EXPERT4HOUSE BS01US Smart Boiler Switch User Manual

June 1, 2024

BS01US Smart Boiler Switch

Smart Boiler Switch

User Manual

1. Installation Guide

Step1: Open the glass panel by rotating a quarter   with a screwdriver

Step2: Connect the wires and tighten the screws   according to the wiring diagram

Step3: Fix the two screws with appropriate strength Step4:Cover the glass panel and connect power

Warning: Disconnect power supply before installing

2. Wiring Diagram

3. Download and Install App

Scan the QR code below or search “Smartlife” on
App Store or Play Store to download and install
the applicaton on smartphone

4. Register Account

Register your account by your Email address or
mobile phone number.

5. Add New Device

5.1 For WiFi Switch, a networkable WiFi Router is
required, the smart switch only support 2.4GHz.

  1. Make sure the green LED backlight is blinking
    fast. If not, please long press any button for 5
    seconds until the LED backlight blinks fast.

  2. Open the App “Smart Life”, on the home page, tap
    the icon “+” on the top right into add manually.

  3. Then tap Electrical and select Switch(WiFi).

  4. Confirm indicator rapidly blink, choose the local WiFi
    and input SSID password and then tap Confirm.

  5. Wait for configuring successfully, then tap “complete”.

5.2 For Zigbee Switch, a Zigbee gateway is required.
The Zigbee gateway should be configured before
pairing Zigbee switch.

  1. Make sure the green LED backlight is blinking
    fast. If not, please long press any button for 5
    seconds until the LED backlight blinks fast.

  2. Please enter the gateway and click

  3. The Zigbee gateway will automatically search the
    nearby zigbee switch.

  4. The Zigbee switch will be added successfully
    and appear on the page.

6.Link Smart Life account in Home Control

Tap “Home Control” in the hamburger menu on
the Google Home App’s Home Page,then tap “+”.
Find “Smart Life” in the list.In the new window,
select your Smart Life account region,type yourme
Smart Life account and password,then tap “Link
Now”.After you assign rooms for devices,your
devices will be listed in the Home Control page.
Attention:Due to the Google Home App’s known
bug,you could use only one Google Home account.
to control “Home Control Action”.If you sign in
Google Home App with several Google accounts,
only the first Google account you signed in can be
used for “Home Control”.

7.Enable our skill in Alexa App

Tap the Homepage,select “Skills”,then search “Smart
Life”.Select “Smart Life” and tap “Enable Skill” to
enable the Smart Life Skill.
You will be redirected to the account link page.Type
your Smart Life account and password,do not forget
to select the country/region where your account
belongs to.Then tap “Link Now” to link your Smart
Life account.When “Alexa has been successfully
linked with Smart Life” shows up,you can leave this
page.(Note:If a Smart Life account has been linked
before,you can use it directly,you can also tap
“Disable Skills” to remove it.)

8.Control your smart devices through

Google Home/Echo Alexa

Now you can control your smart devices through
Google Home. Take bedroom light as example, the
supported voice commands are as below:
“OK Google, turn on/off bedroom light”

Echo need to discover your smart device before the

You can say “Alexa, discover device” to Echo, or you
can also tap “Discover Device” on App to discover
the smart devices. Discovered devices will be shown
in the list.(Note: Every time you change the name of
devices on Smart Life App, Echo must re-discover
devices before the control.)
“Alexa, turn on/off bedroom light”

Tips: You can also set up groups in Alexa App. Tap
“Create group”, give your group a name like “my
smart lights”, select devices to add them in this
group, then tap “Save”. Now you can control your
devices by group. If you say “Alexa turn on my
smart lights”, all the lights in the group will be
turned on.

9. Notices

  1. Please check if there is damage caused by transportation.
    If yes, please contact the supplier for replacement.

  2. Please follow the installation guide and notice to keep
    the switch in a good and safe use condition.

  3. Do not disassemble the switch when it connects to power
    supply, otherwise there may cause security risks.

  4. Please ensure that you have neutral wire for installation.

  5. If you cover the glass panel when the switch connects to
    power supply, the touch chip may stop working. In this
    case,you can turn off power supply and then turn on to
    recover touch function.

10.Product Specifications

Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Max. Current: 20A/Gang
Max. Load: 4400W(Resistive Load)
Wiring: Live and Neutral
Wireless Protocal: WiFi 2.4GHz or Zigbee 2.4GHz
Standby Power: <0.5W
System Supported: IOS/Android
Working Life: 100 000Times
Materials: Tempered Glass+PC flame retardant
Product Size: 1207234(US)/868634(EU)

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