LEVITON GSCM1-3C Self Test Cord Set Instruction Manual

June 2, 2024

LEVITON GSCM1-3C Self Test Cord Set


  • UPC Code : 078477471135
  • Country Of Origin : China

Self-Test Cord Set GFCI, 15 Amp, 120 Volt, 3 Foot, Manual Reset 15 Amp, 120 VAC, Self-Test Manual Reset GFCI Cord Set, 3 Foot, 12-3 SJTW Cord, Molded on NEMA Plug 5266-CY (5-15P) and Connector 5269-CY (5-15R), Yellow

  • Satisfies latest UL 943 self-test requirement
  • Improve safety – protect critical personnel from electrical shocks Withstand outdoor conditions – rainproof and outdoor rated devices are OSHA compliant and feature weather-resistant SJTW cables
  • Ideal for – vending machines, construction sites, RV parks, marinas, and spas/hot tubs
  • Automatic reset – automatically restores power to connected equipment when plugged in or after power interruption, ideal for hard-to-access locations

Technical Information

AC Horsepower Ratings

At Rated Voltage : 3/4 Horsepower

Electrical Specifications

  • Amperage: 15 A
  • Current Interrupting : 2 kA
  • Grounding : GFCI Ground Fault
  • Pole : 2
  • Short Circuit Current Rating : 2kA
  • Temperature Rise : Max 30C after 50 cycles OL at 150 per cent rated current
  • Trip Level : 5mA plus or minus 1mA
  • Voltage : 120 VAC
  • Wire : 3

Environmental Specifications

  • Flammability : Rated V-2 per UL94
  • Operating Temperature: -35C to +66C

Material Specifications

  • Blades/Contacts : Brass
  • Body Material : Polycarbonate


  • UPC Code : 078477471135
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model : GSCM1-3C
  • Type : Self-Test Cord Set GFCI
  • Amperage: 15 Amp
  • Voltage : 120 Volt
  • Cord Length : 3 Foot
  • Reset Type : Manual Reset
  • Colour : Yellow

Mechanical Specifications

  • Cord Length : 3 FT.
  • Cord Type : 12-3 SJTW Yellow
  • Product ID : Ratings marked on device label
  • Terminal ID : Brass-Hot, Green-Ground, Silver-Neutral

Product Features

  • Colour: Yellow

Standards and Certifications

  • ANSI: C-73
  • CSA: C22.2 No.42 & No. 144
  • CSA C22.2 : File LR-57811
  • NEMA: WD-6
  • NOM: 057
  • UL 498: File E-48380
  • UL 943: Class A (GFCI)
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited


  • MX265718
    • US7436639
  • MX344697
    • US9276393


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Product Usage Instructions

Safety Precautions
Before using the GFCI Cord Set, read and understand all safety instructions provided in the manual.

Initial Setup
Ensure the power source is turned off before plugging in the cord set. Connect the NEMA plug to the power outlet and the connector to your device.

Self-Test Feature
The GFCI Cord Set features a self-test function. Press the test button periodically to ensure the proper functioning of the GFCI.

Manual Reset
In case of power interruption or tripping, manually reset the GFCI by pressing the reset button on the cord set.

Ideal for Hard-to-Access Locations
This cord set is designed for use in hard-to-access locations, making it convenient for various applications.


Q: How often should I perform the self-test on the GFCI Cord Set?
A: It is recommended to perform the self-test regularly, such as monthly, to ensure the proper functioning of the GFCI.

Q: What should I do if the GFCI trips?
A: If the GFCI trips, first unplug all devices connected to it, then press the reset button to reset the GFCI.

Q: Can the GFCI Cord Set be used outdoors?
A: The GFCI Cord Set is suitable for outdoor use, but make sure it is protected from direct exposure to water or harsh weather conditions.


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