Dorman CM39644 Clutch Master Cylinder Instructions

June 12, 2024

Dorman CM39644 Clutch Master Cylinder Instructions

Before replacing slave cylinder, master cylinder and clutch components, please do the following:

  1. Check the clutch pedal bracket assembly and master cylinder rod for alignment and bracket wear.
  2. Check the master cylinder for dark fluid and/or metallic particles.
  3. Additionally, check to make certain that the firewall and pedal are not moving or flexing when the pedal is pushed down. This flexing will cause similar conditions due to the pedal rod’s angle of entry into the bore.

If you find either dark fluid or metallic particles, the clutch pedal bracket must be repaired or replaced.

Failure to make this examination and repair may void your warranty.

Note: It is important to examine the clutch pedal bracket when replacing clutch hydraulic components. Failure of any of these components is often related to a worn clutch pedal bracket that results in misalignment between the pedal rod and the master cylinder body. This misalignment results in scuffing and wear of the master cylinder bore. Metallic particles generated from this condition then migrate to the slave cylinder seal, resulting in slave cylinder wear.

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