CHERRY UM 6.0 Advanced USB Microphone User Manual

October 31, 2023


CHERRY UM 6.0 Advanced USB Microphone

Product Information

The CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED is a USB-Microphone designed for professional audio recording. It offers advanced features and high-quality sound reproduction, making it ideal for podcasting, voiceovers, music recording, and other audio applications.

Product Usage Instructions

  1. Connect the CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED USB-Microphone to your computer using the provided USB cable.
  2. Ensure that your computer recognizes the USB-Microphone and installs any necessary drivers.
  3. Adjust the microphone settings on your computer to optimize sound quality and volume.
  4. If desired, attach the CHERRY UM POP FILTER to the USB-Microphone to reduce plosive sounds and improve recording clarity.
  5. Place the USB-Microphone in a suitable position, ensuring it is facing towards the sound source you want to capture.
  6. Start your preferred audio recording software on your computer.
  7. Configure the software to use the CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED USB-Microphone as the input device.
  8. Adjust any additional settings or effects within the recording software as desired.
  9. Begin recording by pressing the appropriate button or command in your recording software.
  10. Monitor the recording levels and adjust the microphone position or settings if necessary.
  11. After recording, save the audio file in your desired format and location on your computer.
  12. Disconnect the CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED USB-Microphone from your computer when finished.


CHERRY-UM-6-0-Advanced-USB-Microphone-FIG-1 CHERRY-UM-6-0-Advanced-USB-Microphone-FIG-2CHERRY-UM-6-0-Advanced-USB-Microphone-FIG-2 CHERRY-UM-6-0-Advanced-USB-Microphone-FIG-3 CHERRY-UM-6-0-Advanced-USB-Microphone-FIG-4 CHERRY-UM-6-0-Advanced-USB-Microphone-FIG-5 CHERRY-UM-6-0-Advanced-USB-Microphone-FIG-7 CHERRY-UM-6-0-Advanced-USB-Microphone-FIG-8



  • Do not dispose of devices with this symbol in household waste.
  • Dispose of the devices in accordance with statutory regulations – at your local dealer or at municipal recycling centers


  • Designation/Value
  • Supply voltage: 5.0 V/DC ±5%
  • Current consumption: Max. 80 mA
  • Storage temperature: -5 °C … +55 °C
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C … +50 °C


The company Cherry Europe GmbH, Auerbach/OPf., Germany hereby declares that this product conforms to the European guideline 2014/30/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity can be found under the following Internet address:

Contact Information

  • USA :
  • UKCA :
    • UK Authorised Representative: Authorised Representative Service
    • The Old Methodist Chapel
    • Great Hucklow
    • SK17 8RG UK


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