VIDEX VLE-ERC-72W LED Ceiling Fixture User Manual

June 15, 2024


VIDEX VLE-ERC-72W LED Ceiling Fixture

Product Information

The product is a lighting fixture with the following model numbers

  • VLE-ERC-72W
  • VLE-ERC-72
  • VLE-ESC-72W
  • VLE-ESC-72B

It has the following technical parameters

  • Input Voltage : 175-265V ~50Hz
  • Power Output : VLE-ERC-72W (72W), VLE-ERC-72B (72W), VLE-ERC-100B (100W), VLE-ESC-100W (100W)
  • Luminous Flux : VLE-ERC-72W (4700 Lm), VLE-ERC-72B (4700 Lm), VLE-ESC-72W (4700 Lm), VLE-ESC-72B (4700 Lm)
  • Luminous Flux with Dimming : VLE-ERC-72W (7500Lm (3600)), VLE-ERC-72B (7500Lm (3600)), VLE-ESC-72W (7500Lm (3600)), VLE-ESC-72B (7500Lm (3600))
  • Expected Lifespan : 35,000 hours
  • IP Rating : IP20
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI ): Ra 80
  • Rated Power Factor : 20,000
  • No Flicker

Product Usage Instructions

  1. Make sure the input voltage is within the range of 175-265V and the frequency is 50Hz.
  2. Choose the appropriate model number based on your requirements.
  3. Connect the lighting fixture to the power source.
  4. Turn on the power switch to set the light output to 100%.
  5. If desired, use the dimming feature to adjust the luminous flux.
  6. The available options are : VLE-ERC-72W (7500Lm (3600)), VLE-ERC-72B (7500Lm (3600)), VLE-ESC-72W (7500Lm (3600)), VLE-ESC-72B (7500Lm (3600)).
  7. The lighting fixture has a rated lifespan of 35,000 hours. It is designed for indoor use and has an IP20 rating.
  8. The color rendering index (CRI) of the product is Ra 80, ensuring good color reproduction.
  9. The product has a rated power factor of 20,000, indicating its energy efficiency.
  10. The lighting fixture is designed to provide flicker-free illumination.



VIDEX-VLE-ERC-72W-LED-Ceiling-Fixture- \(1\)


VIDEX-VLE-ERC-72W-LED-Ceiling-Fixture- \(2\) VIDEX-
VLE-ERC-72W-LED-Ceiling-Fixture- \(3\) VIDEX-
VLE-ERC-72W-LED-Ceiling-Fixture- \(4\)



  1. Rated input voltage (V) and frequency (Hz);
  2. Rated on-mode power (W);
  3. Rated light output (Lm):
    • Nominal luminous fl ux of the lamp;
    • Rated useful luminous fl ux of the contained LED light source (Фuse); 3.3. Energy e ffi ciency class of the built-in LED light source in accordance with the European Commission Regulation 2019/2020;
    • Energy effi ciency class of the lamp in accordance with the technical regulations of Ukraine;
  4. Correlated color temperature adjustable by remote control (K).
  5. Brightness can be adjusted using the remote control;
  6. Color rendering index;
  7. Light beam angle (°);
  8. Rated lifetime L70B50 (hours);
  9. Class of protection against dust and moisture. Protection against solid foreign objects larger than 12 mm is provided;
  10. On/off cycles;
  11. The light does not have a noticeable fl icker;
  12. Time to reach 100% light fl ux (sec.);
  13. No contains of mercury or other harmful substances;
  14. Minimum distance from the illuminated object;
  15. The product can be installed and used in/on normally fl ammable surfaces;
  16. Class of protection against electric shock I. A product in which the means of protection against electric shock, in addition to the main insulation, is an additional protective circuit connected to the grounding of the power supply network;
  17. For indoor use only;
  18. A damaged light diff user must be replaced;
  19. Replacement of the built-in light source can be carried out only by an authorized person of the manufacturer;
  20. The product meets the standards of eco-design and energy labeling in accordance with the Regulation of the European Commission 2019/2020;
  21. Replacement of the control gear can be carried out only by an authorized person of the manufacturer;
  22. The product complies with the technical regulations of Ukraine;
  23. The product meets the requirements of EU directives;
  24. Pursuant to the provisions of the WEEE Act, it is forbidden to put waste equipment marked with the symbol of a crossed bin together with other waste. The user, wishing to get rid of electronic and electrical equipment, is obliged to return it to a waste equipment collection point. There are no hazardous components in the equipment that have a particularly negative impact on the environment and human health.
    • Overall dimensions (mm), product weight (g/kg), current (mA), operating temperature range (°C), production date and batch number are indicated on individual packaging;
    • Light curve type: D (cosine);
    • Product materials: stainless steel, polycarbonate, aluminum;
    • The shelf life before the start of use is unlimited;


  • Lamp;
  • Mounting bracket;
  • A set of fastening elements;
  • Remote control;
  • 2 AAA batteries;
  • User manual;
  • Individual packaging.

Before installation, it is necessary to read the instructions. Installation must be performed by a suitably qualifi ed specialist. Installation can be performed only when the power supply is turned off . The product must be installed on fl at surfaces, in particular on the ceiling. Please install and connect according to the diagram below. The connection must be made using the integrated terminal block. Before the fi rst use, it is necessary to check the correctness of the mechanical fastening and connection. The product can only be used in a network that meets the energy requirements and quality standards stipulated by law. ATTENTION. The infrared receiver should go outside (fi g. 3.1, 3.2).

VIDEX-VLE-ERC-72W-LED-Ceiling-Fixture- \(6\)



VIDEX-VLE-ERC-72W-LED-Ceiling-Fixture- \(5\)

  1. On/off . Press to turn the light on or off ;
  2. Night mode. Press to turn on the night light mode. Press again to return to previous mode;
  3. Increase brightness. Press and hold to gradually increase the brightness;
  4. Reduce brightness. Press and hold to smoothly decrease the brightness;
  5. Quick brightness change. Press to cycle through three levels of brightness;
  6. Decrease the color temperature. Press and hold to smoothly change the color temperature of the main light towards a warm shade;
  7. Increase the color temperature. Press and hold to smoothly change the color temperature of the main light towards a cool shade;
  8. Auto shut-off timer 30 min. When pressed, the device will respond by one-time light signal, after which the light will automatically turn off after 30 minutes.
  9. Auto shut-off timer 60 min. When pressed, the device will respond by a double light signal, after which the light will automatically turn off after 60 minutes.
  10. «Warm white» Press to quickly change the color temperature of the main light to a warm shade;
  11. «Neutral white» Press to quickly change the color temperature of the main light to a neutral shade;
  12. «Cold white» Click to quickly change the color temperature of the main light to a cool shade.


  • Turn the switch off and on immediately to cycle through the color temperature of the light as well as the night light mode.
  • The lamp has a memory function and will apply the previous mode the next time it is turned on.

This product can only be used indoor. The product has no protection against moisture.


  • Any maintenance works should be carried out with the electricity turned off , and the product should be cooled down. Do not cover the lamp with heat-insulating materials, ensure free access of air. Clean only with soft and dry cloths. Do not use chemical detergents. The product may only be supplied with rated voltage or voltage within the given range. It is forbidden to use the product with a damaged light diff user, damaged wiring or connection points.
  • WARNING! Do not look directly at the LED beam. Do not attempt to disassemble the product, as this may impair performance and void the warranty. The product cannot be used in adverse conditions, e.g. dust, water, moisture, vibration, explosive atmosphere, fumes or chemical fumes, etc. The LED light source and control gear inside the lamp cannot be replaced by the end user. For replacement, contact the manufacturer. The used product should be disposed of in accordance with current regulations.
  • Failure to follow these instructions may result in, for example, fi re, burns, electric shock, bodily injury, and other material and non-material damage. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by failure to follow the above instructions.

Before delivery to the direct point of sale, the product must be stored in the manufacturer’s packaging at a temperature from -20°С to +40°С, in a dry room and without exposure to direct sunlight.
Transportation can be carried out by land, sea, air transport in the manufacturer’s transport packaging.


The warranty period for the product is indicated on the individual packaging and begins from the date of sale. During the warranty period, a faulty product can be exchanged or returned with prove of purchase and all components and accessories preserved. The following does not apply with the scope of limited warranty

  • Misuse the product and cause the products components damage;
  • Unauthorized disassemble or the presence of deep mechanical damage to the product;
  • Damage due to force majeure.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to this user’s manual or technical changes to the product.

VIDEX-VLE-ERC-72W-LED-Ceiling-Fixture- \(7\) VIDEX-
VLE-ERC-72W-LED-Ceiling-Fixture- \(8\)


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