Laserliner SensoLite 310 Laser Receiver User Manual

June 4, 2024

Laserliner SensoLite 310 Laser Receiver User Manual

Read the operating instructions and the enclosed brochure “Guarantee and additional notices” completely. Follow the instructions they contain. Safely keep these documents for future reference.

Laser receiver for red and green rotary lasers

  • One LCD on the front and one on the rear
  • Five-digit display, various acoustic melodies support the optical indicators
  • Extremely loud piezo buzz tone possible
  • Head and side magnets
  • Reception range 300 m for red lasers, 200 m for green lasers
  • Extremely durable design

Special product features

FIG 2 Special product features.JPG

FIG 3 Special product features.JPG

  1. All-round marking groove

  2. Magnets

  3. Receiver field for laser beam

  4. SpotLite Marking LED

  5. Vial

  6. Fastening screw for levelling staffs

  7. Universal mount

  8. Binding screw / loudspeaker (rear side)

  9. Battery compartment (rear side)

  10. Control panel

  11. LC-Displays (front and rear side)

  12. Free-hand range

  13. Fine range

  14. Hand receiver above laser level

  15. Precisely on laser level

  16. Hand receiver below laser level

  17. Volume indicator

  18. Low battery indicator

  19. Switch on /
    Hand receiver mode /
    Switch: Precision range /
    Free-hand range
    Switch off:
    press button 3 seconds

  20. Volume adjustment

Inserting the battery

In order to preserve the battery life, the receiver switches off automatically if it is not used for around 5 minutes.

Working with the laser receiver

Set the rotary laser to maximum speed and switch the laser receiver on. It is able to detect the laser beam at a great distance now. Move the SensoLite up and down through the laser beam until the middle indicator (15) appears. Mark the measured height at the perimeter marking groove.

FIG 5 Working with the laser receiver.JPG

The laser receiver has two tolerance settings:

  • Free-hand range (12): Display with larger tolerance for rough alignment by hand.
  • Precision range (13): Display with smaller tolerance for precision alignment (e.g. levelling staff).

Universal mount

The laser receiver can be installed on levelling staffs with the aid of the universal mount. The Flexi measuring staff (Order number 080.50 – red / 080.51 – green) is always recommended when measuring from floor heights. It also allows you to determine heights directly without any need for calculation.

Technical data

(Subject to technical alterations)

FIG 7 Technical data.JPG

EU directives and disposal
This device complies with all necessary standards for the free movement of goods within the EU.

This product is an electric device and must be collected separately for disposal according to the European Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Further safety and supplementary notices at:

FIG 8 Technical data.JPG


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