CORDIVARI 2000 Ventana Regular User Manual

July 10, 2024

CORDIVARI 2000 Ventana Regular User Manual

General warnings

General Information

Dear Customer,
EN – Use and Maintenance Manual


  • Children must not play with the appliance;
  • Cleaning and maintenance operations intendedto be carried out by the user must not be carried

Thank you for choosing our product. Carefully read the instructions before installing and/or using the appliance.

  • The product is intended for the general
  • it is recommended to have all installation and adjustment operations performed by qualified
  • Once the product is removed from the package check its if the product is damaged, do not use it and contact the Cordivari assistance network.
  • The unit must be installed in compliance with all local and national technical, plant and safety
  • Before making any connection make sure the supply voltage corresponds to the voltage stated on the characteristic label placed on the
  • if the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by qualified personnel in order to prevent any
  • For correct operation, use a socket dedicated exclusively to the unit and always provide a grounding
  • The appliance must be connected to the mains supply by means of an omnipolar switch with a minimum contact opening distance of at least 3 mm or a device allowing complete disconnection of the appliance under the conditions of overvoltage category
  • WARNING – Some parts of this product may become very hot and cause Pay extra care when children or vulnerable people are present.
  • Unsupervised children under the age of 3 must be kept at a safe distance from the
  • This appliance can’t be used by children aged 8 years or older and by people with reduced physical, sensory and mental capabilities, or with no experience and the required knowledge unless they are supervised or they have received instructions on the safe use of the appliance and have understood inherent

out by children without supervision.

  • Do not install the appliance near curtains, other flammable materials, fuels or pressurised
  • The appliance must be positioned so that the electronic control can perfectly detect the room temperature, far from external heat
  • Do not pour water or other liquids onto the appliance, especially on the electrical and electronic
  • Do not insert or drop objects through the upper air outlet grille. Do not insert objects into the lower air intake area where filters are
  • Do not obstruct or cover the upper and lower air passages. it is important to keep the unit well
  • Do not sit or lean on or otherwise exert mechanical stress on the upper part of the
  • in operations involving the removal of side covers and/or the front panel (e.g. reversibility), ensure that the product is electrically disconnected and handle the removed parts with
  • This manual is available in digital format on thewebsite

Manufacturer liability

The manufacturer declines any liability for damages to persons and property caused by:

  • use of the appliance other than intended
  • non-observance of the user manual instructions
  • tampering with even just one part of the appliance
  • use of non-original spare


At the end of its working life, this appliance must be delivered to the special collection facilities for recycling, since it is not a standard domestic waste. In case of replacement, it can be delivered to your distributor. This management of the end of the life of a product allows us to preserve our environmentand to limit the use of natural resources. This symbol, applied on the product, indicates the obligation to deliver the product at the end of its working life to a special collection facility, in compliance with Directive 2002/95/EC.

General information

The user instructions as per this booklet refer to Cordivari fan coils, in particular to models:

Model| Height

[mm]| Width [mm]| Depth [mm]| Net weight [kg]
2000| 602| 726| 120| 10,5
4000| 602| 918| 120| 13
6000| 602| 1110| 120| 15,5
8000| 602| 1302| 120| 18
2000| 432| 726| 120| 8,5
4000| 432| 918| 120| 10,5
6000| 432| 1110| 120| 12,5
8000| 432| 1302| 120| 14,5

The products presented and described in this manual are equipped with on-board control devices that enable their full use. in guaranteeing the full functionality of the machine in question, these control devices act with priority over ioT control modes (e.g. use of Apps). it is, however, possible to manage products from Smart devices via the Apps mentioned in this manual. Signing and agreeing to the terms and conditions of use of the App – including the processing of personal data – are exclusively to be understood as an existing relationship between the User and the Company owning the App. Cordivari S.r.l., in the latter case, is to be considered an external and extraneous party to the aforementioned relationship.

Technical Features

VENTANA REGULAR 2000 4000 6000 8000

SUPERMAX Speed Features
Sound power level [dB(A)]| 55| 56| 57| 58
Max. electrical power input [W]| 20| 22| 24| 27
Max. air flow [m3 / h]| 250| 390| 510| 620
MAXIMUM Speed Features
Sound power level [dB(A)]| 51| 52| 52| 53
Max. electrical power input [W]| 12| 13| 14| 17
Max. air flow [m3 / h]| 180| 315| 450| 540
HEATING performance at SUPERMAX speed

(Water IN 45 / OUT 40 °C, Air 20°C, Air wet bulb 15°C)

HEATiNG power [W] (1)| 1310| 2260| 3070| 3900
Water flow rate [l / h] (1)| 219| 407| 497| 673
Pressure drops [kPa] (1)| 17.5| 8.1| 14.9| 14.8
COOLING performance at SUPERMAX speed (Water IN 7 / OUT 12 °C, Air 27°C, Air wet bulb 19°C)
Total COOLiNG power [W] (1)| 1190| 2120| 2900| 3730
COOLiNG sensible power [W] (1)| 870| 1560| 2160| 2970
Water flow rate [l / min] (1)| 204| 364| 498| 639
Pressure drops [kPa] (1)| 15.1| 10.2| 20.9| 19.9
HEATING performance at MAXIMUM speed

(Water IN 45 / OUT 40 °C, Air 20°C, Air wet bulb 15°C)

HEATiNG power [W] (1)| 930| 2000| 2650| 3500
Water flow rate [l / h] (1)| 162| 348| 462| 611
Pressure drops [kPa] (1)| 15.8| 6.8| 14| 13.6
COOLING performance at MAXIMUM speed

(Water IN 7 / OUT 12 °C, Air 27°C, Air wet bulb 19°C)

Total COOLiNG power [W] (1)| 880| 1810| 2700| 3380
COOLiNG sensible power [W] (1)| 690| 1350| 2000| 2700
Water flow rate [l / min] (1)| 151| 311| 463| 580
Pressure drops [kPa] (1)| 13.1| 8.2| 19| 18.7

| | VENTANA LOW| 2000| 4000| 6000| 8000
SUPERMAX Speed Features
Sound power level [dB(A)]| 55| 56| 57| 58
Max. electrical power input [W]| 20| 22| 24| 27
Max. air flow [m3 / h]| 240| 370| 495| 600
MAXIMUM Speed Features
Sound power level [dB(A)]| 52| 53| 53| 54
Max. electrical power input [W]| 12| 13| 14| 17
Max. air flow [m3 / h]| 170| 305| 430| 520
HEATING performance at SUPERMAX speed

(Water IN 45 / OUT 40 °C, Air 20°C, Air wet bulb 15°C)

HEATiNG power [W] (1)| 930| 1710| 2290| 3050
Water flow rate [l / h] (1)| 175| 274| 389| 538
Pressure drops [kPa] (1)| 5.5| 17.4| 2.11| 15.8
COOLING performance at SUPERMAX speed (Water IN 7 / OUT 12 °C, Air 27°C, Air wet bulb 19°C)
Total COOLiNG power [W] (1)| 700| 1370| 1900| 2620
COOLiNG sensible power [W] (1)| 650| 1090| 1670| 2460
Water flow rate [l / min] (1)| 130| 200| 310| 435
Pressure drops [kPa] (1)| 2.3| 8.2| 4.2| 12.3
HEATING performance at MAXIMUM speed

(Water IN 45 / OUT 40 °C, Air 20°C, Air wet bulb 15°C)

HEATiNG power [W] (1)| 780| 1450| 2110| 2810
Water flow rate [l / h] (1)| 136| 253| 367| 490
Pressure drops [kPa] (1)| 4.2| 14.7| 4.2| 14.2
COOLING performance at MAXIMUM speed

(Water IN 7 / OUT 12 °C, Air 27°C, Air wet bulb 19°C)

Total COOLiNG power [W] (1)| 580| 1100| 1670| 2390
COOLiNG sensible power [W] (1)| 0.52| 0.85| 1.45| 2.15
Water flow rate [l / min] (1)| 100| 189| 287| 410
Pressure drops [kPa] (1)| 1.8| 7| 2.5| 10

aggressive or corrosive substances (bleach, ammonia, baking soda, etc.). Use a dry cloth for cleaning the plastic parts (top cover, control panel and user interface). Do not use abrasive cloths or sponges.

in the absence of motorised water shut-off valves and under operating conditions characterised by high relative humidity and low water temperature, the product, despite the insulating elements inside, may create condensation on the metal structure. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out thorough checks on the conditions of use and operation (psychrometric analysis) and make sure that the above- mentioned valves are not required. Cordivari S.r.l shall not be liable in any way for damage caused by such condensation.
Normal conditions of use of the product involve a distance of 20 cm between the Wi-Fi antenna and the human body.

Installer information

Do not open or tamper with the packaging before installation. The unit may only be handled by personnel who are specialised in these operations and have experience of the same. When opening the package, check that the unit has not been damaged duringtransport and that it is complete along with all its parts. To open the packaging follow the instructions below:

  1. Check for visible damage
  2. Open the package
  3. Check that all the components are correctly present
  4. After proper installation, dispose of the packaging materials in compliance with the municipal regulations of the area you are based in

(1) According to EN 1397

  • Supply voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz
  • Electrical insulation: Class i
  • Bypass solenoid valve management (optional)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (optional)
  • Ambient operating temperature from 5°C to +35°C – 60% RH
  • Water flow temperature from 5°C to 75°C
  • Operating pressure from 1 Bar to 6 Bar
  • Finned heat exchanger with hydrophilic coating, high heat exchange efficiency and G1/2″ female connections
  • Brushless motor DC310V 15W Class E
  • Condensate collection tray with natural drainage complete with anti-

drip insulation

  • Stainless steel corrugated filter, class G1
  • SUPERMAX speed not standard but can be activated via the DiP switches on the power PCB

User information

To clean the fan coil painted metal casing, use only a non-abrasive cloth soaked in water. Never use detergents or aggressive substances. Avoid any other base or acid solution, chemical, industrial or other substances,
The unit must be handled carefully to avoid damaging the external structure, internal mechanisms and electrical components. Make sure that there are no obstacles on the way to the installation site that could cause the risk of collision, falling or overturning of theunit. All the operations described below must be performed in compliance with all prevailing health and safety at work regulations.

This product is subject to the general warranty conditions set forth in the current official Cordivari catalogue. The warranty is valid from the date of delivery and is void if the production batch label is tampered with and/ or removed. The warranty applies after the examination of defects and their causes. The material to be replaced or repaired shall be delivered ex- warehouse at the dealer. The commitment to provide the warranty is subject to the conditions and requirements described below.

The product has not been damaged during transport, handling or installation and no repair and/or tampering has been carried out by third parties without express authorisation. Before installation, the material has been stored in good conditions and under shelter form the weather. Product installation must be carried out by qualified personnel and in compliance with these instructions and all national and local regulations concerning installation and safety.

Wall mounting

Wall mounting of the unit must be carried out according to the instructions below. The fastening systems (screws+blocks) are suitable for compact walls or hollow brick walls. For walls made of different materials, the installer is responsible for the use of suitable fastening systems. The minimum distance between the floor and the base of the unit must not be less than 100 mm, in order to allow proper air intake. The minimum distance between the sides of the metal casing and the walls must not be less than 10 mm, in order to allow for proper removal of the front panel. Finally, the minimum distance between the top of the unit and any wall and/or obstacle must not be less than 100 mm, in order to allow for proper air expulsion.

2000 726
4000 918
6000 1110
8000 1302
--- ---
2000 726
4000 918
6000 1110
8000 1302


Use the dimensions shown in the table below to drill the holes at the points indicated and apply the expansion plugs.

2000 372 458
4000 564 458
6000 756 458
8000 948 458
--- --- ---
2000 372 288
4000 564 288
6000 756 288
8000 948 288

Loosen the screws at the bottom using the hexagonal key. Slightly rotate out and lift the front panel, disengaging it from the product. Take care not to damage the panel.

To reassemble the front panel, repeat step 2 in reverse order.

A wall mounting kit with floor anchors and covers, which are useful for concealing pipes and plumbing drains coming from the floor, is also provided as an optional. Please refer to the kit instructions or proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the front panel as described above. Fasten the feet guard by means of the bolts as
  2. Close the covers using the self-tapping


The product comes with hydraulic connections on the right and a power PCB on the left. However, by following the steps below, it is possible to transform the product in such a way that it has left-hand connections.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Loosen the screws at the bottom using the hexagonal key. Slightly rotate out and lift the front panel, disengaging it from the Take care not to damage the panel.
  2. Loosen the screws securing the two side covers to the inner uprights. They are to be fixed later in inverted

Loosen the screws securing the PCB support bracket to the inner Rotate 180° and secure using the opposite flange. if the user interface is present, loosen the screws securing the control support bracket to the inner upright. Exert a traverse force on the user interface to open it. Unscrew the locking plate from the control support bracket, turn it 180° and screw it back onto the support bracket. Exerting an opposing traversing force, close the user interface and fasten the assembly back onto the inner upright.

invert the covers and fasten them again to the inner uprights using the screws removed in step 2

Hydraulic connection

Connection to system pipes

The hydraulic connection can be made either with system pipes from the wall or from the floor. install the suitable unit shut-off valves. Proceed as follows:

  1. Remove the protective caps from the
  2. Connect the system piping to the G1/2″ female

The product does not have a pressure relief valve. it is therefore good installation practice to provide such a device. All pipes must be insulated with insulation not less than 9 mm thick. Also insulate the fittings and hoses connecting the valves and the radiator front panel for about 15 cm on the valve side. The insulating sheath must be fixed and closed with tape without leaving empty spaces.

Using a “Y” filter

it is advisable to use a Y filter on the unit delivery to prevent any impurities in the circuit from entering and depositing inside the heat exchanger. Be sure to install the filter opening and purging system facing down. To ensure easy maintenance and cleaning of the filter, it is advisable to install a check valve downstream the filter and a closing valve upstream

Condensate drain connection

Connect the drain pipe to the condensate collection tray by exerting adequate force to ensure that it engages.

The condensate drainage system must be installed with a suitable slope to ensure the correct flow of condensate to the drain.

Electrical connection

Before making the electrical connection, make sure that the appliance rated voltage (230 V AC 50 Hz) is equal to the mains voltage, and that the socket is able to provide the rated current corresponding to the maximum power of the model selected. Moreover, such socket must be controlled through a double-pole switch used to switch the radiator on and off.

The product can:

  1. Be managed by a control thermostat (user interface) installed on board and work as a master in a wired master-slave connection. in turn, the thermostat can be with and without Wi-Fi connectivity;
  2. Work as a slave in a wired master-slave connection and thus delegating control to its master;
  3. Be managed by a control thermostat (user interface) installed on board and work as a standalone. in turn, the thermostat can be with and without Wi-Fi connectivity.

For each of the three scenarios, the relevant wiring diagrams are given at the end of this manual. After making all electrical connections and positioning the power PCB cover back in place, seal all lower and upper cable passages using the adhesive patches provided, as shown in the figure below.

The SUPERMAX speed can be activated on the DiP switch of the power PCB as follows (default values in bold):

The SUPERMAX speed can be activated on the DiP switch of the power PCB as follows (default values in bold):

DIP switch B Speed [rpm]
1 2

Start-up checklist

Before starting the unit, some checks must be made to make sure that the unit operation is correct. The following checklist represents a minimum list of checks to be performed before the system is started up:

  1. Make sure the fans are unlocked and can rotate freely without encountering obstacles;
  2. Check the correct water flow in all the pipes;
  3. Check that the entire system is in the correct operating conditions as required for correct installation;
  4. Check the correct voltage of the power supply system and check that it is within the operating limits allowed by the unit;
  5. Check that the unit is correctly connected to the electrical grounding system;
  6. Check the correct presence of cut-off devices and electrical protection;
  7. Check that the electric cable connections are duly performed and tightened;
  8. Check for any leaks on all connections and hydraulic fittings;
  9. Check that the unit is positioned so as to obtain good ventilation;

After carrying out all the pre-start checks and making sure that the electrical connections comply with all the regulations in force in the country of installation, the unit can be started. Connect the unit to the power supply and follow the start-up instructions as described below. if loud noises or sounds are heard after starting the unit, disconnect the power supply to secure the unit.

Operating instructions

For a description of the electrical connection mode of the control thermostats, their display layout and their control and/or connectivity functions, please refer to the relevant user manuals.


Modifying the structure, hydraulic layout or wiring of the appliance is prohibited. All maintenance work can only be carried out by trained and qualified personnel. The error codes shown in this manual can help identifying the nature of any anomalies or malfunctions.

Cleaning the dust filter

To ensure the correct air flow entering the unit, the dust filter must be cleaned monthly or more frequently if necessary (for example, in particularly dusty environments).
Make sure that the product is electrically disconnected before proceeding as follows:

  1. Remove the magnetic filter on the underside of the product. if necessary, use the straps provided.

  2. Cleaning should be done by removing all dust deposits with a vacuum cleaner and then by washing in warm water using a neutral, non- aggressive

  3. Once cleaned, allow the filter to dry

  4. Attach the filter onto the unit using the

Checking for the presence of air in the system

it is advisable to periodically check the air flow inside the system circuit to ensure that the unit always operates correctly. if necessary, vent as indicated in paragraph 7.4.


in case of prolonged inactivity, it is advisable to drain the unit.


The company Cordivari S.r.l., with registered office in Zona industriale Pagliare, Morro d’Oro (TE), italy, declares under its own responsibility that the electric Radiators referred to in para. 2 comply with the following standards:

EN 60335-1:2012 + AC:2014 + A11:2014 + A13:2017 + A1:2019 + A14:2019 + A2:2019

  • A15:2021
    EN iEC 60335-2-40:2023+ EN iEC 60335-2-40:2023/A11:2023 EN 62233:2008
    EN iEC 61000-3-2:2019+A1:2021
    EN 61000-3-3:2013+A1:2019+A2:2021 EN iEC 55014-1:2021
    EN iEC 55014-2:2021
    EN 300 328 V2.2EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3
    EN 301 489-17 V3.2.4
    EN 62311:2020
    EN iEC 63000:2018and therefore meet the essential requirements of the following European Regulations and Directives:
    Directive 2014/53/EU Directive 2014/35/EU Directive 2014/30/EU Directive 2012/19/EU Directive 2009/125/EC
    Directive 2011/65/EU amended by 2015/863/EU and 2017/2102/EU Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/2281
    Morro D’Oro, 01/07/2024

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