MELIPRON 250 Roof Ladder Rack Instruction Manual

June 1, 2024

MELIPRON 250 Roof Ladder Rack



Cargo Van Roof Ladder Rack with Windshield Fairing Fit for Ford Transit 2015-On

MELIPRON-250-Roof-Ladder-Rack-Fig- \(7\)


  • Part#: C437V04
  • Material: Steel
  • Fitment: Ford Transit Cargo Van 2015-On


Parts List

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MELIPRON-250-Roof-Ladder-Rack-Fig- \(3\) MELIPRON-250-Roof-Ladder-Rack-Fig- \(4\)MELIPRON-250
-Roof-Ladder-Rack-Fig- \(5\) MELIPRON-250-Roof-Ladder-Rack-Fig- \(6\)

Please note:
Each rack bracket already has a rubber seal on the bottom, and the bolt secures the bracket to the van using a sealing washer which should keep most water out. That being said, we always use a waterproof sealant(NOT PROVIDE) to ensure no water can get into your van and we recommend that you do the same. Tip: For a clean installation, apply tape on all 4 sides of the rack bracket, and apply sealant to all 4 sides of the rack bracket and the hex bolt and sealing washer. Remove the tape. If there is no factory mounting point, you can drill, need to buy matching screws and a washer (NOT PROVIDE).

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