questions or concerns.


  1. Inside right side of unit locate drain line.MULTIPLEX-FB081AF-Fresh-Blender- \(3\)
  2. Inspect drain line for obstructions, collapse or pinch.
  3. Remove clamp and take drain line to 3 compartment sink to clean and sanitise. Use flexible bottle brush to remove buildup and debris.
  4. Reinstall drain line.
  5. If drain line found deficient, advise store manager and provide quote for replacement.
  6. Turn OFF power to the unit.
  7. Remove fridge compartment evaporator cover and inspect drain pan under evaporator for excess water and or ice build-up. Make note if ice build-up and or drain is blocked in report. Verify Cabinet Set Point is set to 36°C (2°F), adjust if needed.
  8. Blow out or use a wet vacuum cleaner to clean the refrigeration cabinet evaporator drain from the inside/outside and clean the refrigeration cabinet evaporator drain from the inside evaporator area and flush with warm water until clear and clean.
  9. Reinstall evaporator cover.
  10. Turn Power back ON to the unit.
  11. Check position of rear drain lines and adjust if needed.
  12. Verify no kinks in drain lines inside and out of the refrigerated cabinet.
  13. Clean drain pan and drain areas at rear of unit.
  14. Tape two (2) tubing entry points into refrigeration cabinet with insulation tape if needed.


  1. Locate and remove air filter from rear of unit.
  2. Take to 3-compartment sink to wash and rinse to remove any built-up dust and debris.


  1. Locate Clean in Place (CIP) hose.

  2. Using an O-ring pick tool, remove the black O-ring from the tip of the male quick connect fitting and replace with new one provided in PM Parts Kit.
    NOTE: Use food grade o-ring lubricant on new o-ring.

  3. Visually inspect the CIP Hose for cuts or leaks.

  4. Visually inspect Mesh Filter on CIP Hose for damage.

  5. If either are found deficient, advise store manager and quote replacement.


  1. Inspect door gasket and replace if required.
  2. Warm the new door gasket in a sink of hot water. This ensures conformity to the door and frame.
  3. Pull/peel the existing gasket out of the door channel. Be sure to remove all the gasket.
  4. Clean the channel in the door by wiping it down with cleaner/sanitizer.
  5. Press the new gasket, if required, into place.
  6. Ensure that when the door closes the gasket seals completely.


  1. Inspect the eight (8) Sanitation Fittings and corresponding lines in and out for any discoloration or signs of product build up. Symptoms and problems to look for:
    • A. Constant dripping of water from sanitation fitting when there is not a product bag pump connected.
    • B. Product line is not purged of product during rinsing, cleaning, or sanitizing the line during weekly cleaning.
    • C. Product back flows out of sanitation fitting when product bag pump is removed.
    • D. Product leaks out of product bag pump elbow when motor runs and little to no product dispenses.MULTIPLEX-FB081AF-Fresh-Blender- \(11\)
  2. If there is buildup in Sanitation Fittings inform Store Manager. Machine has not been maintained correctly.
  3. If parts found deficient, advise store manager and provide quote for replacement.


  1. Verify the lower refrigeration cabinet has all eight (8) Product Bins in place.
  2. Inspect the bins for cracks or other damage.
  3. Make sure the bins slide IN/OUT of the lower refrigerations cabinet properly.

If bins are found deficient or missing, advise store manager and quote replacement.


  1. Lift cup cover up and take pictures of area underneath cup cover. Lower cup cover and take pictures of rear side.
  2. Point out this area to store manager.
  3. Clean and sanitise blender cup cover assembly.


  1. Is there erratic blending (drink turns for a bit then stops and starts again)?
    • Does the unit not blend? You should see the drink in the cup rapidly turning like a tornado.
    • Do you hear a rattle or see the blades dip below the housing?
    • Is there abnormally loud noise from the blender module during blend?
    • Does the blender properly submerge in cup during blending?
    • Are the drinks blended completely or are large ice chunks left in the drink?


Important Do not use tools on blender shaft.

  1. Make sure unit is powered OFF.

  2. Remove Blender Shaft.

    • A. Push the blender cup cover all the way up by reaching into the chamber, carefully raising the blender cup cover and lifting upward.
    • B. With cup cover in this position grasp the bottom of the blender shaft and rotate the blender shaft assembly to the right. Rotate Blender Shaft until it disengages from the motor. It is left hand threaded. This may take time to completely unscrew from the motor.
    • C. Once free from the motor, tilt and remove through the blender chamber door opening.
  3. Visually inspect Blender Shaft by these steps:

    • A. Turn the blades in the bell housing by twisting the orange end of the shaft.
    • Can you turn the blades?
    • Are the blades seized and/or not turning at all?
    • Does the rubber seal in the bell housing appear
    • B. Turn the shaft upside down, does it leak any product/fluid?
    • C. Shake the blender shaft. Does it rattle at all?
  4. If Blender Shaft found deficient, advise store manager and provide quote for replacement.

  5. Remove blend chamber bushing and replace O-ring. Clean and sanitise area around bushing.
    NOTE: Use food grade o-ring lubricant on new o-ring.

  6. Check the 3 x cup cover guide rods are tight and not loose from the top with a small crescent (shifter) as this will cause vibration when blending a drink.

  7. Check the 3 x cup cover guide rod springs are all connected and functioning.

  8. Install Blender Shaft.

    • A. Shafts thread to the left into the bottom of the motor. Use caution not to cross thread. Do not use tools on blender shaft.
  9. Power unit ON.

  10. Record the number of Blend Cycles on PM Checklist.

    • A. Access the SERVICE MENU.
    • B. Press USAGE STATS.
    • C. Scroll down to BLENDER CYCLES.MULTIPLEX-FB081AF-Fresh-Blender- \(17\)
  11. Check that the linear actuator range up and down movement properly submerges the blender into a cup during blend.

  12. If drinks are not being blended completely and it is leaving ice chunks in drinks:

    • A. Check drink fill levels
    • B. Check product bags
    • C. Check calibration
    • D. Check alignment of blender in empty cup when it is in the down position to make sure it is located in the center if the cup. Adjust assembly if required

NOTE: It is recommended to change Blender Shaft above 18,000 cycle counts. If this does not resolve drinks not blending, there is likely a blender motor issue. Contact Technical Support for assistance.


  1. Locate dispense assembly.MULTIPLEX-FB081AF-Fresh-Blender- \(18\)
  2. Place an empty cup in the dispense area.
  3. Access SERVICE MENU.
  5. Select one Product Motor at a time and then press GO at bottom of screen.
  6. Observe each product as it dispenses. Test all motors.
  7. While unit door is open, visually inspect the valves
    • A. If valves are dirty, take proper actions to clean and sanitise them. Do NOT use sharp objects to poke or scrub valves. Wrap a paper towel around end of finger to gently clean.
    • B. If valves show signs of damage or if dispense issues cannot be resolved by cleaning, advise store manager and quote replacement of Dispense Head Assembly or LMS Valves.
  8. Remove 4 screws from dispense assembly and lower down to access.
  9. Clean top of dispense area and dispense assembly with small cleaning brush to remove debris and build up. Wipe down area with sanitised cloth.
  10. Re-install Dispense Head and use 4 x new screws supplied in the PM Kit to put back into position.


  1. Visually inspect shuttle to determine if feet on bottom look worn. Make sure all 5 magnets are intact on bottom of shuttle.MULTIPLEX-FB081AF-Fresh-Blender- \(21\)
  2. Visually inspect rail for wear or damage.MULTIPLEX-FB081AF-Fresh-Blender- \(22\)
  3. Replace Clear Blender Splash Shield.
    • A. With upper door open, push in clip and push clear blender splash shield outward.
  4. Install new Clear Splash Shield included in PM Parts Kit.
  5. If the Shuttle and/or Rail show any damage or wear that hinders operation, advise store manager and quote replacement.
  6. Access SERVICE MENU.
  8. Press Shuttle Calibration. Follow on screen instructions.


  1. Verify Water Regulator is working properly by making sure it is at 35 psi under flow.MULTIPLEX-FB081AF-Fresh-Blender- \(24\)
  2. Dispense water.
  3. Adjust regulator, while dispensing water, to 35 psi if necessary.


  1. If there are signs of excessive scale, trace water line and confirm it is connected to store’s water filtration system.
  2. Note findings on PM Checklist.


NOTE: Make sure there is a product bag or pump in place at each product slot in the refrigeration cabinet or water will flood the cabinet when operating the CIP Valve outputs.

  1. Access the SERVICE MENU.
  3. Toggle “ON/OFF” each solenoid output one at a time and observe function.
  4. If any solenoid fails to OPEN/CLOSE properly, advise store manager and quote replacement.MULTIPLEX-FB081AF-Fresh-Blender- \(25\)
  5. To Locate and Replace any failed solenoid(s):
    • A. Disconnect incoming water line.
    • B. Drain water from the system by toggling the Ice Maker Dump Valve to ON in the Outputs Screen then power down the unit.
    • C. The top block contains 7 valves, only 6 are currently used. From top to bottom:
    • M6-S1 = White NO Water Inlet
    • M6-S2 = Black NC Not Used
    • M6-S3 = Black NC Blender Rinse
    • M6-S4 = Black NC Water Dispense
    • M6-S5 = Black NC Shaft Rinse
    • M6-S6 = Green NC Dispense Rinse
    • M6-S7 = Brown NO Ice Maker Water
    • D. The bottom block contains 8 valves for Clean In Place (CIP) From top to bottom:
    • M8-S1 = Black NC Line 1 Rinse
    • M8-S2 = Black NC Line 2 Rinse
    • M8-S3 = Black NC Line 3 Rinse
    • M8-S4 = Black NC Line 4 Rinse
    • M8-S5 = Black NC Line 5 Rinse
    • M8-S6 = Black NC Line 6 Rinse
    • M8-S7 = Black NC Line 7 Rinse
    • M8-S8 = Black NC Line 8 Rinse


  1. Evacuate all water from the reservoir and evaporator by entering the Service screen> Service Outputs> Cleaning and toggling the Ice Maker Dump Valve ON until all water has been emptied from the system then toggle OFF.
  2. With water supply still connected and turned ON, fill and dump the reservoir through the screen 4 times and evacuate any ice from the bin using the ice dump chute and ice dump cycle in the menu. This option is found in the Service Home, Service Outputs, Dispense & Blend screen.
  3. Turn Off or Isolate Water supply to the machine and then complete one more Ice Maker Dump Valve ON until all water has been emptied from the system then toggle OFF.
  4. Mix approved Manitowoc Ice Descaling Solution and Sanitiser to the correct ratio for descaling and sanitizing ice maker parts.
    DESCALER** Amount of Luke Warm**


| Amount of Descaler
5 gallons (20 Liters)| Manitowoc Metal Safe part number 000006036 use 16oz/5 gal



Amount of Luke Warm


| Amount of Sanitiser
5 gallons (20 Liters)| Approved QUAT (Quaternary
(10 gallons (40 Liters)| Ammonium) sanitiser solution
may be needed to full| providing 300 ppm minimum such
submerse removed parts)| as clean quick® mixed 1.5 oz per 5
| gallons or Solution that provides
| 100 ppm available Chlorine
| minimum, consult manufacturer’s
| instructions for ratio or 1/4 ounce
| (15 ml) household bleach per
| gallon.
5. Fill Spray bottle with portion of sanitiser solution from the bucket. Set aside for later use. 6. Set the power rocker switch on the top right of the unit to the OFF position, disconnect power. 7. Remove top cover from the water reservoir by pulling it up and off. 8. Spray and wipe down the reservoir , float assembly, float switch assembly and lid inside and out with sanitizing solution. 9. Using a clean pitcher/cup fill reservoir with sanitizing solution from the bucket. Remainder of solution will be used for manual sanitizing of other parts. 10. Remove ice dispense motor assembly from the top of the bin by removing six (6) thumbscrews, four (4) on the top cross member and two (2) that secure it to the bin lid. 11. Loosen the two (2) floating nuts on the clear ice chute cover and remove the clear ice chute cover. 12. Using a clean pitcher/cup pour the sanitiser solution into the top of the evaporator unit full, any excess will exit through the overflow tube in the reservoir.
NOTE: Once the evaporator is full fill the pitcher/cups one more time and set aside for later use.

  1. Remove the ice wiper nut, strainer, ice damper flap, and set aside.
  2. Loosen the large wing clamp that secures the ice chute to the evaporator.
  3. Pull the ice chute up and out of the ice bin lid.
  4. Remove ice bin cover and auger dispense assembly including the dispense wheel at the bottom, then remove any remaining ice in the bin manually.
  5. Wipe away any visible debris and soak the following parts in descaler then sanitiser solution for 10 minutes each;
    • Auger (make sure each end is submersed)
    • Dispense Wheel & Housing
    • Ice Wiper Nut
    • Strainer
    • Ice damper flap
  6. With a bottle brush, clean the ice nozzle at bottom of ice bin with sanitiser solution, rinse and wipe dry.
  7. Clean the Ice Bin Drain out with a long flexible bottle brush to clean any debris build up. Flush drain out with warm water to make sure all debris has been removed.
  8. Thoroughly spray the inside walls and floor of the ice bin down with sanitiser solution spray bottle, then wipe down so no sanitiser is left visibly wet in the bin.
  9. Spray and wipe down the ice bin lid inside and out, making sure to thoroughly sanitise the ice chute opening.
  10. Spray and wipe down the ice chute and clear cover that was moved in step 15 inside and out with sanitiser solution, making sure to thoroughly sanitise the each end of the ice chute.
  11. Remove the soaking parts from sanitizing solution, spray with sanitiser solution and wipe them down.
  12. Replace all cleaned parts in their correct positions:
    • Assembled Dispense Wheel & Housing
    • Auger
    • Bin Cover
    • Motor and six (6) thumbscrews
  13. Sanitise new Ice Evaporator Orange O-ring and install onto the top of the evaporator. Lubricate with Food Grade O-ring Grease.
  14. Reassemble the ice chute by placing it back into the bin lid opening, pushing it back on to the top of the evaporator and tightening the large wing clamp loosened in step 14.
  15. Put ice damper flap and the ice chute strainer back into place, then tighten the ice wiper nut down on to the top of the evaporator.
  16. Spray and wipe down the ice chute assembly with sanitiser solution.
  17. Secure the clear ice chute cover on to the ice chute, removed in step 11, with the two (2) floating cover nuts.
  18. Plug unit back into power source and power ON the unit by moving the power rocker switch to the ON position.

Planned Maintenance Checklist for Multiplex FreshBlenders

MULTIPLEX-FB081AF-Fresh-Blender- \(34\)

Note any known service or performance issues before beginning Planned Maintenance (PM).

FAS to inspect and provide quote to customer for additional parts & labor to address deficiencies identified during PM (excluding PM parts). If parts replaced, provide information on parts below and charge customer. 

Qty| Part Number| Description| Replaced Yes/No| Comments
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |

MULTIPLEX-FB081AF-Fresh-Blender- \(35\)

All required parts are to be on-hand with technician during PM. As the PM Activities are completed, fill out the “Complete” column. Note additional comments in the “Comments” section. Signatures are required on all pages.

PM Activities| Additional Detail| Complete Yes/No| Comments
Operation| Make drink & observe functions.| |
Software| Check software & note current versions in table below.| |
Door Key & Lock| Inspect Door Lock Cover & locate Door Key. If lost or damaged, advise customer & quote replacement.| |
Drain Line Clean| Physically remove drain line, clean & sanitize, and reinstall.| |
Air Filter and Door| Inspect & wash air filter. If found deficient, advise customer & quote replacement.| |
O-Ring| Replace O-Ring on incoming water line & CIP Hose per PM instructions. Inspect CIP Hose & Mesh Filter. If found

deficient, advise customer & quote replacement.

| |
Refrigerated Cabinet| Replace Door Gasket per PM instructions.| |
Sanitation Fittings| Inspect Sanitation Fittings. If found deficient, advise customer & quote replacement.| |
Evaporator| Inspect for standing water and drain line condition.

If found deficient, advise customer & quote replacement.

| | ****


Wearables| Inspect wearables (see Inspections Checklist) for items

found deficient, advise customer & quote replacement.

| |
Clear Blender Door Splash Shield| Replace Clear Blender Door Splash Shield per PM instructions.| |
Water and Valve


| Run diagnostics on solenoids & regulators. If found

deficient, advise customer & quote replacement.

| |
Ice Maker Descale & Sanitize (Zone 4)| Descale, & Sanitize Ice Maker Bin & related components.| |
Weekly Cleaning (Zone 2)| Complete Zone 2 Weekly Cleaning.| |
Confirm Operation| Complete Zone 2 Weekly Cleaning.| |
Calibration| Calibrate unit if needed.| |
Blender Cycle| Checked blender cycle counts.| | Record blender cycles:


--- --- --- --- ---

Parts required to be replaced or used during PM.
All used PM parts removed from the unit need to be left with the store manager.

Qty Part Number Description Comments
1 WBL-95-013 Refrigerator Door Gasket
2 MCP00262 O-Ring
1 WBL-33-064-FRU Front Door Clear Blender Cover Splash Shield

MULTIPLEX-FB081AF-Fresh-Blender- \(35\)

Parts & Supplies 

Tools Required Store to Supply
·        Universal Screwdriver ·        Door Key
·        Gloves (cut resistant) ·        FreshBlender Ice Dump Chute (PN
  1. ·        O-ring Pick| ·        Sanitizer, Shaker Jug & Sanitizer Solution Spray Bottle
    ·        Oetiker Pliers (PN 00681815)| ·        Clean & Sanitized Towels/Cloths
    ·        Digital Scale (Capable of weighing in ounces)| ·        5 Gallon Bucket for drain line
    | ·        5 Gallon Bucket (clean & sanitized) for Ice Descale
    | ·        Cleaning Cup

Additional Parts These parts may be needed in addition to parts included in the PM Scope & should be carried on the service vehicle for the PM Service. Use checklist below to inspect wearables. With store approval, the parts should be changed & charged to the store. Removed parts should be left with the manager.

Part Number Description QTY Notes
3239824 Blender Shaft 1
WBL-94-050 Sanitation Fitting Latch 2
WBL-33-065-FRU Sanitation Fittings 2
WBL-33-014-FRU Shuttle Assembly 1
WBL-94-027 Door Lock Cover 1
WBL-92-203 Shuttle Rail 1
3547784 Water Pressure Regulator 1
WBL-33-050-FRU Dispense Head Assembly 1
020007658 Solenoid Valve White 2
020007655 Solenoid Valve Black 2
020007656 Solenoid Valve Brown 2
020007657 Solenoid Valve Green 2
WBL-96-107-FRU LMS Valve Kit (12 pcs) 1

Wearables Inspection Checklist

Part Number Description QTY Notes
3547914 CIP Hose Mesh Strainer
WBL-97-098 Air Filter
WBL-95-136 Door Key
WBL-33-036-FRU Assembly Front Door Latch
WBL-94-027 Door Lock Cover
WBL-93-033-FRU Door Display Bezel
WBL-33-065-FRU Sanitation Fittings Up to 8
WBL-94-050 Sanitation Fitting Latch Up to 8
3239824 Blender Shaft
WBL-33-050-FRU Dispense Head Assembly
WBL-33-014-FRU Shuttle Assembly
WBL-33-064-FRU Front Door Clear Blender Window
WBL-92-203 Shuttle Rail
3547784 Water Pressure Regulator
WBL-94-056 Product Bins Up to 8
3547846 Dump Valve

All claims for service MUST be submitted online to CPS (Claims Processing System): System Completed checklist MUST be emailed to [email protected] AND attached to Multiplex CPS claim.

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