VIDEX VL-Panel Recessed Mounted Led Panel User Guide

June 13, 2024

VL-Panel Recessed Mounted Led Panel
User Guide

VL-Panel Recessed Mounted Led Panel


  1. Rated voltage, frequency.

  2. Rated power.

  3. Rated luminous flux.
    3.1. Luminous flux of luminaries
    3.2. Luminous flux of light source (360°).
    3.3. This product contains a light source of energy efficiency class.

  4. Color temperature.

  5. Not compatible with lighting dimmer.

  6. Color Rendering Index.

  7. Beam angle of luminaries.

  8. Nominal lifetime.

  9. Protection against solid foreign objects bigger than 12mm provided.

  10. ON/OFF cycles.

  11. No perceptible flicker to the human eye.

  12. Ultraviolet-free.

  13. Mercury-free.

  14. Compliance with standards of ecodesign and energy labeling in force from Sep 01, 2021.

  15. Power factor.

  16. Working temperature.

  17. Product meets requirements of EU directives.

  18. The minimum distance from the illuminated object.

  19. Class II. Protection against electric shock is provided not only through basic insulation, but also double or reinforced insulation.

  20. Class III. A product in which protection against electric shock is provided by feeding it with very low safe voltage (SELV) with no risk of creating higher than safe voltage.

  21. Product can be installed and operated in/on a surface made of materials which are normally flammable.

  22. For indoor use only.

  23. Not suitable for covering with heat-insulating material.

  24. Replace the defective lamp cover immediately. Don’t use the product if the outer bulb is cracked or broken.

  25. Short-circuit-proof safety isolating transformer.

  26. LED light source can be replaceable by the manufacturer’s authorized person.

  27. The control gear can be replaceable by the manufacturer’s authorized person.


  1. Pursuant to the provisions of the WEEE Act, it is forbidden to put waste equipment marked with the symbol of a crossed bin together with other waste. The user, wishing to get rid of electronic and electrical equipment, is obliged to return it to a waste equipment collection point. There are no hazardous components in the equipment that have a particularly negative impact on the environment and human health.


This product is intended for general lighting in office spaces as well as other indoor spaces.


Installation must be performed by an electrician or authorized person. Read the user’s manual prior installation. The light source and control gear are an integral unit. Individual elements cannot work separately. Any assembly or maintenance activities to be done with power supply OFF. To install the LED panel:

  1. Connect the L, N wires to the – 230V, 50 / 60Hz mains using a screw terminal (Fig. The ends of the wires must be insulated to the appropriate length.
  2. Connect the LED panel with the connector of control gear (Fig.2).
    3.1 Fix the LED panel in the suspended ceiling (Fig.3.1) or;
    3.2 Fix the LED panel in surface-mounted frame (not included) (Fig.3.2) or;
    3.3 Fix the LED panel using a suspension set (not included) (Fig.3.3).
    Before the first use it is necessary to verify that mechanical installation and electric connection are carried out correctly.


This product should be used indoor only.


Any maintenance work must be performed when the power supply is cut off and the product has cooled down. Clean only with soft and dry cloths. Do not use chemical detergents. Do not cover the product. Ensure free air access. LED panel may heat up to a higher temperature. Product can only be supplied by rated voltage or voltage within the range provided. It’s forbidden to use the product with the damaged electric wiring or places of connections.
ATTENTION! Do not look directly at LED light beam. It’s forbidden to use the product with damaged cover. Product must not be used in unfavorable conditions, e.g. dust, water, moisture, vibrations, explosive air atmosphere, fumes, or chemical fumes, etc. The light source and control gear in the LED panel shall only be replaced by the manufacturer or his authorized service agent. If the product is damaged, contact the manufacturer for service. Used or damaged panel should be disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations. Failure to follow these instructions may result in e.g. fire, burns, electrical shock, physical injury and other material and non-material damage. Allegro Opt Sp. z o.o. shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from the failure to follow these instructions. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the manual.

Allegro Opt Sp. z o.o., Handlowa 23, 05-120 Legionowo, Poland.

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