LEVITON 40144 Telephone Wallplate and Decora Inserts Instruction Manual

June 1, 2024

LEVITON 40144 Telephone Wallplate and Decora Inserts Instruction Manual

Telephone Wallplate and Decora Inserts with Screw Terminals


  • TO AVOID DEATH OR INJURY, never push objects of any kind into this product through openings, and never touch insulated wires or terminals unless the wiring has been disconnected at the network interface.
  • DO NOT use this product near water (e.g., near a tub, basin, kitchen sink or laundry tub, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool).


  • Never install communications wiring or components during a lightning
  • Never install communications components in wet locations unless the components are designed specifically for use in wet
  • Use caution when installing or modifying communications wiring components

Product Description

6 Position 4 Conductor (6P4C) single or double telephone jack mounted on either a telephone wallplate or Decora® telephone insert with or without an included F-type coaxial connector. Telephone plates or inserts mount to a user-provided single-gang back box or low-voltage box eliminator. Refer to the product web page at www.leviton.com for full description.

Tools Required:

  • Cable Jacket Stripper Screw Driver (Standard and Phillips)
  • Scissors

Prepare Cable for Termination

NOTE: If replacing an existing jack, before removing it, take a photo or record the positioning of the wires for later use.

  1. Using the cable jacket stripper, strip the cable jacket away exposing 2 in. of the conductors (wires).
  2. Using the wire stripper, strip approximately 3/8 in. of insulation from the conductors that will be connected, untwist as needed, and form the exposed conductor into a

Terminate Cable

NOTE: Refer to wiring table included with these instructions. Leviton telephone jacks use G, R, Y, and B terminal designations as shown in the USOC column heading of the table. If the wiring in place utilizes the T568A or T568B standard connect the wires to the designated USOC terminals as shown in the wiring table. If replacingan existing jack, verify that the previous wiring matches the wiring table. If it does not match the table, than use the previous wiring configuration.

  1. Place each conductor hook over its designated terminal in a clockwise fashion and tighten down the terminal screws to secure the
  2. Any unused conductors may be wound back along the cable or cut off at the jacket

Install Terminated Jack onto Wall

  • For Decora telephone inserts, fasten the insert to the electrical box or low-voltage bracket with the included screws and finish with a Decora

NOTE: Some models include a matching wallplate, some do not, refer to the product web page for part description

For telephone wallplates, fasten the integrated wallplate to the electrical box or low-voltage bracket

Patents covering this product, if any, can be found on Leviton.com/patents.
LEVITON, and LEVITON Block Design are trademarks of Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc. and are registered trademarks in many countries throughout the world.


Leviton warrants to the original consumer purchaser and not for the benefit of anyone else that this product at the time of its sale by Leviton is free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper use for one year from the purchase date. Leviton’s only obligation is to correct such defects by repair or replacement, at its option. For details visit www.leviton.com or call 1-800-824-3005. This warranty excludes and there is disclaimed liability for labor for removal of this product or reinstallation. This warranty is void if this product is installed improperly or in an improper environment, overloaded, misused, opened, abused, or altered in any manner, or is not used under normal operating conditions or not in accordance with any labels or instructions. There are no other or implied warranties of any kind, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose , but if any implied warranty is required by the applicable jurisdiction, the duration of any such implied warranty, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, is limited to one year. Leviton is not liable for incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages, including without limitation, damage to, or loss of use of, any equipment, lost sales or profits or delay or failure to perform this warranty obligation. The remedies provided herein are the exclusive remedies under this warranty, whether based on contract, tort or otherwise.

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