VIDEX VLE-TF18W Rechargeable LED Table Lamp User Manual

June 17, 2024

VIDEX VLE-TF18W Rechargeable LED Table Lamp






  1. Rated power:
  2. Rated input voltage;
  3. Correlated color temperature, tunable by the internal touch control:
  4. Rated input current;
  5. Rated luminous flux:
  6. Dimmable by the lamp’s touch control:
  7. Nominal lifetime of LEDs:
  8. No perceptible flicker to human’s eyes;
  9. The light beam angle;
  10. Color Rendering Index:
  11. ON/OFF cycles;
  12. Protection against solid foreign objects bigger than 12mm provided.
  13. Time to reach the nominal luminous flux (seconds):
  14. No ultraviolet radiation:
  15. Type of the battery;
  16. The battery capacity and full charging time.
  17. Total runtime at maximum brightness with a fully charged battery (hours);
  18. Total runtime at minimum brightness with a fully charged battery (hours):
  19. Class Ill. A product in which protection against electric shock is provided by feeding it with very low safe voltage (SELV) with no risk of creating higher than safe voltage:
  20. For indoor use only;
  21. The contained LED light source cannot be replaced:
  22. The product complies with the technical regulations of Ukraine;
  23. The product meets requirements of EU directives:


24. Pursuant to the provisions of the WEEE Act. it is forbidden to put waste equipment marked with the symbol of a crossed bin together with other waste. The user, wishing to get rid of electronic and electrical equipment. is obliged to return it to a waste equipment collection point. There are no hazardous components in the equipment that have a particularly negative impact on the environment and human health.
Overall dimensions (mm), operating temperatures range (‘C), production date and batch number are indicated on individual packaging.


Product designed to be used in the home and for other similar general applications.


  • LED desk lamp:
  • Magnetic desk console:
  • Magnetic console on sticky base:
  • Magnetic console on clip:
  • Charging cable;
  • Hex key:
  • User’s manual:
  • Individual packaging:


  • Shortly tap the button to turn the lamp ON, change color temperature, and turn OFF the lamp (Fig.1).
  • Long touch the button with the light switched on to change brightness (Fig.2).
  • If more than 5 seconds passed since the last press of the button, the next short tap of the button will turn off the light and the current mode and brightness will be memorized.



  • Plug the USB-A socket of the charging cable into electrical outlet and connect the charging cable to the lamp’s input port.
  • When charging, the LED indicator lights up red. After fully charging, the LED indicator will turn green.
  • The original batteries are supplied charged and can be used immediately after purchase. However ii is recommended that the battery be fully charged before first use.


This product can only be used indoor. The product has no protection against moisture.


The battery needs to be charged in time before it is completely discharged. During long periods of storage, it is recommended to keep the battery not fully charged to extend its service life. Clean only with soft and dry cloths. Do not use chemical detergents. Product can only be supplied by rated voltage or the voltage within the range provided. Do not use AC power adapter with mismatched wattage, which may damage the device. ATTENTION! Do not look directly at LED light beam. Do not place the lamp in direct sunlight. as this may cause yellowing. Product must not be used in unfavorable conditions, e.g. dust. waler, moisture, vibrations, explosive air atmosphere, fumes, or chemical fumes, etc. Do not try to repair or disassemble the body of the lamp as this may compromise performance and void the warranty. Product with non- replaceable LED light source and battery. If the LED light source is damaged, the lamp cannot be repaired. Used or damaged product should be disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations.


Before delivery to the direct point of sale, the product must be stored in the manufacturer’s packaging at a temperature from -20’C to +40’C, in a dry room and without exposure to direct sunlight.
Transportation can be carried out by land, sea, air transport in the manufacturer’s transport packaging.


The warranty period for the product is indicated on the individual packaging and begins from the date of sale. During the warranty period, a faulty product can be exchanged or returned with prove of purchase and all components and accessories preserved. The following does not apply with the scope of limited warranty:

  • Misuse the product and cause the products components damage:
  • Unauthorized disassemble or the presence of deep mechanical damage to the product:
  • Damage due to force majeure.
  • The producer shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from the failure to follow above instructions. The producer reserves the right to make amendments of this user’s manual. The producer reserves the right to provide technical changes within the product without prior notice.

Degrease the surface. Remove the red protective film. Press against the surface for one minute and use after 24 hours.

VIDEX-VLE-TF18W-Rechargeable-LED-Table-Lamp-fig-3 VIDEX-VLE-TF18W-Rechargeable-LED-Table-Lamp-fig-4 VIDEX-VLE-TF18W-Rechargeable-LED-Table-Lamp-fig-5

Importer: Allegro Opt Sp. z o.o .. Handlowa 23, 05-120 Legionowo, Poland. Made in P.R.C. Store unused for no more than 2 years.
Allegro-opt PE, 106-G Heroiv Mariupolia street, Kropyvnytskyi, 25004, Ukraine.

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