VIDEX VLF-A055H LED Portable Flashlight User Manual

June 13, 2024

VIDEX VLF-A055H LED Portable Flashlight


VIDEX-VLF-A055H LED-Portable-Flashlight-fig-1

  1. Output.
  2. Runtime.
  3. Distance.
  4. Intensity.
  5. Correlated color temperature.
  6. LED type.
  7. Compatible battery.
  8. Charging port type, voltage, and current.
  9. Charging time.
  10. Dust and moisture protection level.
  11. Impact resistance.
  12. Product sizes.
  13. Product weight (without battery).
  14. Color: black.
  15. Optical system type: textured reflector
  16. Materials: Aviation anodized aluminum, tempered glass.

Note: Runtime, Distance, Intensity, and Charging time results were tested with a stock battery Videx 16340 800mAh. The above-mentioned parameters may vary between environments and actual batteries used.

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  • Maximum brightness 600 lumens in an ultra-compact body;
  • Water resistance IP68 (short-term immersion under water to a depth of 2 meters)
  • Built-in charging port.
  • Comfortable tactile button with battery indicator.
  • Nylon headband with fast release holder added.


  • Flashlight VLF-A055H;
  •  Li-ion rechargeable battery Videx 16340 800mAh;
  • Charging cable;
  • Metal clip;
  • Headband;
  • Fast release holder;
  • Spare O-rings;
  • User’s manual.


VIDEX-VLF-A055H LED-Portable-Flashlight-fig-3

  • High – high brightness
  • Low – low brightness
  • Moon – minimum brightness
  • Strobe – flashing light

Short press the button – turn ON the light, switch between modes, and turn OFF the light cyclically. Long press the button with the light switched on – turn OFF the light. Long press with the light switched off – turn on the last remembered mode.


The battery status is continuously displayed when the light is turned on.

  • Continuous green light – 100-80% charge;
  • Flashing green light – 79-50% charge;
  • Continuous red light – 49-25% charge;
  • Flashing red light – critical charge 24-1%.

Plug the USB-A socket of the charging cable into an electrical outlet. Switch off the light, open the protective cover, and connect the charging cable to the flashlight port. When charging, the indicator glows red. When fully charged, the
indicator glows green. After a full charge, unplug the charging cable and close the protective cover to prevent water and dust from entering the flashlight body. © The original batteries are supplied charged and can be used immediately after purchase, however, it is recommended that the battery be fully charged before first use. The battery needs to be charged in time before it is completely discharged. During long periods of storage, it is recommended to keep the battery charging level at about half capacity to extend its service life.


  • Unscrew the bottom lid of the flashlight counterclockwise;
  • Insert the battery with the (+) contact towards the head of the flashlight;
  • Screw the base all the way in and test the fl ashlight.


  • For long-term storage, it is necessary to remove the batteries from the fl ashlight.
  • It is recommended to regularly lubricate the rubber seals and threaded parts of the flashlight to prevent premature wear and ensure waterproof housing. If the rubber rings are damaged, they must be replaced.
  • ATTENTION. Avoid direct light into the eyes as it may cause eye damage.
  • The flashlight can accumulate a significant amount of heat when used for a long time, which can cause the body to become hot. Therefore, be careful to avoid burns.
  • Do not use batteries other than those specified in the technical specifications.
  • Do not disassemble the flashlight head as this may compromise performance and void the warranty.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


The warranty for the flashlight is 3 years, and for the battery – 1 year. The warranty does not cover accessories. The LED source inside the flashlight is not replaceable. If the LED fails, the whole fl ashlight should be replaced. During the warranty period, a faulty fl ashlight and battery can exchanged or returned with the proof of purchase and all accessories saved. The following does not apply with the scope of limited warranty:

  • Misuse the product and cause the product’s integral components damage;
  • Unauthorized disassemble or the presence of deep mechanical damage to the product;
  • Damage due to force majeure.


Pursuant to the provisions of the WEEE Act, it is forbidden to put waste equipment marked with the symbol of a crossed bin together with other waste. The user, wishing to get rid of electronic and electrical equipment, is obliged to return it to a waste equipment collection point. There are no hazardous components in the equipment that have a particularly negative impact on the environment and human health. The producer shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from the failure to follow the above instructions. The producer reserves the right to make updates to this user’s manual.


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