VIDEX SLSO-305 LED Solar Street Light User Manual

June 13, 2024


VIDEX SLSO-305 LED Solar Street Light

VIDEX SLSO-305 LED Solar Street Light

  • Overall dimensions [mm], product weight [g/kg), production date and batch number are indicated on 1nd1v1dual packaging:
  • Light power curve type: Semi-wide [L].

VIDEX SLSO-305 LED Solar Street Light 1

  1. Lamp
  2. Battery
  3. Solar panel
  4. Remote controller
  5. Cable length
  6. Full Charge
  7. Full discharge
  8. Dimmable by remote controller:
  9. Color rendering index:
  10. Color temperature:
  11. Ultra-violet free:
  12. Mercury-free:
  13. Longitudinal and transverse beam angles;
  14. Nominal lifetime:
  15. On/off cycles:
  16. No perceptible flicker to the human eye;
  17. Mechanical impacts protection:
  18. Operating temperatures range:
  19. Protection against dust and water:
  20. Minimum distance from the illuminated object:
  21. Immediately replace the lamp broken cover;
  22. The product can be installed and used on/in normally flammable surfaces;
  23. For outdoor use only:
  24. The product contains a non-replaceable light source:
  25. Recommended installation height:
  26. The product meets the requirements of EU directives;
  27. The product complies with the technical regulations of Ukraine.
  28. Pursuant to the P(□visions of the WEEE Act. it is forbidden to put waste equipment marked with the symbol of a crossed bin together with other waste. The user, wishing to get rid of electronic and electrical equipment.Is obliged to return It to a waste equipment collection point. There are no hazardous components in the equipment that have a particularly negative impact on the environment and human health.

This product is intended for autonomous illumination of sidewalks, park paths, local roads.


  • Solar street lamp:
  • Solar panel;
  • Solar panel mounting bracket part #1;
  • Solar panel mounting bracket part #2:
  • Remote controller:
  • Fastening hardware:
  • Individual packaging.


Read user’s manual before installation and use. The lamp and the solar panel are integral parts. Separate parts cannot be used independently. For InstallatI?n and further use, only the console method of mounting provided. The maximum diameter of the mounting hole is 60 mm. To install the solar street light on console:

  • a) Assemble the parts #1 and #2 of the mounting bracket and then attach the finished bracket to the solar panel (Fig. 1):
  • b) Fasten the bracket with solar panel to the lamp using fastening hardware from the kit (Fig. 2):
  • c) Put the lamp with solar panel on the console and tighten all 4 mounting screws securely[the maximum diameter of the mounting hole is 60 mm) (Fig. 3):
  • d) Adjust the rotation and the tilt angle of the solar panel and tighten the structure with the appropriate hardware (Fig. 4): It is recommended to install the solar panel perpendicular to the sun rays in order to expose maximum performance (Fig. 5),
  • e) Connect the solar panel with the lamp (Fig. 6).VIDEX SLSO-305 LED Solar Street Light 2

The lamp will automatically turn on at night and turn off during the day. The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and charges the battery.
Note : Before normal use, make sure that the lamp is fully charged for up to 8 hours under direct sunlight.


  1. Turn ON: Click one time for turning on.
  2. Turn OFF: Click one time for turning off. Double-click enter sleeping mode, under this mode the lamp won’t work.
  3. Full brightness: 100% brightness working until the battery runs out.
  4. Half-brightness: 50% brightness working until the battery runs out
  5. Increase the brightness by 5%
  6. Reduce the brightness by 5%
  7. Check the battery level: click to see the battery level that will last for 3 seconds. The battery status is also continuously displayed when the lamp Is charging.
  8. Auto mode: Click the «AUTO> button at any time to cancel all settings and switch to automatic charging and d1scharg1ng mode: light on for 3 hours at 100% power, 3 hours at 70% power, and run at 30% power until the battery runs out.
  9. Wake up: finish installing the lamp, you need to click the «WAKE UP» button to wake up the lamp for the first time using, and it can be automatically charged and discharged.
  10. Auto shutdown timer in 3 hours: timed for 3 hours, automatically shut down after 3 hours of discharge. With memory function, it will shut down after 3 hours of discharge every day.
  11. Auto shutdown timer in 5 hours: timed for 5 hours, automatically shut down after 5 hours of discharge. With memory function, it will shut down after 5 hours of discharge every day.
  12. Auto shutdown timer in 8 hours: timed for 8 hours, automatically shut down after 8 hours of discharge. With memory function, it will shut down after 8 hours of discharge every day.


  • The sleep mode has been set by factory as default in order to prevent accidental activation during transportation. Press the «WAKE UP» button to activate it before use.
  • If the product needs to be stored for a long time, please switch to sleep mode. («double-click» the OFF key)
  • The flashing red light stands for normal charging, and the green light on stands for full power.

This product should be used outdoor only.


For the long periods of storage, it is recommended to keep the battery charging level at about half capacity to extend its service life. Do not store with discharged battery. Clean only with soft and dry cloths. Do not use chemical detergents.

ATTENTION! Do not look directly at LED light beam. Its forbidden to use the product with damaged cover. Do not disassemble the sealed body of the lamp as this may compromise performance and void the warranty. Product must not be used in unfavorable conditions, e.g. vibrations. explosive air atmosphere, fumes, or chemical fumes, etc. The LED light_ source and the battery inside the product are not replaceable. If the LED light source or the battery fails please contact the manufacturer’s authorized person. Used or damaged product should be disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations.


Before delivery to the direct point of sale, the product must be stored in the manufacturer’s packaging at a temperature from -20’C to +40’C, in a dry room and without exposure to direct sunlight. Transportation can be carried out by land, sea, air transport in the manufacturer’s transport packaging.


The warranty period for the product is indicated on the individual packaging and begins from the date of sale. During the warranty period, a faulty product can be exchanged or returned with prove of purchase and all components and accessories preserved. The following does not apply with the scope of limited warranty:

  • Misuse the product and cause the products components damage:
  • Unauthorized disassemble or the presence of deep mechanical damage to the product:
  • Damage due to force majeure.
    The manufacturer shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from the failure to follow the above instructions. The manufacturer reserves the right to make amendments of this user’s manual. The manufacturer reserves the right to provide technical changes.

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