Expert4House BHT-009 Thermostat For Intelligent Control Of Underfloor Heating User Guide

June 13, 2024

Expert4House BHT-009 Thermostat For Intelligent Control Of Underfloor Heating User Guide
Expert4House BHT-009 Thermostat For Intelligent Control Of Underfloor

BHT-009 Smart Knob Thermostat

For Water Heating/Boiler/Electric Heating


Please confirm that this product is suitable for your heating equipment before installation;

  • Before installation or maintenance, please make sure to keep the power off;
  • Please strictly follow the wiring diagram for wiring installation;
  • Installation to the wall, please confirm that the fasteners are suitable for this product;
  • Do not pull the cable too hard, otherwise the product will be damaged;
  • If a hard plastic wire is used in the installation process, it must be bent to an appropriate angle in advance;
  • Please arrange for professionals to install;
  • Please contact the after-sales service for equipment failure, please do not try to repair it yourself;
  • After installation, please refer to this manual to check again to ensure normal and safe use, and keep this manual properly

In the box you will find

  • Thermostat 1pc Screws 2pc User Guide 1pc
  • QC Passed 1pc Floor Sensor 1pc (Floor Sensor is Optional)


The BHT-009 range has been developed to control electric underfloor ,water heating or water/gas boiler system. These units are designed for use in commercial, industrial, civil and domestic properties.


  • GA: Water heating, 5A
  • GC: Water/Gas Boiler, 5A
  • P: Weekly ProgrammableW: Wifi
  • S2: Both internal sensor and floor external sensor
  • GB: Electric floor Heating,16A
  • L: Backlight
  • N: Modbus Communication
  • For example: BHT-009 GCLW


On Appearance

  1. LED display, more friendly interface;. LED matrix light, simple display, energy saving, protect your eyes.
  2. Touch buttons to make simple operation.
  3. The ultra-thin embedded panel perfectly fits all kinds of walls; The visiable thickenss above the wall is only 12.4mm.
  4. Frameless acrylic panel design, simple and elegant;
  5. Classic black/white color scheme, seamlessly integrated.
  6. Compatible with standard 86mm square cassettes and 60mm European cassettes to meet all installation environments;
  7. Interlock to connect gives you easy installation.

On Functionality

  1. Rich function options, Modbus, WIFI, keycard, etc, to meet all your needs;
  2. Strict temperature control accuracy (± 1°C) to provide the warmth you want;
  3. Power off protection, save all your settings safely;
  4. Preset adjustment of 5+1+1 mode in a week, programmable setting of 6 time periods a day, green energy saving, Less cost, more intelligent and environmental protection;
  5. Support the creation of product local groups/shares to achieve unlimited centralized control of the number of products/ multi-terminal control;
  6. Perfect access: Tmall Genie, Amazon echo, Google Home, full experience new voice control method;


Power Supply:95 ~240 VAC, 50~60Hz or 24V DC/AC,50~60Hz
Please check the information laser printed on the back of the thermostat for the actual voltage.

  • Current Load: 5A (water heating, waterlgas boiler), 16A (electric heating)
  • Sensor: NTC3950, 10K
  • Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Set Temp. Range: 5-35°C
  • Room Temp. Range: 5-70°C
  • Display Temp. Range: 5 ~ 70°C
  • Ambient Temp.: 0~ 45°C
  • Ambient Humidity: 5 ~ 95 % RH (Non Condensing)
  • Storage Temp.:- 5~ 45°C
  • Power Consumption: <1. 5W
  • Timing Error: < 1%
  • Shell Material: PC +ABS ( Fireproof)
  • Installation Box: 86 * 86mm Square or European 60mm Round Box
  • Wire Terminals: Wire 2 x 1.5 mm2 or 1 x 2.5 mm2
  • Protection Class: IP20
  • Buttons: Capacitive Touch Buttons




Home Screen


  1. Read these instructions carefully. Failure to follow them could damage the product or cause a hazardous condition.
  2. Check the rathings given in the instructions and on the product to make sure the product is suitable for your application.
  3. Installer must be a trained, experienced service technician.
  4. After installation is complete, check out product operation as provided in these instructions.

Electrical Shock or Equipment Damage Hazard.
Can shocked visuals or short equipment circuitry.
Disconnect power supply before installation.


Please check the information laser printed on the back of the thermostat for the actual voltage.

Wiring Instructions


  • GA is for water heating;
  • GB is for electric heating;
  • GC is for water/gas boiler;
  • NTC and Modbus is optional.


Your thermostat is suitable for installation within a standard 86mm pattress box or European 60mm pattress box.

  1. Accurately connect the power cable to the power terminal box.

  2. Fix the mounting plate on the cassette with a screwdriver through two screws.
    Installations Instructions

  3. Installation completed

  4. Hang the control panel onto the mounting plate


During Power On

  1. Power On/off: Press the knob to turn the thermostat on/off.
  2. Manual & Programmable
    • Touch to change between manual mode and program me mode .
    • In manual mode, will show on the display,
    • In programmable mode, will show on the display
  3. Setting Temperature
    • In the programming mode, the temperature setting and time setting will be locked. If the user wants to adjust, he must first adjust the thermostat to manual mode by pressing the“ ”key.
    • In the manual mode, pthe desired temperature can be set by turning the knob.
  4. Adjusting/Setting the Clock
    • Press“ ” to set minute, hour and weekday. and adjust the values by turning the knob.
    • Press “ ”once more to confirm and exit.
  5. Locking your Thermostat
    • Press and hold the“ ”and“ ”for 5 seconds to lock/unlock your thermostat.
    • In item 3 of high senior options, you can select full lock or half lock.
  6. Adjusting/Setting the Programmable Schedules
    Press icon“ ” four times in a row. You can see “MON TUE WED YHU FRI” and“ ”, and the minutes of time are flashing.

Turning the knob to set the minutes;
Press the icon “ ” again, the hour of the time will flash, set the hour by turning the knob;
Press the icon “ ” again, the temperature setting will flash, set the temperature turning the knob;
This completes the setting of periods1.

In the same way, complete the settings of periods2, 3, 4,5and 6.
Press the icon “ ” once more to enter the Saturday schedule settings (you will see the SAT of the screen).Repeat the above process to set the period and temp. and Sunday schedule.
Press the icon “ ” once more to confirm and exit.

Default settings for program schedule

Time display| MON.-FRI.(①②③④⑤ shows onscteen)| SAT.(⑥shows on scteen)| SUN.(⑦shows on scteen)
Period 1| 6:00~8:00| 20| 6:00~8:00| 20| 6:00~8:00| 20
Period 2| 8:00~11:30| 15| 8:00~11:30| 20| 8:00~11:30| 20
Period 3| 11:30~13:00| 15| 11:30~13:00| 20| 11:30~13:00| 20
Period 4| 13:30~17:00| 15| 13:30~17:00| 20| 13:30~17:00| 20
Period 5| 17:00~22:00| 22| 17:00~22:00| 20| 17:00~22:00| 20
Period 6| 22:00~6:00| 15| 22:00~6:00| 15| 22:00~6:00| 15

A separate schedule may be set for weekdays (Mon – Fri) and for weekends (Sat or Sun).

Checking the Temperature of Floor Sensor
Press and hold the“ ” arrow for 5 seconds to display the temp. of floor sensor. If no external sensor is connected, the thermostat will display “Er”.Note: Do not use third-party external sensors, the temperature will be incorrect.

Setting the Functions and Options
During power off, Press and hold “ ”and “ ” for 8 sec. in the order to reach system function. Then press “ ” to scroll through the available functions and use turning the knob to change the available options. All settings are confirmed automatically

Code Function Setting and options Default
1 Temperature compensation -g to 9 °C (for internal sensor) -3
2 Deadzone temperature 1-5°C 01
3 Button locking 00:All buttons are locked except power button. 01:All
buttons are locked. 01
4 Sensor typer In: Internal sensor(to control the temp.) Ou: External

sensor(to control the temp.) AL: Internal/External sensor (internal sensor to control the temp., external sensor to limit the temp.)| Ai_
5| Min.set temp.| 5-15°C| 05
6| Max.set temp.| 15-45°C| 35
7| Display mode| 00 : Display both set temp. and room temp. 01: Display set temp. only| 00
8| Low temperature protection setting.| 0-10°C| 00
9| High temperature protection setting.| 25-70°C| 45
10| Economy mode| 00: Non-energy saving mode 01: Energy saving mode| 00
11| Economy temp.| 0-30°C| 20
12| Brightness at night(22:00-6:00)| 0-8| When set to 0, the device will run for 10 seconds after inactivity. The screen will go completelyoff with no display.| 03
13| Brightness at night(22:00-6:00)| 0-8| 01
14| Screen line standby brightness| 1-5| 01
15| Reset| 00: No factory reset; 01: Factory reset| 00
16| Version number| | ui


WI-FI Connection

Before using your Wi-Fi thermostat for the first time, you must configure the Wi-Fi signal and settings using your smartphone or tablet. This enables communication between your devices.

Step 1 Download your APP  ( Fig1-1)

Home Icon

Fig 1-2 IOS
QR Code

Fig 1-3 Android

Search for “Smartlife” in Apple Store or Google Play or use a browser to scan the QR code above (Figure 1-2), and complete account registration and installation according to the guidance of the APP

Step 2. Connect the thermostat
Method 1 : Bluetooth network distribution (Fig 2.1-Fig 2.6) Turn on the Bluetooth switch of the mobile phone and set the thermostat to the WiFi enabled state (Press and hold the key for 8s when the thermostat is off), see the following tutorial to complete the connection and settings.
Connect Thermostat
Connect Thermostat
Connect Thermostat

Method 2: Scan the QR code to configure the network guide (Fig 2.2 & Fig 2.7-Fig 2.8) complete the connection and setup
Connection Setup

Scan this QR code

QR Code

Method 3 : Ordinary distribution network guidance (Fig. 2. 2 & Fig. 2.7.1)
Ordinary Distribution

Network distribution mode:

EZ Mode
Press and hold the ” “until the thermostat screen flashes quickly and displays the ” ” icon, and then operate according to the following figure (Fig 2.9-Fig 2.13).
Operate According
Operate According

AP Mode
When the thermostat is off, press and hold the ” ” until the thermostat screen flashes slowly and the ” ” icon is displayed (if the ” ” icon appears, continue to press the ” ” until the thermostat screen Flashes slowly and displays the “ ” icon), and then operate according to the following figure (Fig 2.14-Fig 2.19).
AP Mode
AP Mode

After connecting to this hotspot, return to the “smartlife” APP
After Connecting

APP operation interface description (heating thermostat))

APP Operation

More settings

More settings


No. Phenomenons Handling
1 Power is on but without display. *Check if the terminals between LCD panel

and Power Unit Box is loosen.
2| Without output but display works.| Usea new LC panel or new Power Unit Box toreplace the old one.
3| Room Temp. Is a lttle different from the actual.|
Do temperature calibration in item 1 of high senior options


Your thermostat carries an 24 months warranty from date of purchase. Service out with the warranty period may incur a charge. More detail please contact with us directly

Read User Manual Online (PDF format)


Download This Manual (PDF format)

Download this manual  >>


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