Laserliner 1HG Easy Cross Laser Green User Manual

May 15, 2024

Laserliner 1HG Easy Cross Laser Green

Laserliner 1HG Easy Cross Laser Green


Completely read through the operating instructions, the “Warranty and Additional Information” booklet as well as the latest information under the internet link at the end of these instructions. Follow the instructions they contain.These documents must be kept in a safe place and passed on together with the product.

Intended use

This laser projects a green laser cross and is intended for aligning horizontals, verticals and slopes. Optical signals indicate when the unit is outside its self-levelling range. The product has a 1/4” tripod connection.

General safety instructions

– The device must only be used in accordance with its intendedpurpose and within the scope of the specifications.
– The measuring tools and accessories are not toys. Keep out of reach of children.
– Modifications or changes to the device are not permitted, this will otherwise invalidate the approval and safety specifications.
– Do not expose the device to mechanical stress, extreme temperatures, moisture or significant vibration.
– The device must no longer be used if one or more of its functions fail, the battery charge is weak, or the housing has been damaged.

Safety instructions

Using class 2 lasers

Safety instructions

IEC 60825-1:2014, EN 60825-1:2014/A11:2021

– Attention: Do not look into the direct or reflected beam.
– Do not point the laser beam towards persons.
– If a person‘s eyes are exposed to class 2 laser radiation, they should shut their eyes and immediately move away from the beam.

– Under no circumstances should optical instruments (magnifying glass, microscope, binoculars) be used to look at the laser beam or reflections.
– Do not use the laser at eye level (1.40 … 1.90 m)
– Reflective, specular or shiny surfaces must be covered whilst laser devices are in operation.
– In public areas shield off the laser beam with barriers and partitions wherever possible and identify the laser area with warning signs.

Safety instructions

Dealing with electromagnetic radiation

– The measuring device complies with electromagnetic compatibility regulations and limits in accordance with the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU.
– Local operating restrictions – for example, in hospitals, aircraft, petrol stations or in the vicinity of people with pacemakers – may apply. Electronic devices can potentially cause hazards or interference or be subject to hazards or interference.

When transporting always switch off all lasers, secure pendulum and push the slide switch (3) to the right.

Green laser technology

Devices with PowerGreen technology feature bright green high-performance diodes that allow very good visibility of laser lines at great distances, on dark surfaces and in bright ambient light conditions.

Approx. 6 times brighter than a typical red laser with 630 – 660 nm

1. Inserting batteries

Open the battery compartment and insert batteries (3 x typ AAA) according to the symbols. Be sure to pay attention to polarity.

Inserting batteries

  1. LED levelling
    LED flashing: levelling off
    LED on: levelling on / ON/OFF button

  2. Battery compartment (backside)

  3. Slide switch
    a. ON
    b. OFF / transport lock / slope mode

  4. Laser output windows

  5. 1/4“ tripod threads (bottom)

2. Horizontal and vertical levelling

Release the transport restraint, push the slide switch (3) to the left. The laser lines can be switched individually with the selection button

! The transport restraint must be released for horizontal and vertical levelling. The LED (1) shows a permanent green light. The laser lines flash as soon as the device is outside the automatic levelling range of 3°. Position the device such that it is within the levelling range. The light of the laser linesis constant again.

3. Slope mode

Do not release transport restraint, push slide switch (3) to the right. Sloping planes can now be measured. This mode cannot be used to perform horizontal or vertical levelling as the laser lines are no longer aligned automatically. LED (1) and the laser lines flash green.

Preparing the calibration check

It is possible for you to check the calibration of the laser. To do this, position the device midway between 2 walls, which must be at least 5 metres apart. Switch the device on (LASER CROSS ON). The best calibration results are achieved if the device is mounted on a tripod.

1. Mark point A1 on the wall.
2. Turn the device through 180° and mark point A2. You now have a horizontal reference between points A1 and A2.


3. Position the device as near as possible to the wall at the height of point A1.
4. Turn the device through 180° and mark point A3.

The difference between points A2 and A3 is the tolerance.


! When A2 and A3 are more than 0.5 mm / m apart, an adjustment is necessary. Contact your authorised dealer or else the UMAREX-LASERLINER Service Department.

Checking the vertical line

Position the device about 5 m from a wall. Fix a plumb bob with a line of 2.5 m length on the wall, making sure that the bob can swing freely. Switch on the device and align the vertical laser to the plumb line. The precision is within the specified tolerance if the deviation between the laser line and the plumb line is not greater than ± 2.5 mm.

Checking the horizontal line

2,5 m Position the device about 5 m from a wall and switch on B C the cross laser. Mark point B on the wall. Turn the laser cross approx. 2.5 m to the right and mark point C. Check whether the horizontal line from point C is level with point B to within ± 2.5 mm. Repeat the process by turning the laser to the left.

Regularly check the calibration before use, after transport and after extended periods of storage.

Information on maintenance and care

Clean all components with a damp cloth and do not use cleaning agents, scouring agents and solvents. Remove the battery(ies) before storing for longer periods. Store the device in a clean and dry place.

Technical data Subject to technical alterations. 23W25

Self-levelling range ± 3°
Accuracy ± 0.5 mm / m
Levelling automatic
Visibility (typical)* 40 m
Laser wavelength 515 nm
Laser class 2 / < 1 mW (EN IEC 60825-1:2014/A11:2021)
Power supply 3 x 1.5 V LR03 (AAA)
Operating time approx. 5 hours
Operating conditions 0°C … 50°C, max. humidity 80% rH, no condensation, max.

working altitude 4000 m above sea level
Storage conditions| -10°C … 70°C, max. humidity 80% rH
Dimensions (W x H x D)| 62 x 72 x 61 mm
Weight| 202 g (incl. batteries)

  • at max. 300 lux

EU and UK directives and disposal

This device complies with all necessary standards for the free movement of goods within the EU and the UK.

This product, including accessories and packaging, is an electrical appliance that must be recycled in an environmentally appropriate manner in accordance with European and UK directives on waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and packaging, in order to recover valuable raw materials. Remove the battery from the device without damaging it using standard tools and a separate collection arranged before returning the device for disposal.

Further safety and supplementary notices at:

Umarex GmbH & Co. KG
– Laserliner –
Gut Nierhof 2
59757 Arnsberg, Germany
Tel.: +49 2932 9004-0


  • Laser Color: Green
  • Wavelength: 515 nm
  • Laser Class: 2
  • Power Output: < 1 mW
  • Power Supply: 3 x 1.5V LR03 (AAA)
  • Battery Life: Approximately 5 hours
  • Dimensions: 62 x 72 x 61 mm
  • Weight: 202 g (including batteries)
  • Self-leveling Range: Automatic
  • Visibility: Up to 40 m

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: How do I know if the laser is outside its self-leveling range?

A: Optical signals will indicate when the unit is outside its self-leveling range.

Q: What is the visibility range of the green laser?

A: The green laser has a visibility range of up to 40 meters.


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