FERM GGM1004 Glue Gun Instruction Manual

June 5, 2024

FERM GGM1004 Glue Gun Instruction Manual


Thank you for buying this Ferm product.
By doing so you now have an excellent product, delivered by one of Europe’s leading suppliers. All products delivered to you by Ferm are manufactured according to the highest standards of performance and safety. As part of our philosophy we also provide an excellent customer service, backed by our comprehensive warranty. We hope you will enjoy using this product for many years to come.

Read the operating instructions carefully before using this device. Familiarise yourself with its functions and basic operation. Service the device as per the instructions to ensure that it always functions properly. The operating instructions and the accompanying documentation must be kept in the vicinity of the device.


  1. Machine information
  2. Safety instructions
  3. Operation
  4. Service & maintenance

1. Machine information

Technical specifications

Voltage 220 – 240 V~
Frequency 50 Hz
Power input 25W (75W max.)
Diameter glue stick 11.2 mm
Weight ca. 0.24 kg

2. Safety instructions

Explanation of symbols

Denotes risk of personal injury, loss of life or damage to the tool in case of nonobservance of the instructions in this manual.

Indicates the presence of an electrical voltage.

Immediately unplug the plug from the mains electricity in the case that the cord gets damaged and during maintenance.


Before operating the glue gun
Check the following points:

  • Do the voltage of glue gun correspond to the mains voltage.
  • Are the mains lead and the mains plug in a good condition: solid, without any loose ends or damage.
  • Mount the bracket before plugging in the tool.
  • As hot glue can cause burns, avoid contact.
  • Always allow the gun to cool down by itself.
  • Never immerse the tool in water.
  • Only use accessories that are recommended by the manufacturer.

Immediately unplug the glue gun in case of:

  • The glue gun is overheated.
  • Malfunction of the mains plug, -socket or damaged cables.
  • Broken switch.
  • Smoke or smell caused by scorched insulation.

Immediately unplug the glue gun in case of:

  • The glue gun is overheated.
  • Malfunction of the mains plug, -socket or damaged cables.
  • Broken switch.
  • Smoke or smell caused by scorched insulation.

Electrical safety

When using electric machines always observe the safety regulations applicable in your country to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and personal
injury. Read the following safety instructions and also the enclosed safety instructions.

Always check that the power supply corresponds to the voltage on the rating plate.
Class ll machine. Your machine is double insulated; therefore no earthwire is required.

Replacing cables or plugs Immediately throw away old cables or plugs when they have been replaced by new ones. It is
dangerous to insert the plug of a loose cable in the wall outlet.

Using extension cables

Only use an approved extension cable suitable for the power input of the machine. The minimum conductor size is 1.5 mm2. When using a cable
reel always unwind the reel completely.

3. Operation

Always observe the safety instructions and applicable regulations.
This glue gun (kit) has been especially designed for glueing products such as wood, plastic, foam, rubber, fabric, cardboard, tiles, ceramics, etc.
Quickly setting, the glue is perfect for repairing carpets, bookbinding, fixing soles, etc. The glue is waterproof and resistant to the action of many liquids. The glue gun is quick, environmentallyfriendly,
energy-saving and together with the glue facilitates and quickens any job.

Due operating the glow gun

  • The normal setting time of the hot glue is 30 seconds. After 30 seconds the glue starts to set. Having applied the glue on the relevant surfaces, wait 15 – 20 seconds before joining them.
  • After about 1 minute the joint has reached 90% of its adhesive strength.
  • The setting time can be extended to 50 to 60 seconds by applying the glue in thick drops or shortened by applying the glue in short, fine lines.
  • Joining large surfaces is difficult, as the glue tends to set before the entire surface has been covered with glue.
  • Preheating the surfaces to be joined guarantees a strong joint. Sun rays have the same impact.
  • The glue melts from a temperature of approx. 140°C and must never be used on material that is sensitive to heat.
  • The glue gun can be used to replace nails, paper tape, liquid glue, but not for heavy-duty jobs.
  • The electric glue gun features accurate temperature control. It is fitted with a special design feed system that ensures no glue is left behind inside the mechanism.
  • The glue gun requires Ø 11.2 mm glue cartridges.
  • The glue gun comes standard with a bracket that enables you to put the gun safely on the table when it is not used.


  • Plug in the tool.
  • Insert a glue cartridge into the gun, two when using it for the first time.
  • Wait 3-5 minutes for the glue to heat.
  • Squeeze the trigger to release the glue.
  • Replace the glue cartridge as soon as you notice little if any glue is released from the gun.
  • Disconnect the tool if you do not intend to use it for some time.

4. Service and maintenance

Make sure that the machine is not live when carrying out maintenance work on the motor.
This machine has been designed to operate over a long period of time with a minimum of maintenance. Continuous satisfactory operation depends upon proper machine care and regular cleaning.

Always disconnect the tool before cleaning and maintenance work. Never use inflammable liquids to clean the tool.
Use a brush to clean the glue gun.

  • Keep the nozzle clean. Check before every use there is no glue left on the nozzle.
  • Remove any glue left inside the nozzle with a pin.


Should the machine fail to function correctly, a number of possible causes and the appropriate solutions are given below:

1. The tool does not work when switched on
  • Interruption in mains connection.
  • Check cord and/or plug.
  • The glue cartridge is empty.
  • Replace the glue cartridge.
  • Defective switch.
  • Please contact the service address on the warranty card.

Repairs and servicing should only be carried out by a qualified technician or service firm.


Regularly clean the device’s casing with a soft cloth, preferably after each use. Keep the fan slits free of dust and dirt. Remove stubborn dirt using a soft cloth, dampened with soapy water. Do not use
solvents such as benzene, alcohol, ammonia, etc, which might damage the plastic parts.

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