Simx Lighting LHT1205 Smart Sense Pro Instruction Manual

June 1, 2024
Simx Lighting

Simx Lighting LHT1205 Smart Sense Pro

Product Information

  • Technical Specifications
    • Power Source: 220-240V AC 50Hz
    • Max Rated Load: 2000W Incandescent, 400W LED (PF >0.9)
    • Detection Range: Up to 12m
    • PIR Detection Angle:
    • Time On Adjustment: 2 sec – 15 min
    • Dusk Level Adjustment: Day & night or night-only operation
    • IP Rating: IP55
    • IK Rating: IK07
    • Safety: Class II
    • Mounting: Under eaves or wall mount
    • Installation Height: Typical 2.5m, max 3.5m
    • Construction: UV-stabilised polycarbonate
    • Warranty: 3 years
  • Installation Advice
    • Determine the mounting location – Wall or Ceiling mount.
    • The recommended installation height is 2.5m above ground.
  • Installation Instructions
    • Remove the wiring box cover: Unscrew the retaining screw and gently push it out with a screwdriver.
    • Mark and drill fitting holes: Insert raw plugs into the holes.
    • Fix mounting plate on the wall: Ensure not to over-tighten screws to avoid damage.
  • Connection
    • The unit is suitable for connection to a 220-240V AC 50Hz electricity supply.
    • An isolating switch should be installed to switch the power to the unit ON & OFF.
    • Detector/light units can be connected in parallel, with a maximum of 8 units.


  • Q: Can this product be used with a different power supply?
    • A: No, this product is suitable for use only with a supply voltage of 220-240V AC, 50Hz.
  • Q: What is the warranty period for this product?
    • A: The product comes with a warranty of 3 years from the date of purchase.
  • Q: How should I clean and maintain this product?
    • A: Always switch off the power before cleaning. For any internal cleaning, recalibration, or maintenance, ensure safe access by installing a means of mains power isolation in the circuit.


  • This product is suitable for use only with a supply voltage of 220-240V AC, 50Hz.
  • All electrical work must be carried out per local and national electrical codes as applicable. We strongly recommend that this light fitting be installed by a registered electrician.
  • Always switch the power off before installation. A means of mains power isolation must be installed in the circuit for safe access for any internal cleaning, recalibration, or maintenance.
  • This product is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Any changes or modifications made or attempted to this product, without the prior written approval of the manufacturer, will void all stated warranties.


  • Power Source 220-240V AC 50Hz
  • Max Rated Load 2000W Incandescent 400W LED (PF >0.9)
  • Detection ranges up  to 12m
  • PIR Detection Angle 180º
  • Time On Adjustment 2 sec – 15 min
  • Dusk Level Adjustment Day & night or night-only operation
  • IP Rating IP55
  • IK Rating IK07
  • Safety Class II
  • Mounting Under eaves or wall mount
  • Installation Height Typical 2.5m, max 3.5m
  • Construction UV-stabilised polycarbonate
  • Operating Temperature -20°C to + 50°C
  • Warranty 3 years


Since the motion detector reacts to variations in temperature; avoid the following situations:

  • Do not aim motion detectors at objects with highly reflective surfaces, like swimming pools, mirrors, etc..
  • Do not install motion detectors near heat sources such as heating outlets, air conditioning systems, dryer vents, lighting fixtures, etc.
  • Do not aim the motion detector at objects that move in the wind, such as tree limbs or bushes, large plants, etc…


  • Determine the mounting location – Wall or Ceiling mount.
  • The recommended installation height is 2.5m above ground.


  • Remove the wiring box cover by unscrewing the retaining screw (Diagram 1), and with a flat-head screwdriver gently push down and ease out (Diagram 2).
  • Mark and drill fitting holes (Diagram 3). Insert the raw plugs into the holes.
  • Fix the mounting plate on the wall, ensuring not to over-tighten the screws to avoid potential damage.
  • When utilizing a power screwdriver, set to the lowest torque setting.Simx-Lighting-LHT1205-Smart-Sense-Pro-FIG-1 \(3\)
    • Note: To make the installation process easier, clip the sensor body and wall plate together for a hands-free install


  • The unit is suitable for connection to a 220-240V AC 50Hz electricity supply.
  • It is suggested that a 3-core round flexible cable of max. 2.5mm2 gauge is used. An isolating switch should be installed to switch the power to the unit ON & OFF.
  • This allows the sensor to be easily switched off when not required or for maintenance purposes.
  • Detector/light units can be connected in parallel, with a maximum of 8 units. Simx-Lighting-LHT1205-Smart-Sense-Pro-FIG-1 \(6\)
    • NOTE: When connecting parallel sensors, the slave lighting load must not exceed the maximum rated load of one sensor.
  • The PIR sensor head can be rotated (Diagram 4).
  • Point the PIR sensor head straight to optimize the detection range.
  • After a long period of usage, the PIR sensor head ball join may be loosened, tighten the screw to fix the PIR sensor head position (Diagram 5). Use a tightening force of approximately 5Nm.Simx-Lighting-LHT1205-Smart-Sense-Pro-FIG-1 \(7\)
    • Sensor head tilt: 30°,
    • pan: +/- 30°


  • Time
    • The timer can be set to 2 seconds – 15 minutes and Pulse mode.
    • Position 2 seconds is suitable as a test setting. Turn the control knob clockwise to increase the delay time. Set the control to the desired setting between these limits.
  • D-MODE
    • In position D, the movement sensor is disabled, and the light load will switch ON automatically at dusk.
    • The load will turn OFF again at dawn, effectively providing an option for all-night operation.
    • In the Pulse Mode, the load will be 1 second ON, followed by 9 seconds OFF. The Pulse Mode enhances the versatility of the sensor by enabling integration with external timer switches.
    • Triggering a signal upon detection to activate various devices connected to the external timer switch, such as lighting, garage doors, and HVAC system, offering a comprehensive solution for customized automation in residential and commercial settings.Simx-Lighting-LHT1205-Smart-Sense-Pro-FIG-1 \(8\)
  • Lux
    • The light controller determines at what level of darkness the light switches on automatically. Turn the potentiometer clockwise to increase the LUX value.
    • The lowest value is 5 LUX, and the highest value is 1000 LUX (daylight). The Dusk adjustment knob is indicated by the “Moon” and “Sun” symbols.
    • If you turn the knob to the EYE setting, it will use whatever the current light level is as the active switching point from now onward.
    • This may provide a more accurate and customised setting for the user.

Walk Test Procedure

  • To start the walk test, set the Time indicator to “2s” and the Lux indicator to “Sun”.
  • The unit will now operate during the daytime as well as at night, illuminating the lamp for approx. 2 seconds each time.
  • This allows testing to be carried out to establish the best position for the sensor. The lamp will immediately illuminate as the unit goes through its “warm-up” period.
  • After approximately 45 seconds the lamp will extinguish. Try to remain outside the detection area during the warm-up period.
  • Walk across the detection area approximately 5 metres from the unit. As you cross a detection “zone” the lamp will illuminate. Now stand still until the lamp extinguishes (this should take approx. 2 seconds).
  • Start moving again. As you cross each “zone” the lamp will illuminate.
  • Repeat the above, walking at various distances and angles to the unit. This will help you establish the detection coverage.
  • Tilting the sensor head up will increase the detection distance and tilting the sensor head down will reduce that distance (approx. 3mtr per 10deg of tilt).
  • Masking the lens (see over page) will block all detection from specific angles or distances (over boundaries, roads, heat sources)
  • When walk tests are completed, adjust TIME and LUX settings to suit the user.

Manual Override Mode

  • Initiate Manual Override Mode by swiftly toggling the connected light switch OFF and ON within 2 seconds.
  • This can be done at any time, by keeping the lights on for up to 6 hours.
  • To exit manual override, repeat the switch action within 2 seconds or after 6 hours of continuous illumination, returning the unit to auto mode.


Simx-Lighting-LHT1205-Smart-Sense-Pro-FIG-1 \(9\)


  • To restrict the sensor coverage, and prevent detection in unwanted areas, mask the sensor lens using the mask provided.
  • For your information, the top section of the lens covers long-range detection, the bottom covers short-range.
  • Similarly, the left and right lens sections cover the left and right detection areas respectively.


  • Lamp stays ON all the time at night.
    • The unit may be suffering from false activation. Cover the sensor lens completely with a thick cloth.
    • This will prevent the sensor from “seeing” anything. If the unit now switches off after the set time duration and does not re-activate, this indicates that the problem was caused by false activation.
    • The problem may be solved by slightly adjusting the direction/angle of the sensor head. The sensor may be set to D-mode, readjust the time dial accordingly.
  • The sensor keeps activating for no reason / at random.
    • You may not be allowing the unit time to complete its warm-up period. Stand well out of the detection range and wait (the warm-up period should never exceed 2 minutes).
    • Occasionally, winds may activate the sensor. Sometimes passages between buildings etc. can cause a “wind tunnel” effect.
    • Ensure the unit is not positioned to allow detection of cars/people using public thoroughfares adjacent to your property.
  • The sensor will not operate at all.
    • Check that the power is switched ON at the wall switch.
    • Turn OFF the power to the unit and check the wiring connections as per the diagram. Ensure no connections are loose.
    • Check the lamp. If the lamp has failed, replace it.
    • Ensure that the lamp is seated correctly in the lampholder.
  • The sensor will not operate at night.
    • The level of ambient light in the area may be too bright to allow operation at the current Lux setting.
    • During the hours of darkness, adjust the Lux control slowly clockwise until the lamp illuminates.
  • The unit activates during the daytime
    • The level of ambient light in the area may be too dark for the current Lux setting. During daylight, adjust the Lux control slightly anti-clockwise.
    • When the lamp load extinguishes, enter the detection area.
    • If the sensor still activates, the setting is still too high.
    • Repeat the above procedure until the Sensor does not activate when you enter the detection area.
  • Sensor coverage is poor/ sporadic
    • The unit may be poorly located. Re-locate the unit.
  • The detection range varies from day to day
    • Sensors are influenced by climatic conditions.
    • The colder the ambient temperature, the more effective the sensor will be.
    • You may need to make seasonal adjustments to the sensor head position to ensure trouble-free operation all year round.


This product is guaranteed by SIMX Ltd and Ventair Pty Ltd for 3 years from the date of purchase against faulty materials or workmanship which affects its designed ability to operate. During this period if the product has a defect of this nature it will be repaired or replaced free of charge by SIMX with the same item, or a similar one of higher specification.


  • The buyer returns it to the seller from whom it was bought, and freight is paid.
  • The product has been bought by the user (ie. a receipt/sales invoice is produced as proof of purchase).
  • The product has not been misused or handled carelessly, installed in any way contrary to the installation instructions, or installed in any unusually exposed or harsh environmental conditions.

This guarantee excludes liability for discolouration and/or delamination of paint or plastic or any user-serviceable parts. It does not confer any rights other than those expressly set out above and does not cover any claims for consequential loss or damage. Our Goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under either Australian or New Zealand, Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the Goods repaired or replaced if the Goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.


  • Ph: +64 9 259 1660
  • Technical Support Ph: +64 9 259 1662
  • e: [email protected]
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice. PUB1803 2403
    • LHT1205 – Black
    • LHT1206 – White

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