VIDEX VLF-H075C Rechargeable Sensor LED Headlamp Instruction Manual

June 13, 2024

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LED Headlamp
Instruction Manual
VIDEX VLF H075C Rechargeable Sensor LED Headlamp -
max lumex


1| | 500Lm| 140Lm| 120Lm| 45Lm| 550Lm| 4.5Lm| 4.5Lm
2| | 2h 20min| 6h| 3h 30min| 9h| 2h| 17h| 30h
3| | 130m| 70m| 10m| 5m| 130m| –| –
4| | 4000cd| 1000cd| 24cd| 10cd| 4000cd| –| –
5| | 5000 K|
6| | CREE XPG3 5W, COB 3W|
7| | Li-Polymer VLF-B12 1200 mAh 3.7 V / 3x MA|
8| | Type-C, 5V 2A|
9| | 3h|
10| | IP65|
11| | 1.5 m|
12| | 65x45x50 mm|
13| | 60 g|

VIDEX VLF H075C Rechargeable Sensor LED Headlamp -
fig5VIDEX VLF H075C Rechargeable
Sensor LED Headlamp - fig6


  1. Output.
  2. Runtime.
  3. Distance
  4. Intensty
  5. Careated color temperature.
  6. LEDtype
  7. Compatibe bttery.
  8. Charging por type, voltage and curent
  9. Chargig ime.
  10. Dustand moisture protection evel.
  11. Impactesistance.
  12. Product sizes
  13.  Product weight(thout battey).
  14. Colr:lack.
  15. Optical system ype:fat refector
  16. Matris:Polycarbonate, uminu,

Note : utput, Runtime, Distance, Intensty and Charging tine fesuls ave ben tested it a stock bttey VLF-812 1200 mAh 3.V, Tne above mentioned parameters may vary between envionments.
“The High and COB+High modes runtime is measured under enabled overheat protecton system of the device, which i reduces levels of Output, Distance. and ntensiy


High maxium output 550 lumen.
it motonsensor
yorks vith Li-Polymer battery and ARA betteries
High bightess ed ght.


  • Headamp VLF-HO?SC:
  • Head band
  • Lo echargeabebatery Videx VLF-B12 1200ma
  • Videx akaine bttery AAA 3pcs:
  • Charging cabe;
  • Usersmanua,


High – main ight masimum brightness
Low – man gt miimu brghtness
(COBHigh — secondary ght maxmum brightoess
(COBLow – secondaryght mirimum brghtness
(COBsHigh – total maximu brightness.
Red on – red continuous ght
Redfash – red fash light


Button-tums the ighton nd of and switches between modes.
Shortpress button – tum n the ight and switc between mods. ccicaly
Long press (05 seconds) button with the light switched on – remember curent mode and it the ight f.
Short press agai – ur on the st emembered mode,
Button- activates sensor that alows you o turn on/of te ight usinggestures,displys the curent batteryevel,
Shart press button with the ightswitched on – remember current mode and later switch on/of by the sensor. A bue fght betueen buttons indicaes tha the sensor is activated. Afe that, you can urn o/ofth st selected modewith a wave of your hnd 2t aclose distance fom th devse.
Shortress buton iththe ight sitched of -turnon HGHmode and switch on/of by senso


ith the ght switched o, ress and hld the buton fo 05 seconds toseethebatery sttus.Theindication willst o 3 seconds.The bttery statusis o contiuously displayed when the gt s tumed on S diisions – 100% charge:

4 divisions – 580% charge:
3 divisions 160% cha rg;
2 divisions 540% cha rg e:
1 division – s20% rye:
1 division flashes – battery discharged.


ATTENTION! Orly VLF-B12 37V ithium-polymer battery can be charged. AAA batteries cannotbe charged.
Plug the USB-A socket of the charging cable ino elecrical outet Swich offthe ight, apen the protectve cover and comect the charging cabl to he headlamp pot.
When chargig, the indicato flashes. When fuly charged, @l § divisons ofthe ndcatorglow constantly.
Aftera ullcharge, unplug he chargingcabl andclosethe potective coverto prevent water and dustfom entering the headlamp body.
© The original btteres are supplied charged and can be used immeditey afte purchase, however it is recommended that the echargeable battery be fully charged before fist use. Th battery needs 1o be charged in time befoe it is completely discharged.
During ong periads ofstrage, it s ecommended to kep the battery charginglevel at about halfcapacity o extend set.


a)Fully open the mechanism fr ajusting the ange of the lanter;
b) Pl upthelock locate befing the contrl buttons and open the backcover
c) inset th batery/s according o the diagram shownon theinsde of thebattery compartment;
d)Closethe cover unti 1t snaps andtest the headlamp.


  • For long-term storage, it is necessary to remove the batteries from the headlamp to avoid leakage.
  • It is recommended to keep the battery contacts clean to maintain the original performance.
  • ATTENTION. Avoid direct light into eyes as it may cause the eyes damage.
  • Do not charge AAA batteries. It may cause into leakage and damage the device.
  • Do not use batteries other than those specified in the technical specifications.
  • Do not disassemble the sealed body of the headlamp as this may compromise performance and void the warranty.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


The warranty for the headlamp is 2 years, for the VLF-B12 battery -1 year. The warranty does not cover accessories. The LED source inside the headlamp is not replaceable. If the LED fails, the whole headlamp
should be replaced. During the warranty period, a faulty headlamp can exchanged or returned subject to the following conditionis:

– The instructions for use in this manual have been followed;
– There are no signs of deep mechanical damage on the product;
– A receipt and accessories have been saved.


Pursuant to the provisions of the WEEE Act, it is forbidden to put waste equipment marked with the symbol of a crossed bin together with other waste. The user, wishing to get rid of electronic and electrical equipment, is obliged to return it to a waste equipment collection point. There are no hazardous components in the equipment that have a particularly negative impact on the environment and human health.

The producer shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from the failure to follow above instructions. The producer reserves the right to make updates of this users manual.


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