BLAUPUNKT SA970 Automotive Multimedia User Manual

June 9, 2024

BLAUPUNKT SA970 Automotive Multimedia


Product Information

The San Andres 970 is a multimedia automotive product that enhances the driving experience. It features various functions such as activating/deactivating standby mode, activating voice control, returning to the main menu, adjusting volume, and muting sound. It also includes a warning not to change the system arbitrarily and to use appropriate plugs to prevent interference. The product must be installed with a fuse and not used in environments that contain dust, oil smoke, or moisture to prevent damage to the product.

Product Usage Instructions

  1. To activate or deactivate standby mode, use the designated button.
  2. To activate voice control, use the designated button.
  3.  To return to the main menu, use the designated button.
  4. To adjust the volume, use the designated buttons.
  5. To mute sound, use the designated button.

For safety reasons, do not change the system arbitrarily and use the appropriate plugs to prevent interference. Ensure that the product is installed with a fuse and not used in environments that contain dust, oil smoke, or moisture to prevent damage to the product.

To use other functions of the product:

Radio function

  1. To switch between FM and AM, tap the designated button.
  2. To select stored stations, tap either or and select the desired station.
  3. To save stations, tap and then tap to cancel saving.
  4. To adjust the frequency of radio channels, slide to the left or right.

Media player function

  1. To play music files, tap and select the desired track. Tap to return to the player interface.
  2. To play video files, tap , select the desired video and tap.
  3. To skip to the previous or next track, tap or .
  4. To adjust the volume, use the designated buttons.
  5. To pause/continue playback, tap .
  6. To exit full-screen mode, tap the screen.
  7. To view a list of media files, tap the designated button.
  8.  To play all files in a folder, tap the designated button and select the desired folder.
  9. To search for media files, tap the designated button and enter the desired keyword.
  10. To view an image, scroll up or down the list and tap on the desired image.

Bluetooth function

Pair your mobile device with the product and use hands-free calling via Bluetooth.

Safety Information

Safety Tips

  • Please drive according to driving regulations and obey traffic laws;
  • Please pay attention to the warning in the manual and avoid the operations that are mentioned during the installation and use. Ignoring of any warning would lead to danger;
  • Please do not use any function that would disperse your attention in driving. These functions should be used in the parking state. If you need the function, please park the vehicle in the security zone and use the handbrake to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents;
  • During driving, please keep the volume of music in a state that does not affect any security alert and make sure that the driver could be able to hear the noise out of the window. The driver may not hear the emergency alert or road warning signal because of the high volume in vehicles and it may lead to traffic accidents;
  • For security considerations, driver in the vehicle should not watch the video, please enable the “handbrake test” function in system settings;
  • Please do not insert your finger, a foreign matter or conductive material into the gap or slot;
  • Please do not wear the headset in driving;
  • Please do not use the product for any other function except for navigation and multimedia;
  • Any accessories should be matched with the parameters of the product during the replacement; Unsuitable accessories might damage the product and cause serious safety accidents, which will lead to personal injury;

Safety Statement

  • This product is the auxiliary equipment for increasing driving experience, please keep the safety in the first place and never be careless or lack of judgment. Please avoid using any function that may affect your safety during driving, otherwise the safety accidents caused by improper operation has nothing to do with our company; Please take the actual situation as the basis for the processing; Such as map navigation, it works only as a reference, please consider the actual road conditions;
  • The navigation map provider is responsible for navigation map data;
  • Please follow the manual steps. Any serious injury, death or goods damage that caused by the operation that does not be mentioned in the manual has nothing to do with our company;


  • Please do not disassemble, install or repair the product by yourself. Please contact the manufacturer specified service personnel first if it is necessary. The operation that conduct by the person who has not electronic equipment, vehicle modification or other related training may cause accidents, fire, electric shock, or other dangers;
  • Please do not arbitrarily change the system;
  • Please do not make products near the fire, contact liquid and avoid the damage to the product that may lead to electric shock, fire and other accidents;
  • Please do not install and use this product in the environment that does not meet the installation conditions. Otherwise it may cause the damage to the machine or injury to user;
  • Please do not arbitrarily change the emission frequency, increase the transmission power (including add RF power amplifier), add external antenna or use other transmit antennas;
  • Please do not make interference to legitimate radio communication services during the using of product. Once the interference occurs, user should immediately stop using the product and the product should not be used unless the interference is disappeared;

FCC Warning
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  1.  this device may not cause harmful interference,
  2. this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cau se undesired,operation.

Installation Instructions

  • The vehicle must meet the voltage, current and power that required, please check the conditions before installation;
  • The installation should be done while the battery of the vehicle is disconnected;
  • To ensure that the product has been fitted with a fuse;
  • The installation of the product should not affect the safety of the operation and function of the vehicle;
  • The installation position should not block the driver’s sight and should not be on the place that the brake, steering wheel, seat belts, airbags and other vehicle safety equipment should be;
  • Please confirm the matching condition of the vehicle interface before install this product, use the appropriate patch plug if the interface is not matched;
  • Please be familiar with the connection of the vehicle before installation, confirm the position of the piping, electrical wiring, fuel tank and other vehicle system components. Do not touch or damage these components and avoid the exposure of wires that may cause corrosion, leakage, etc.;
  • Please do not conduct the installation in place of condensation, drench water sites, high humidity, containing dust and oil smoke. If water, moisture, dust and oil smoke enter the product, it may cause smoke, fire or failure;
  • Please do not move or disassembled the existing screws, nuts, bolts, clips, connecting fixed appliances, accessories and so on, do not change or remove vehicle incidental contact system and wire clip, otherwise it may impair the function of automobile safety;
  • In order to avoid the occurrence of fire damage to the product or vehicle, please do not allow the existing power supply circuit overload when power the product; Please be sure that the power wires have insulation treatment and install with fuses, circuit breakers and relays;
  • Please use non conductive tape in insulation treatment, wrap the ends of the wire and unused wire; correct insulating treatment can avoid the occurrence of electric arc, electric shock or fire. In order not to impede the brake pedal, gearbox and steering wheel, plastic belt could be used to fix the wires. Please do not make the wires contact high temperature surface, the heat can easily cause damage to the wires and lead to short circuit, arc or fire;
  • Please fix the wire on the electric chair or other parts of vehicle where will not lead to the scratch or damage of wire. In addition, the wire should be fixed in the hidden place as far as possible, it will make the environment inside the vehicle beautiful;
  • Please do not block the airflow vents, otherwise it may cause internal overheat and fire;
  • After the installation is completed, please check the wire connection of the vehicle, then run all functions, including lights, speakers, stereo, reversing operation and other electrical systems and ensure that the vehicle function is normal and can be used safely.

Usage Notes

  • Please use this product in 9~16V DC voltage range. Mismatched voltage(too high or too low) will cause damage to the product and the battery of the vehicle;
  • Please use the 15A fuse;
  • Please operate the product at the temperature of -20°C to +70 °C;
  • Use the soft wet cloth to wipe the stain gently;
  • It is recommended to not use the product in excessive wet environment. If the function is failed, please shut down the product and restart after the moisture dispersed;
  • When OS is crashed and affects driving, please park the vehicle in the safety zone and restart the machine;
  • When it is in cold start process, it may not be able to accurately display the current time and location, user could use GPS positioning function to correct it;
  • The product may not run normally because of bumpy road. Users could reuse this product when the road conditions improve;
  • When playing HD video, it is suggested to close navigation system to avoid the stuttering;
  • Foreign objects or water into the machine may cause the smoke or smell. When it occurs, please immediately shut down the machine and contact the service center;
  • If the product has any fault or any serious damage, stop using and contact customer service center immediately;
  • It is not in the scope of warranty that the products cannot run normally, data is corrupted or lost because of operation without manual instruction or artificial damage to the product;


  • This manual mainly introduces the function and operation method of the product, it is only used as user’s operating guidelines, not as a basis for other criteria and maintenance services;
  • When there is the improvement of products, specifications and design are subject to change without notice, please consult the supplier for details;
  • Without our authorization, the contents of this manual shall not be used for other commercial purposes;
  • The final interpretation of this manual shall be owned by the manufacturer.

Home menu


  • Apple CarPlay: Connect to iPhone.
  • AUX: Listen to external audio.
  • BT Music Play audio streaming through Bluetooth.
  • Android Auto Connect to Android phone.
  • USB Play music/video/image in USB device.
  • Radio Listen to FM or AM radio program.
  • Phone Make a hands free phone call.
  • Settings Set the parameters of the product.
  • Screen off Close screen display.
  • Clock Display time clock.
  • EQ Choose different EQ types.

Radio Mode

FM/AM Switching
Touch【 】to switch between FM and AM.

Automatic Search And Storage Station
Touch【 】to automatic search and save station; When search is completed, the first radio
station searched will be automatically played and the stations will be stored in the list.

Play Station In The List
Touch to select the station in the list to play.

Play Preset Station
Touch 【 】to enter preset list and select the preset station to play.

Manual Search Station

  1. Touch to search previous by step.
  2. Touch to search next by step.
  3. Long press to search for the previous or next available radio station. If the station is searched, the process will stop and play the station searched.
  4. Sliding 【 】left or right to rough adjust radio frequency.

Collect Station

  1. Touch【 】to collect current station into the favorite list.
  2. When【 】change to red color, touch it again, the collection will be canceled.
  3. Touch , then touch【 】to cancel collection.

Media Player

Insert USB Flash Drive with media files.

Supporting Format

  1. Music: APE, FLAC, MP3, WMA, WAV,M4A, OGG .
  2. Video: 3GP, AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG,,VOB, WMV, M4V.
  3. Picture: JPG, PNG,BMP.

Play Music


  1. Touch 【 】, select【 】to show the music list then select the music track to play. Touch【 】to return to the player interface.
  2. Touch to play the previous or next track.
  3. Touch to pause current playing track or replay the paused track.
  4. Drag the for fixed-point playback.

Play Video


  1. Touch to show the video list then select the video track to play.
  2. Touch to play the previous or next track.
  3. Touch to pause current playing track or replay the paused track.
  4. Drag the 【 】for fixed-point playback
  5. Touch the screen to enter full screen mode. If current state is full screen mode, touch the screen again to exit full screen mode.

View Picture


  1. Touch to show the picture list then select the picture to play.
  2. Touch to play previous or next picture.
  3. Touch to return to the list;
  4. Touch to play or pause playing pictures.
  5. Touch to rotate current playing picture.
  6. Touch the screen to enter full screen mode. If current state is full screen mode, touch the screen again to exit full screen mode.

Play Folder Contents


Touch to switch to folder list, it will show the folders and music tracks, video tracks and images.

First Letter Search


Touch to enter the keyboard page, then input the string you want to search. Touch the , it will return the previous list and show the contents including the string you want to search.
Playing Modes

  • Sequential playing mode;
  • Single cycle mode;
  • Random play mode;


The Bluetooth connection is not available when Apple CarPlay is on.

Search Bluetooth Device


Using a mobile device to search the product, the product name will be displayed on your mobile device, or touch to search the surrounding Bluetooth devices. Make sure Bluetooth on device is enable and discoverable; All devices searched will be displayed on the product screen.

Bluetooth Pairing


Touch the product name that you want to connect in the mobile phone, or choose mobile phone on pairing list to connect, and then wait for the connection.

Automatic Connection
If the connected device is out of the operating range, the Bluetooth connection will be disconnected automatically. If user does not close the Bluetooth function, the Bluetooth is automatically reconnected when the device returns to the operating range in few minutes.

Download Phone Book
Touch to download phone book from mobile device, download tips will be shown on the mobile device screen, touch YES for download, touch NO for not download .BLAUPUNKT-SA970-Automotive-Multimedia-FIG-44BLAUPUNKT-SA970-Automotive-Multimedia-FIG-45

Dial Phone Number

  1. Touch to select the digital numbers on the dial keyboard, touch the to make a phone call.BLAUPUNKT-SA970-Automotive-Multimedia-FIG-48
  2. Touch to enter contacts list then select a name from the phone book to call.BLAUPUNKT-SA970-Automotive-Multimedia-FIG-50
  3. Touch to enter history record list then choose a record number for calling.BLAUPUNKT-SA970-Automotive-Multimedia-FIG-52

Hands-free Mode and Private ModeBLAUPUNKT-SA970-Automotive-Multimedia-

During a call, touch to switch between Hands-free mode and private mode; Touch to mute microphone so that the receiver cannot hear from your side.



  1. Touch the name of the connected device to disconnect both Bluetooth phone and Bluetooth music.
  2. Touch the to disconnect the Bluetooth phone.
  3. Touch the to disconnect the Bluetooth music.
  4. Touch the to delete the device paired.
  5. End the connection directly on the mobile device;

Bluetooth Audio Streaming
The product supports A2DP、AVRCP、PBAP and HFP protocol; Make sure Bluetooth device volume is turned to max.BLAUPUNKT-SA970-Automotive-Multimedia-

Switch Tracks
1.Touch to switch to previous or next music;

Touch to play, touch to pause, or operate on the connected device;

Apple CarPlay (Wired and Wireless)


  1. Connect iPhone to product via lightning cable, the product screen will automatically show the CarPlay interface. User can operate the common functions of iPhone on the product. iPhone support: minimum iPhone5; Required iOS: minimum iOS 7.1.BLAUPUNKT-SA970-Automotive-Multimedia-FIG-64
  2. When connect iPhone via USB port, you can select “Enable Wireless CarPlay” to enable wireless CarPlay. User can also go to Apple CarPlay Device list and then initiate wireless connection via Bluetooth pairing.BLAUPUNKT-SA970-Automotive-Multimedia-FIG-65

Call Out / Receive Call
Touch the phone button on the main interface of CarPlay for Calling.

Play Music
Touch the music button on the main interface of CarPlay to play all of contents from iTunes.
Use Map
Touch the navigation button on the main interface of CarPlay to show the maps.


  1. Touch and hold Apple Home key on the iPhone device for using Siri voice assistant, such as making a call, playing music, opening the map and other voice commands;
  2. Touch the voice key on the front panel;
  3. When iPhone is connected, enable Siri by steering wheel control(some cars);
  4. Control with “Hey, Siri”.

Android Auto(Wired and Wireless)

  1. Connect Android Auto compatible phone to product via standard USB cable. Drivers can enjoy music from their phone, show the way with Google map or other map App and make or receive a call. User need to enable Bluetooth on both phones and the product at the same time. Required Android OS: 6.0. (Android Auto App must be installed on the phone before connecting)BLAUPUNKT-SA970-Automotive-Multimedia-FIG-67
  2. User can also go to Android Auto Device list and then initiate wireless connection via Bluetooth pairing.

Connect to enjoy external audio.

Connect to iPhone/ iPod.


General SettingsBLAUPUNKT-SA970-Automotive-Multimedia-

  1. Touch to select the time zone of the region;
  2. Touch to set date, touch OK for setting done;
  3. Touch to set the time, touch OK for setting done;
  4. Open/Close 24H mode;
  5. Open/Close Auto Adjust mode ;
  6. Open/Close auto launch for Android Auto(Android Auto projection mode is automatically active or not);BLAUPUNKT-SA970-Automotive-Multimedia-FIG-69
  7. Touch to select language;
  8. Enter advance settings;
  9. Open/Close Rear View Camera Delay mode;
  10. Open/Close ACC OFF Delay mode;
  11. Touch to recovery to factory settings;

Advance settings
Enter password 0000


  1. Open/close the Enable Trajectory mode;

  2. Open/close the Dynamic Trajectory mode;

  3.  Touch to choose the Static Trajectory Adjust setting;

  4. Touch to choose left driving position or right driving position (for CarPlay), reconnect to take effect;

  5. Touch to return;

  6. Steering wheel control;

Steering Wheel Control
After the is touched, select the keys you wanted to set. Pressing one steering wheel key when the screen pop a window with “Press the physical key on the steering wheel”, the key will keep the function of the item after touching 【confirm】with the item displaying 【Activated】(repeat all wanted items before confirm). One key has just a function after setting for once. Touch 【Calibrate】to recalibrate the key.

Audio Settings


  1. Open/Close beep, one touch one beep;
  2. Open/Close loudness effect;
  3. Regulate subwoofer effect;
  4. Adjust the volume for each audio source;
  5. Select the sound effect, choose it directly;
  6. Move original point to adjust the speaker output balance;

Display Settings


  1. Adjust screen brightness(when vehicle light is on, adjust night brightness);
  2. Recover to default values;

Bluetooth Settings and Device


  1. Open/Close Bluetooth;
  2. Open/Close automatic connection;
  3. Open/Close automatic receiving; if open, the incoming call will be received automatically;
  4. Open/Close automatic download phonebook; if open, the product will automatically download phonebook from mobile phone when Bluetooth connection is done(need permission of mobile phone );

Apple CarPlay Device


Android Device


  1. Initiate wireless Android Auto connection via Bluetooth pairing and show the connected devices.

Reset WiFi Password

  1. Click reset WiFi password and product WiFi password will be changed.

Change device name

  1. Touch to modify the product name;

Radio Settings


  1. When the scan quality is adjusted to the left, the stop sensitivity will be improved(more stations); On the – contrary, the stop sensitivity will be decreased(less stations);
  2. Touch to recover to default stop sensitivity;
  3. Touch to select the region, please do not change the settings arbitrarily;
  4. Open/Close RDS; Addition:Drag up on radio label to check product version

Common Problems and Solutions

When there is a problem with the machine

  1.  Recovery to factory settings or reset;
  2.  Try reigniting;
  3. Please check the phenomena that described in the table below and try to use the solutions;
  4. Contact Service Center;
Machine/ function Phenomena Solutions


| Cannot power on/off| Check the connection, if it is broken, try to reconnect it; Check the main fuse, if it is damaged, replace it; Press reset key;

No sound

| Adjust the volume;

Confirm whether the music and video is supported or not; Confirm whether the connection of the power amplifier is




Abnormal picture

| Exit reversing mode and enter again;

Check whether the camera is covered by foreign matters; Check whether the type of reverse camera is matched or not;

Check the reversing signal cable;



Noisy; Cannot search the station

| Ensure there is no metal products around the machine; Driving the vehicle to the place where the radio signal is good

and search the station;

If the solutions above are invalid, please check whether the antenna is disconnected, damaged, etc.;



Connecting fail

| Please make sure that the Bluetooth of mobile device is turned

on, the machine is not connected;

USB playing


Playing fail

| Ensure the U disk is not damaged;

Please make sure that the format of the content is supported;

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