Fontastic AC080 Travel Charger User Manual

October 29, 2023

Fontastic AC080 Travel Charger



Thank you for choosing this Fontastic® product!
Please read the following user manual and keep them in a safe place so that you can refer to them at any time.
Explanation of the symbols

CAUTION: Risk of electric shock
This symbol indicates a risk of contact with uninsulated parts of the product which may carry a dangerous voltage of such a magnitude that there is a risk of electric shock.

Warning Is used to mark safety instructions or to draw attention to special dangers and risks.
Note: Is used to mark additional information or important notes.

Package content

  • Travel charger Dubl
  • This user manaul

Safety advice

  • Do not open the device.
  • Do not hold the device under water.
  • Keep the device away from children.
  • The socket which the charger is operated must be freely accessible.
  • Disconnect electronic devices from the power when not using them for longer time.
  • Do not use the device when it has visible defects.
  • No commitment for any damage at misuse.

Charging devices

  • Connect your device to the charger by using a suitable cable.
  • Plug the charger into a properly installed and easily accessible mains socket.
  • Disconnect the device from the charger when you want to interrupt charging or when the device is fully charged.
  • Then disconnect the charger from the mains connection.
    Always disconnect the charger from the mains before cleaning and when not in use for long time.

Technical Data

Specification according to EU Regulation 2019/1782

No commitment for any damage at misuse.
In case you need technical support, please contact our support-team by e-mail under

Note on environmental protection:
After the implementation of the European Directive 2012/19/ EU in the national legal system, the following applies: Electrical and electronic devices may not be disposed of with domestic waste. Consumers are obliged by law to return electrical and electronic devices and batteries at the end of their service lives to the public collecting points set up for this purpose or point of sale. Details to this are defi ned by the national law of the respective country. This symbol on the product, the instruction manual or the package indicates that a product is subject to these regulations. By recycling, reusing the materials or other forms of utilising old devices, you are making an important contribution to protecting our environment.

We hereby declare, that this device carries the CE mark in accordance with the regulations and standards. It conforms with the fundamental requirements of the LVD Directive 2014/35/EU as well as the RoHS 2 directive 2011/65/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address: Improvement and changes of the technical specifi cations and other data’s could be made without prior notice.

Fontastic ® by D-Parts GmbH

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