Ender-3 Creality Spider Ceramic Hotend Kit User Manual

June 9, 2024

Spider Speedy Ceramic Hooted User Manual

Ender-3 Realty Spider Ceramic Hooted Kit

Please read the following precautions before upgrading your 3D printer with the Spider Speedy ceramic hotend.

This upgrade guide is for Spider Speedy ceramic hooted. The guide shows the installation on a standard Ender 3, and the upgrade of other compatible models is similar.
As mentioned at the start, this guide will show the installation on an Ender 3. However, the process will be similar for any of the Realty printers. Double-check your machine is TURNED OFF before starting the upgrade.

  1. Start by cutting off any cable ties securing the wires.

  2. Use a hex wrench to remove the two fixing screws on the fan cover. Place the fan cover on the hotbed plate.
    Warning: The fans should still be attached, so be careful not to pull on the wires as you remove the cover.

  3. Remove the PTFE tube from the top of your existing hooted. Push the quick-release claw down while pulling the tube up to release it.
    The tube can often be a bit stuck. In which case you can turn your printer back on, briefly heat the hooted to 200 degrees and then attempt to remove it. You should put the fan cover back on while you do this.

  4. Make sure the hooted is cooled to room temperature before continuing. Remove the existing hooted. The heater and thermistor should still be connected at this point.

  5. Now place the full hooted kit on the printer hotbed. All wiring is still connected at this stage.

  6. Place the Spider Speedy alongside your old hooted. Feel free to pull back the wiring sleeve some of the way, but don’t unplug anything from the mainboard. Identify the heater and thermistor on the existing hooted and Spider Speedy.

  7. Cut the connector off the Spider Speedy thermistor wire using scissors. Do this as close to the connector as possible.
    Also, cut the thermistor wires on your original hosted. You should do this close to the hooted to give you plenty of wire length to work with.
    You need to cut the wires staggered. This will make later installation easier.

  8. Take a butt heat shrinkable sleeve and feed one thermistor wire from the Spider Speedy and one thermistor wire from the original hotend into the holes. Strip the end of the wire to more than 5mm before wiring. Thermistors don’t have a polarity, so you can connect the wires up either way around. Be very careful not to mix the heater and thermistor wires though. Repeat this for the other wire connections.

  9. Press down on the metal tube with pliers. Press down until the metal tube is fully deformed into the wire; you will need to press down hard. Repeat this process for the remaining butt connection sleeves.

  10. After all the butt heat shrinkable sleeves are pressed, you need to use a lighter to sinter the butt heat shrinkable sleeves to attach the wires.

  11. Now the Spider Speedy Ceramic is wired, it’s time to re—assemble it. Lift up the Spider Speedy fan cover and wiring loom, draping the wires over the top of the X-axis profile. Bolt your Spider Speedy onto the backplane using the same M3 bolts from the previous hosted.

  12. With Spider Speedy mounted, you can now connect the PTFE tube. Remove the clip before pressing the tube in. Remember to add the clip back at the end.

  13. Reattach the fan cover. You’ll need a wiring sleeve to cover the butt heat shrinkable sleeves.

  14. Use some cable ties to connect the PTFE tube to your wiring loom.

After assembly, it needs to be re-leveled before the first printing, so that the distance from the nozzle tip to the platform plate is about 0.2mm.
When encountering unstable temperature, you can try to debug the PID value.


  1. The recommended retraction distance does not exceed 5mm.
  2. If the hooted does not melting enough material to cause under-extrusion, you may need to turn up the print temperature for best results.

To complete this upgrade, you will need:

Realty printer
Spider Speedy ceramic hooted
Hex wrench (2.0mm for the Ender 3).
Scissors Cable tie lighter
Disassembly instructions


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