Ardes AR5BL3 Built In Fan Instruction Manual

May 17, 2024

Ardes AR5BL3 Built In Fan


  • Model: AR5BL3
  • Energy Efficiency Class : G
  • Light Source: Included
  • Power Supply: AC 120V, 60Hz

Product Usage Instructions

Technical Information

Refer to the label on the appliance for detailed technical data.

Instructions for Use

  1. Place the fan on a flat, dry, and stable surface.
  2. Insert the plug of the fan into a socket.
  3. The unit will emit a short BIP sound and the ON/OFF indicator light will turn on, indicating power supply.
  4. The fan can be operated using the control panel on the main body or with the included remote control for convenience.


Ensure to follow proper maintenance procedures as outlined in the user manual to keep the product functioning efficiently.


Dispose of packaging materials in accordance with local recycling guidelines. Remove batteries before disposal and dispose of them in designated battery recycling centers.


  • Q: How do I activate the oscillation feature of the fan?
  • A: Press the Oscillation button while the fan is on to enable automatic left-to-right oscillation. Press the button again to deactivate this function.
  • Q: How can I set a delayed shutdown for the fan?
  • A: While the fan is on, press the Timer button to set a delayed shutdown between 1 to 10 hours from the time of programming.
  • Q: What should I do with the batteries in the product?
  • A : Remove the batteries before disposal and ensure they are disposed of at designated battery recycling centers to prevent environmental impact.


ATTENTION: read this booklet carefully it contains important instructions for a safe installation, use and maintenance. Important instructions to be kept for future reference.

  • This appliance may be used by children 8 years of age and older and people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capacities or with a lack of experience and knowledge if they are adequately supervised or have been instructed on the safe use of the appliance and are aware of the related dangers.
  • Children must not play with the appliance.
  • Cleaning and maintenance operations must not be performed by children without supervision.
  • If the power cable gets damaged, it has to be replaced only at a service center approved by the manufacturer in order to prevent any risks.
  • DO NOT disassemble the fan: this fan cannot be disassembled.
  • This appliance can operate at 50Hz or 60Hz without adjustments.
  • It is forbidden for children to play with the device.
  • This device must be used only for the purpose it was expressly designed; any use not complying with the instructions contained in the manual is considered inappropriate and dangerous. The manufacturer is not responsible for possible damages caused by the inappropriate and/or unreasonable use.
  • This device is NOT suitable to use it in an explosive environment (in the presence of flammable substances such as gas, vapor, mist or dust, in atmospheric conditions when, after ignition, the combustion is spread in the air).
  • The packing materials (plastic bags, expanded polystyrene, etc.) must be kept out of the reach of children or disabled persons since they represent potential sources of danger.
  • The installation/assembly of the device will be made/according to the indications of the manufacturer. A wrong procedure may cause damages to persons, animals or objects, for which the manufacturer cannot be considered responsible.
  • Place and use the device on a horizontal and stable surface. Before use check the integrity of the device and power cable. In case you are not sure contact a qualified person.
  • Before powering the device make sure the rating (voltage and frequency) corresponds to the grid and the socket is suitable for the plug of the device.
  • Make sure the power system is equipped with proper protection according to the law in force.
  • DO NOT power the device using multiple sockets.
  • If possible, avoid the use of adapters and/or extension cables; if their use is absolutely necessary, use only materials in compliance with the current safety regulations and according to the electrical parameters of the adapters.
  • The device must not be switched on using external timers and/or other remote control devices which are not specified in this manual. DO NOT use or store the device near heat sources (heaters, stoves etc.).
  • DO NOT dip the device in water or other liquids; in case an accidental fall in the water DO NOT try to take it out, but first of all unplug immediately the power cable from the socket.
  • If you use the device for the first time, make sure to remove any label or protective sheet that blocks its proper functioning.
  • Plug and unplug the power cable with dry hands and hold it firmly. Before plugging make sure the start button of the device is in the “OFF” position (turned off).
  • Always unplug the power cable to avoid overheating and avoid stretching it (do not pull it, tug it or use it to drag the device to which is connected).
  • Avoid placing the power cable on abrasive or sharp surfaces or in positions where it can be damaged easily.
  • DO NOT obstruct totally nor partially the air vents or insert objects inside.
  • During the functioning do not touch the device with wet body parts, and in any case it is recommended to have between you and the standing surface, an isolating element (for example wearing shoes with rubber soles).
  • During the use, the device must be kept at a safety distance from any object and/or flammable or potentially explosive substance.
  • In case of malfunction or anomalies during the functioning, switch off the device immediately, turn off the power and check the cause of the anomalies, if possible, with the support of a qualified person. Avoid carrying out operations which are not specified in this manual (such as disassembling and/or altering).

Always remember to unplug the power cable of the device if it is not used for a long period, before storing, cleaning or performing any maintenance operation. Store and use the device only indoors or in any case protected from weathering such as rain, direct radiation of the sun and dust. The device is not design for the external use or storage.

  • The cleaning and maintenance of the device MUST NOT be done by children without the supervision of an adult.
  • Before unplugging the device, switch it off, using the proper command on the control panel.
  • DO NOT hang the fan on the wall or ceiling unless this type of installation is provided and explained in this manual.
  • Place the device at a proper distance from the objects or surrounding walls making sure that its functioning will not cause accidental damage.
  • DO NOT use the device near gas stoves or open flames in general. DO NOT use the device near curtains or textiles.
  • DO NOT hang the fan on the wall or ceiling unless this type of installation is provided and explained in this manual.
  • DO NOT cover the device during functioning.
  • DO NOT insert objects or body parts inside the protection grille of the fan.
  • DO NOT leave the device unsupervised for a long period during functioning.
  • DO NOT expose yourself for a long period to the airflow generated by the device because it can cause damage to the health.
  • If the fan must be stored for a long period and is not used regularly, place the fan in its original packaging in a dry place. When you use it for the first time after a long period of inactivity, make sure the fan is clean and the motor blades turn feely (with the
  • device not powered) without any restraint.

WARNING: this appliance can be supplied only by a supply mains provided of an efficient earthing system.


  1. KEEP BATTERIES OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Swallowing can lead to chemical burns, perforation of soft tissue, and death. Severe burns can occur within 2 hours of ingestion. Seek medical attention immediately.
  2. Do not allow children to replace batteries.
  3. Always insert batteries correctly with regard to polarity (+ and -) marked on the battery and the equipment.
  4. Do not short-circuit batteries.
  5. Do not charge batteries.
  6. Do not force discharge batteries.
  7. Do not mix new and used batteries or batteries of different types or brands.
  8. Exhausted batteries should be immediately removed from equipment and properly disposed of.
  9. Do not heat batteries
  10. Do not weld or solder directly to batteries.
  11.  Do not dismantle batteries.
  12. Do not deform batteries.
  13. Do not dispose of batteries in fire.
  14. A lithium battery with a damaged container should not be exposed to water.
  15. Do not encapsulate and/or modify batteries.
  16. Store unused batteries in their original packaging away from metal objects. If already unpacked, do not mix or jumble batteries.
  17. Remove batteries from equipment if it is not to be used for an extended period of time unless it is for emergency purposes.
  18. Clean the battery contacts and also those of the equipment prior to battery installation.
  19. In case of leak from batteries, avoid any contact with it; in case of contact, wash the affected part with water and seek medical attention.

Technical Information

  1. Control panel
  2. Ventilation grille
  3.  Lamp
    Technical data: see the label on the appliance.


This product contains a light source of energy efficiency class G.

Instructions for Use

Place the fan on a flat, dry and stable surface, and insert the plug of the fan in a socket; the unit will emit a short “BIP” sound and the “ON/OFF” indicator light will turn on indicating that power is supplied. For your convenience, the unit can be operated by using the control panel in the main body or using the remote control included.

  • Batteries
    The remote control is supplied without batteries; before using the remote control open the batteries holder placed on the back of the remote control and insert 2 batteries LR03 1,5V AAA. To remove batteries, open the batteries holder placed on the back of the remote control, by sliding the cover to the outwards.

  • ON/OFF Button (a)
    Press the On/Off button one time to activate the fan. The unit will start to operate at a lower speed. Press the On/Off button when the unit is on to turn it off.

  • SPEED Button (b)
    Press the Speed button when the unit is on to select the desired airspeed. The selected speed is indicated on the LED display.

  • SWING Button (c)
    Press the Swing button when the unit is operating to activate the automatic left/right oscillation. Press again Swing button to deactivate the automatic swing.

  • TIMER button (d)
    While the fan is on, press the button to switch off the fan in a range between 1 and 10 hours from the programming moment. Each time you press the button, the time increases with 1 hour. The timer light indicators are turned on, on the display (1h, 2h, 3h, 4h). The total operating time set before the automatic switching off is given by the light indicators (for example if all the timer light indicators are on during the operating time set before the automatic switching off, the total operating time is given by: 1h (1 hour)+2h (2 hours)+ 3h (3 hours)+4h (4 hours)=10 hours. The timer light indicators are turned off/ on according to the operating time remaining. To disable the timer function press the button until all the operating light indicators are off, or turn off the fan manually by pressing the ON/OFF Button.

  • LIGHT Button (e)
    Press the LIGHT button to turn the lamp on or off (3).


Before carrying out the regular cleaning operations turn off the fan and unplug it. For external cleaning use a soft and dry cloth.

  • DO NOT disassemble the fan: this fan cannot be disassembled.
  • DO NOT dip the device in water, or splash it with any other liquids.
  • DO NOT use solvents or any other chemical products for cleaning it. When you do not use it, after cleaning it, store the fan in a dry place.


In order to respect the environment, packaging material must be disposed of properly in accordance with separate collections. Check local regulations.

BATTERIES – Remove the batteries from the appliance before its disposal. Do not dispose of the batteries with domestic waste. The batteries must be disposed of in the appropriate containers or in the specific collecting centre. Suitable segregated collection helps prevent damage to the environment and to human health.To remove batteries, refer to Instructions for use.


“Implementation of Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)”, pertaining to reduced use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, as well as to waste disposal”.
The symbol of the crossed-out wheelie bin on the equipment or on its packaging indicates that the product must be disposed of separately from other waste at the end of its service life.
The user must therefore take the dismissed equipment to suitable separate collection centres for electrical and electronic waste.
For more details, please contact the appropriate local authority. Suitable segregated collection of the equipment for subsequent recycling, treatment or environmentally-friendly disposal helps prevent damage to the environment and to human health, and encourages the re-use and/or recycling of the materials that make up the equipment.
Abusive disposal of the product by the user shall result in the application of administrative fines in accordance with the laws in force.


Terms and Conditions

  • The guarantee is valid for 24 months. This guarantee applies only if it has been duly filled in and is submitted with the receipt showing the date of purchase.
  • The guarantee covers the replacement or repair of parts making up the appliance that was faulty at the source due to manufacturing faults. After the guarantee has expired, the appliance will be repaired against payment.
  • The manufacturer declines any responsibility for damage to persons, animals or property due to misuse of the appliance and failure to observe the directions contained in the instructions.All rights under this guarantee and any responsibility on our part will be voided if the appliance has been:
    • mishandled by unauthorized persons
    •  improperly used, stored or transported.
  • The guarantee does not cover damage to the outward appearance or any other that does not prevent regular operation.
    If any faults should be found despite the care taken in selecting the materials and in creating the product, or if any information or advice are required, please contact your local dealer.



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