4homes 54940 12V 7 Poles Trailer Socket Instructions

June 13, 2024

Trailer socket – 7 poles – 12V

54940 12V 7 Poles Trailer Socket

For proper wiring, contact an automotive electrical specialist who will wire the connector with proper insulation. The connec­tor complies with the 1501724 standard.

  1. Before starting the wiring, de-energize the car by discon­necting the positive terminal of the battery. (The radio may request a security code, its settings and consumption data may be reset)
  2. When connecting the cables, care must be taken to ensure that the cables do not accidentally come into contact with each other and that a short circuit does not occur.
  3. Remove the inside of the device connector by unhooking the latch and turning the middle part counterclockwise.
  4. According to the markings, connect the cables with the screws, then put them back in the device housing and install them on the vehicle.
  5. For the connector, find a place that is protected from water and where the plug of the trailer can be easily connected.
Voltage: max. 12V
Number of poles: 7 pc
Cable fixture: screw type
Console mounting: 3 pcs screw (not included)
Size: 0 73 x 51 mm
Screw distance: 50 mm
Color: black
Weight: —76 g

After connecting, check the correct operation of the lights, only then take part in road traffic!

Connector pin assignment in front/rear view:
1 – L – yellow – left turn signal
2 – 54G – blue – fog light
3 – 31 – white – test
4 – R – green – right turn signal
5 – 58R – brown – right position
6 – 54 – red – break lamp
7 – 58L – black – left position light

Front Rear

4homes 54940 12V 7 Poles Trailer Socket - Front| 4homes 54940 12V 7 Poles Trailer Socket - Rear

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