expert4house ATM-40MS Single Tech Motion Detector Instruction Manual

June 1, 2024

expert4house ATM-40MS Single Tech Motion Detector


Product Information


  • Description: Single-tech Motion Detector
  • Infrared sensor
  • Power supply: 9-16V DC
  • Pet immunity: Up to 18kg or 60cm
  • Detection range: Varies
  • Current drain: Not specified
  • Alarm output: N.C/N.O
  • Alarm period: Not specified
  • Pulse count: 2 or 3 pulses
  • Tamper switch: 24 hours N.C. loop
  • Walk test LED: Yes
  • RFI immunity: Not specified
  • Detectable Speed: Not specified
  • Mounting height: 2.3m
  • Humidity: Not specified
  • Temperature: Not specified
  • Dimensions: Not specified

Product Usage Instructions

Installation Hints

  • Ensure the infrared sensor is not touched during installation.
  • Avoid direct facing of cold/hot sources and direct sunlight.
  • Install the detector at the recommended height on a stable surface away from strong interference and high-pressure power sources.

Installation & Wiring

  1. Open the front cover and remove the PCB from the unit base.
  2. Mount the base firmly on a selected position with at least 2 screws.
  3. Connect the alarm cable to the corresponding terminals as per instructions.
  4. Replace the front cover, apply the power supply, and conduct the walk test.

Walk Test
The walk test ensures detection coverage. Apply power to the detector, wait for it to warm up, and walk across detection zones. The LED will light up when movement is detected.

Pulse Count & Alarm Output Selector
The pulse count can be set to 2 or 3 pulses. The alarm output can be changed to N.O by removing the jumper from N.C/N.O selector.

Pet Immune Notices

Detailed instructions for ensuring pet immunity are provided. Follow guidelines for optimal performance with pets.


  • Q: How often should I conduct a walk test?
    A: It is recommended to conduct a walk test at least once a year to verify the correct operation of the detector.

  • Q: What factors can affect pet immunity?
    A: Factors such as weight, height, colour of fur, and positioning can affect the level of pet immunity. Follow guidelines for best results.


  • Infrared sensor Dual-element
  • Power supply  9–16VDC 12V typical
  • Pet immunity  Up to 20kg 40cm
  • Detection range  12*12m 110°@25℃
  • Current drain  N.C:5mA,NO:15mA 12VDC
  • Alarm output  NC/NO 30VDC 200mA
  • Alarm period  1.5-2.5sec
  • Pulse count 2/3 selectable
  • Tamper switch  NC cover open activates
  • Walk test LED Red, can be disabled
  • RFI immunity  Ave.20V/m(10-1000MHz)
  • Detectable speed  0.3-1.5m/sec
  • Mounting height 2.2-2.4m typically 2.3m
  • Humidity 95% RH
  • Temperature  -20℃~60℃
  • Dimensions 109mm65mm4mm




FIG- \(2\)



  • Please insert a small slotted screwdriver to the button-wrap hole at the bottom of the detector, and press the button-wrap lightly, then the cover can be opened To get the best signal covering scale, the detector should be installed on 2.1m height and vertical adjustment to position 1.
  • Anyhow, the detector can be installed to a maximum 4 m height. Make sure that there are no counterwork in front of the detector and it is with a wide view.
  • Remove the front cover, release the screws and then pull out the PCB. Break the pre-set hole, if necessary, disclose the “wall inlay pre-set hole” and tear open once “wiring hole”; mark the point of the hole on wall and put the“wall inlay” label on the pre-set hole.
  • Drill 3-6mm holes and screw in the “wall inlay screws”, let its front extremity be 5/6 mm from the wall. Cross the wire from the cable hole and fasten the bottom cover onto the wall, confirm its front extremity enter the obligate site.

Installation (DO NOT USE BRACKET)

  1. Open the front cover by loosening the screw at the bottom of the unit. Remove the PCB from the unit base. Mount the base firmly on the selected position with at least 2 screws.
  2. Replace the PCB at the proper position (+0.5~+1). Connect the alarm cable to the corresponding terminals according to the following instructions.expert4house-ATM-40MS-Single-Tech-Motion-Detector-FIG- \(4\)
  3. – 12V + : 9 16V DC power supply
  4. ALARM: Zone input of control panel (N.C/N.O)
  5. TAMPER: 24 hours N.C. loop of the control panel
  6. Replace the front cover, apply the power supply to the detector and conduct the walk test.


The walk test should be carried out to ensure the detection coverage is adequate. Apply DC power to the detector and wait approx. 30 seconds for it to warm up and stabilize. Walk across the detection zones at normal speed. The LED will lit whenever it detects the movement. The LED display can be disabled by pulling off the jumper head the PCB pins labelled LED.
Verify correct operation of the detector by conducting a walk test at least once a year.


The Sensor an intelligent pulse count that reduces the possibility of false alarms caused by environmental and power line interference. The pulse count can be set to count 2 or 3 pulses by placing the jumper head on the corresponding pins. An alarm signal will only be sent when the selected pulses are generated within a delay time of 20 seconds. SEC-TEC’s intelligent pulse count
circuitry analyzes the width difference of the pulse signal. When human motion is detected a subsequent pulse signal will override the pulse count setting and generate the alarm signal without any delay.


The alarm output can be charged to N.O by removing the jumper from N.C/N.O selector. N.O output can be applied to activate VCR of CCTV systems or other equipment.expert4house-ATM-40MS-Single-Tech-Motion-Detector-FIG-




To ensure the best pet immunity of this detector, please read the following notices carefully.

  1. This detector is immune to one domestic pet up to 18kg or 60cm moving on the floor. If the animal is slightly bigger or taller, sliding the PCB downward a little bit might prevent unwanted detection.
  2. If animal activity takes place above 1 meter high, the pet immunity allowance will be significantly reduced. It is therefore recommended to select a mounting location that can avoid animals from moving within 1.8m of the detector.
  3. This detector should be mounted on the wall or corner at 2.3m high and perpendicular to the floor.
  4. DO NOT USE any mounting bracket with swivel adjustment.
  5. The weight of the animal can only be used as a reference. Other factors such as height and color of fur could also affect the level of immunity.
  6. D O N O T A I M the detector at the stairways that animals can pass.
  7. Ensure that the PCB position is placed between +0.5~+1 for optimum pet immunity.
  8. It is vitally important to verify the pet immune function after the installation. If the animal is detected, sliding the PCB upward or downward to avoid


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