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June 1, 2024

LEVITON Industrial Infrastructure Perspectives


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Industrial Infrastructure Perspectives

How IT and facility professionals support the priorities of food and beverage Food and Beverage processing facilities are faced with a growing number of opportunities and challenges to increase operational efficiencies while keeping safety and the environment top of mind. Food and beverage facility managers are prioritizing the challenges of AI and IIoT, sustainability, safety and compliance, operational efficiency, and supply chain management.


Adopting the latest controls, lighting, electrical, and network solutions can help alleviate the above-changing demands and enable the goals of food and beverage facilities, IT, and engineering stakeholders.

Industry 4.0, AI and IIoT
Innovations in AI and IIoT provide real-time data and predictive maintenance allowing facility operators to make more precise, data-driven operational decisions. Embracing these technologies enables high production efficiency, minimal downtime, and resource optimization while reducing health and safety risks in food and beverage processing facilities.


With up to 40 per cent of the world’s food lost or wasted every year, implementing sustainable practices in the food and beverage industry is a top priority. This ambition is also driven by consumer preferences for foods that are produced sustainably. Food and beverage facilities are also challenged with aligning their operations with evolving sustainability targets and managing energy consumption to reduce their manufacturing carbon footprint.

Safety and Compliance
Despite significant advancements in manufacturing technology, recent reports show that the number of food recalls in the U.S. has increased, costing the food industry more than $10 million. This has led to more regulations and preventative measures against foodborne outbreaks, particularly with the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA). However, worker safety as well as OSHA fines is just as important for facility managers to address. Ensuring safe lighting, code code-compliant electrical equipment are installed and maintained in these dynamic environments is paramount.

Operational Efficiency
Efficiency is imperative in today’s food and beverage facilities to remain profitable and to meet evolving consumer, environmental, and competitive demands. Updating old technologies, integrating AI and IIOT, and streamlining production processes can improve operational output while minimizing waste and downtime.


Supply Chain Management
From natural disasters to the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain disruptions are heightened due to varying global events. Leveraging solutions that promote electrical safety and offer real-time data with remote access abilities can help operators better predict potential risks and minimize interruptions for seamless supply chain processes.

Information Sources

Industrial Infrastructure Perspectives
How IT and facility professionals support the priorities of food and beverage. While food and beverage facility managers and operators navigate the challenges outlined previously, they must find solutions that match the issues they face. Controls, Lighting, Electrical, and Network Infrastructure all have varying abilities to satisfy at least one of the food and beverage processing facilities’ challenges related to Industry 4.0, AI and IIOT, sustainability, safety and compliance, operational efficiency and supply chain management, as reflected in the below chart.

Enabling Industrial Goals with Controls, Lighting, Electrical and Network Infrastructure.


Food and Beverage Control Solutions
Leviton Control Solutions optimizes food and beverage facilities by ensuring equipment operates smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Leviton VerifEye™ utility submetering combined with Energy Controls provides detailed energy usage data for savings. They also offer
various solutions like distributed controls, sensors, and timers to enhance safety, and productivity, and potentially save more energy.

Food and Beverage Electrical Solutions
Leviton offers spec-ready, and code-compliant lighting solutions designed for optimal lighting in food and beverage processing spaces while reducing consumption and maintenance costs. The solutions also illuminate and direct facility workers and occupants to safely move throughout working spaces.

Food and Beverage Lighting Solutions
Leviton Electrical Solutions provides durable electrical components tailored for food and beverage environments, including switches, wallplates, plugs, connectors, and more. Their devices with Inform technology integrated with loT for smarter connections, enabling predictive maintenance.

Food and Beverage Network Solutions
Leviton Network Solutions supports facilities around the globe with a selection of high-performance network infrastructure products and systems. End-to-end performance ensures food and beverage facility operators are connected and can work and operate systems seamlessly.

Controls, Lighting, Electrical and Network Application Benefits

Perspectives-FIG- \(7\)

Industrial Infrastructure Perspectives
How IT and facility professionals support the priorities of food and beverage
Enhance staff and building occupant experience by:

  • Promoting productive and safe environments
  • Enabling comfort and flexibility
  • Balancing occupant comfort with space functionality and building efficiency.
  • Ensuring adequate lighting in compliance with industry standardsLEVITON-Industrial-Infrastructure-Perspectives-FIG- \(8\)


The following visualization suggests typical products and solutions that may be found relevant to each space.

Industrial Infrastructure Perspectives
How IT and facility professionals support the priorities of food and beverage
Enhance staff and occupant experience by:

  • Promoting accessibility in every space
  • Ensuring safety and assurance in every space
  • Creating a reliably connected space for operational efficiencies
  • Enables remote access and control capabilities.LEVITON-Industrial-Infrastructure-Perspectives-FIG- \(9\)


The following visualization suggests typical products and solutions that may be found relevant to each space.


The DNA of Successful Deployment and Remediation
Leverage partners to meet organizational objectives, time and under-budget

Hospital Stakeholders Leviton

Perspectives-FIG- \(12\)

Successful partnerships with solution experts meshed with relevant project life cycle roadmaps can ensure successful remediation and deployment that further translate into positive organizational growth and operations.


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