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June 12, 2024

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Basic parameters :
Controlling method APP/IR Type/key board type
Working temperature -20degrees to + 60degrees
Power 1.5W/Pice
Power supply voltage DCSV (Each DC5V 2A power supply can load 15pcs modules. lf need more modules
Applied places:study room,living room.bedroom.night club or bar.KTV, bar or restaurant, coffee shop and other home and commercial places.

Product Characteristics

Support mobile APP control, support IOS and Android system
expert4house Smart Scene Music Lamps - fig 2Stay tuned for more smart interactive features!

Installation instructions

  1. Please make a model layout plan in advance or pre-manufacture the model on the desktop. and define the position of the drive control line entrance.
  2. Remove the release paper on one side of the double-sided non-marking adhesive. stick the double-sided adhesive to the center of the back of the module, and remove the release paper on the other side of the non-marking adhesive before installation. (This step is omitted for desktop installation)
  3. First locate the drive control line entrance module, then insert the arrow pointing end of the connecting piece (NEXT end) into the cascade module, and insert the “PRE” end of the connecting piece into the previous module according to the sequence of the modeling plan to complete the installation
  4. Insert the USB end of the drive control line into the first module, and then plug the other end of the drive control line into any signal output port corresponding to the pickup, and power the power adapter to complete the installation.

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Safety Precautions

  1. Before use, please confirm whether the voltage conforme to the working voltage of this product. Improper use of voltage may damage the product and bring safety hazards.
  2. Do not disassemble the scene music lamp module by yourself.
  3. The product will generated heat during operation, please keep the surrounding air convection to allow good heat dissipation.
  4. Do not use non-standard power adapters to avoid product damage or causing safety hazards.

Packing spare parts

Scene Music Lamps
Sound controlling system
IR renote control
USB cable
Double sided sticker

DIY any assembly style

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