ricoo S5564 Pivoting Screen TV Wall Mount Instruction Manual

June 12, 2024


ricoo S5564 Pivoting Screen TV Wall Mount

ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-PRODUCTProduct Information

This product is a screen mount designed for mounting televisions or monitors onto walls. It supports VESA hole distances within the specified minimum and maximum ranges.

The maximum load weight for this mount is 45kg (99lbs). It is important not to exceed this weight limit to prevent property damage or serious injury.

The package includes various installation accessories and materials suitable for mass concrete walls.

Product Usage Instructions

  1. Before installation, check the distance between the VESA mounting holes on your display. Ensure it falls within the specified range.
  2. Read the entire instruction manual before starting the installation and assembly process.
  3. If your wall is made of solid concrete, use the supplied plastic anchors for installation. They are not suitable for other wall materials.
  4. Follow the provided assembly instructions for attaching the mount to the wall.
  5. Use the included screws and accessories to securely attach your television or monitor to the mount. Ensure they fit properly with your specific TV/Monitor.
  6. For best results, it is recommended to use a professional bubble level during installation to ensure proper alignment.

Assembly Instructions


MAX 45kg 99 bs

Warning : Do not exceed listed load weight. Property damage oder serious injury may occur!



min. 195 mm max. 603 mm
min. 100 mm max. 400 mm
200×200 300×200 300×300 400×200 400×300 400×400 600×400

NOTE : Please check BEFORE installation distance between VESA mounting holes on your display!

This screen mount supports VESA hole distance in the minimum and maximum distance ranges given above.

VESA  Hole distance = Distances between the mounting holes on the screen back.ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-

S5564 E-Mail: [email protected]  www.ricoo.eu

E.N.Z. Engineering GmbH Salzmatten 6 79341 Kenzingen (Germany)


Scope of deliveryricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-
\(7\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-
FIG-  \(8\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-
Wall-Mount-FIG-  \(9\)

We recommend using a professional level.  The numbering on the plastic bag may differ/missing completely!

NOTE : Read the entire instruction manual before you start installation and assembly

  • Please note: Images in these assembly instructions are only technical presentation of the product. Actual product design may vary minimally.
  • Do not begin the installation until you have read and understood all the instructions and warnings contained in this installation sheet. If you have any questions regarding any of the instructions or warnings, please contact your local distributor.
  • This product was designed to be installed and used ONLY as specified in this manual. Improper installation of this product may cause damage or serious injury.
  • This product may only be assembled / installed by the technical staff.
  • Make sure that the supporting surface will safely support the combined weight of the equipment and all attached hardware and components.
  • When mounting on the wooden beams wall, make sure that the fastening screws are anchored in the center of the beams. It is highly recommended to use a beamfinder.
  • Always use an assistant or mechanical lifting equipment to safely lift and position the equipment.
  • Tighten screws firmly, but do not over tighten. Over tightening can cause damage the items, this greatly reduces their holding power.
  • This product is intended for indoor use only. Using this product outdoors could lead to product failure and personal injury.
  • By reason of large television construction types on the market, we can’t adjust our screen installation materials for each screen type. Therefore it is possible that the screws which are numerously delivered don’t fit with your TV/Monitor. We ask for your understanding that we can’t cover up all possibilities of many screen types.
    • Each wall is built up of different materials which can result a special requirement. Therefore we are concentrated on the delivery of installation materials only for mass concrete walls. Use our included installation accessories only for mass concrete walls.
    • If your walls have a special demand of materials, we advise you to ask in an expert shop for a suitable acquirement of the installation materials.
  • Make sure that before and after the installation of the product neither you nor somebody else can be injured and other objects can be damaged. In case of doubt request for help from an expert.
  • Make also sure that you and optionally the co-helper or representatives have registered the mounting instructions before the installation and also the warning notice.


ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-  \(10\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-


ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-  \(12\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-


ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-  \(14\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-

Warning : Supplied plastic anchors are only suitable for solid concrete walls!

ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-  \(16\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-
\(17\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-
FIG-  \(18\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-
Wall-Mount-FIG-  \(19\)


ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-  \(20\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-
\(21\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-
FIG-  \(22\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-
Wall-Mount-FIG-  \(23\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-  \(24\)

IMPORTANT : Use the matching screws and spacers for your display.

ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-  \(25\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-

IMPORTANT : Use the matching screws and spacers for your display.

If the screws “M-C, M-D, M-E” are too long, use the plastic spacers “M-H, M-I”. (like in Step 6 A)


ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-  \(27\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-FIG-
\(28\) ricoo-S5564-Pivoting-Screen-TV-Wall-Mount-
FIG-  \(29\)

E.N.Z. Engineering GmbH, Salzmatten 6, 79341 Kenzingen (Germany)


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