Expert4house 4G Sim Professional industrial Router User Manual

June 1, 2024

Expert4house 4G Sim Professional Industrial Router

Products feature

  • Use of industrial 4G module, stable, long life, Anti-interference ability.
  • 4G all Netcom, support telecommunications, Unicom, mobile 4G / 3G / 2G, support Europe \ US \ Japan \ African 4G standards
  • Support network equipment using wired and wireless WIFI two access methods;
  • With wireless router function, the maximum support 8 devices WIFI access (IPC \ phone \ computer ) :
  • Built in WEB client, it supports view the 4G signal strength, modify the login password, wireless access password;
  • 4G standards Optional instructions are as follows:
    • 1. European standard: Applicable to Europe/ Africa/most countries in Asia
    • 2. US standard: Applicable to South America/North America
    • 3. Japanese standards: Applicable to Japan

Technical parameter

  • 4G main chip : ZX297520M, WIFI chip: RTL8192ES-CG;
  • Operating frequency : LTE B1/B3/B8/B38/B39/B40/B41 , WCDMA 2100/900MHz, TD-SCDMA B34/B39, GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 900/ 1800MHz:
  • Rate: FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE: Up speed 50M/Down speed 150Mbps, HSPA+: Up speed 5. 76M/Down speed 21Mbps, TD-SCDMA: Up speed
  • 2. 2Mbps/Down speed 2. 8Mbps;
  • Network port: 1pcs 10/100M adaptiveR]45 interface, maximum support 8 devices WIFI access
  • WIFI standards: 2412MHz-2472MHz, 802. 11b/g/n, The maximum transfer rate is up to 72Mbps
  • USIM/SIM card : Micro SIM card;
  • Power supply: DC12V, Power consumption: 2. 5W

Device access

  • Power supply : DC12V/00. 5A
  • Date card Inserted: Please use the standard Micro SIM card. Insert from top to bottom, as shown below
  • Wired access: The equipment’s cable to be connected to the 4G router RJ45 network port; if need multiple devices connected, we can connect the standard network switch with 4G routers connected, and then the devices are connected to the network switch.
  • Wireless access: Open the equipment and search the WIFT name which called “MIFI”, E. g:
  • Default password of WIFI: 1234567890 (You can modify the password after enter the WEB. )

Function settings

  1. WEB login interface Please login address : http://192. 168. 100.1, default password: admin, which computer has been connected with 4G router, as shown below:Expert4house-4G-Sim-Professional-industrial-Router-fig \(4\)

  2. Web management main page:Expert4house-4G-Sim-Professional-industrial-Router-fig \(5\)

  3. Signel display area:

  4. Network type;

  5. Operator;

  6. signal strength

  7. Wireless connect Status;

  8. Wired connect Status;

  9. SIM card status: * Number of users have connected;

  10. Modify the login password: you can monify the login password of Web.

  11. Network connection status area:

    • A, Displays the network connection status:
    • B. Network connection: on/off:
    • C. Network upstream bandwidth;
    • D. Network downstream bandwidth:
    • E. Network connection duration.
  12. Network settings area:

    • A. Network settings: click on “network settings” and enter “connection settings” , we can set “connection mode”, “network selection” “APN setup”, and “VPN setup” , as shown below:

    • 2.< WI-fl settings: Click on “Wi-Fi settings” and enter “connection settings”, we can set “SSID” “Wi-Fi Switch”, “Network name (Wi-Fi) ” “WLAN MAC Filter” etc, as shown below:Expert4house-4G-Sim-Professional-industrial-Router-fig \(8\)

  • A. We suggest you should modify the initial WIFI connection password (1234567890);
  • B. To prevent thersloiter net, we suggest you enable «” MiXA# “Wireless MAC filtering” function, and select the “whitelist” rules, add the equipment’ s MAC address (which equipment need to connect) to whitelist.

6, Device connection display area


  • Real-time display the number and status of connected devices
  • 7. Device connection display area
    • Real-time display the status of flow usage, click the settings can also customize the form of flow package, tthe number of flow, reminder modeete.
  • 8. Status information display area

9. SMS


Click “SMS” then we can enter “Device SMS”, the interface shows Device/SIM Card/Settings. As shown below:


10. Phonebook display area Click “Phonebook” , the interface will show “List” , “News” “send” , as shown below:


11. Advanced Settings


  1. Router: Displays the IP address/DHCP working status and address.
  2. Firewall: you can set port filtering, mapping, forwarding. UnP. DMZ:
  3. Update: you can update the 4G router.
  4. USSD: you can send USSD instructions;
    • DDNS: Optional to enable or disable DDNS;
    • Other: You can set “Device Restart”, “Restore Factory Settings” “Network Auto Time”

12, Quick settings


You can quick to setup some parameters of 4G router.

  • 13. Module wiring diagram/reset key of 4G router.


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