Laserliner Moisture Meter User Manual

June 3, 2024

Laserliner Moisture Meter User Manual
Laserliner Moisture Meter

Completely read through the operating instructions, the „Warranty and
Additional Information“ booklet as well as the latest information under the internet link at the end of these instructions. Follow the instructions they contain. This document must be kept in a safe place and passed on together with the device.

Function / Application

This material moisture device detects and evaluates the material moisture
content of wood and building materials by way of electric resistance measurement. The displayed value is material moisture in % with respect to dry mass.
Example: 100% material moisture for 1 kg of wet wood = 500 g water.

Measurement procedure notice

Be sure neither supply lines (electric lines, water pipes, etc) nor a metal subsurface is present at the location to be measured. Insert the electrodes
as far into the material as possible but never use excessive or sudden impact force as this could damage the unit.
Always pull the unit out of the material with left/right twisting motion.
Perform several comparative measurements at different locations to minimise measurement error

The sharply pointed electrodes present an injury hazard. Always put ! the safety cap on the unit when it is not in use or being transported.

General safety instructions

  • The device must only be used in accordance with its intended purpose andwithin the scope of the specifications.
  • The measuring tools and accessories are not toys. Keep out of reach of children.
  • The structure of the device must not be modified in any way.
  • Do not expose the device to mechanical stress, extreme temperatures, moisture or significant vibration.
  • The device must no longer be used if one or more of its functions fail or the battery charge is weak.
  • Do not use the measuring probe with an external voltage.

Safety instructions:

Dealing with electromagnetic radiation

  • The measuring device complies with electromagnetic compatibility regulations and limit values in accordance with EMC-Directive 2014/30/EU.

  • Local operating restrictions – for example, in hospitals, aircraft, petrol stations or in the vicinity of people with pacemakers – may apply.
    Electronic devices can potentially cause hazards or interference or be subject to hazards or interference.

  • The measuring accuracy may be affected when working close to high voltages or high electromagnetic alternating fields.

Battery Setting

Battery Setting

Product Overview


The device switches itself off automatically after 3 minutes to save battery power.
If the device has switched itself off, use the On/Off switch again to switch it on again.

Self-test function

Self-test function Self-test

Wood groups

Wood groups

Determining wood moisture

The location to be measured should be untreated, free of knots, dirt and resin.
Measurements should not be made on the end faces of wood because these areas dry particularly quickly such that they produce incorrect measurement results.

Wet/dry LED indicator for group A

Wet/dry LED indicator for group A

After switching the device on, all 12 LEDs will illuminate briefly. Thereafter, the first green LED will blink continuously. The device is now ready to use.
If a measurement for a group A wood is made, the material‘s moisture in % will be displayed in the upper scale. The LED display bar becomes larger, from left to right, with increasing moisture content. The 12-position LED display is subdivided into 4 green (dry), 3 yellow (moist) and 5 red (wet) segments. The moisture content of wood can be determined both from the percentage figure as well as from the LED colour. Example shown: 13 %, green LED = dry.

Wet/dry LED indicator for group B

Wet/dry LED indicator for group B

If a measurement for a group B wood is now made, the material‘s moisture in % will be displayed in the lower scale. In this case, the right-most illuminated LED (regardless of colour) and the colour-scale beneath it are used to determine if the wood is to be classified as „dry“, „moist“ or „wet“. Evaluation is now based on the lower colour scale. Green = dry, yellow = moist, red = wet.
Example shown: 23 %, red section of the lower scale = wet.

If a measurement should produce no change of the LEDs, it is possible that the measured material is too dry. Perform a self-test of the device with the protective cap to make sure the device is in good working order.

Auto-Hold function

The last measurement value will continue to display for about 5 seconds after removing the device from the measured material. During this period the LEDs will blink and show the last measurement value. As soon as only the first green LED blinks, the device is ready to make a new measurement.

Functional and operational safety is only warranted when the instrument is operated within the specified climatic conditions and is only used for those purposes for which it is designed. The assessment of measurement results and actions taken as a consequence lie in the user‘s scope of responsibility, depending on the given type of work.

Information on maintenance and care

Clean all components with a damp cloth and do not use cleaning agents, scouring agents and solvents. Remove the battery(ies) before storing for longer periods. Store the device in a clean and dry place.

Technical data

Measured variable| Resistive material moisture measurement by way of integrated electrodes
Mode| Wood (2 groups)
Measuring range Wood group A| 9% … 24%
Measuring range Wood group B| 11% … 28%
Accuracy| ± 2%
Power supply| 1 x 6LR61 9V
Operating time| approx. 40 hours
Operating conditions| 0°C … 40°C, max. humidity 85% rH, no condensation, max. working altitude 2000 m above sea level
Storage conditions| -10°C … 70°C, max. humidity 85% rH
Dimensions (W x H x D)| 58 x 120 x 30 mm
Weight| 140 g (incl. batteries)

EU directives and disposal

This device complies with all necessary standards for the free movement of goods within the EU.

This product is an electric device and must be collected separately for disposal according to the European Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment.
Further safety and supplementary notices at:


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