neptronic TT000F Fast Actuators Instruction Manual

June 3, 2024

neptronic TT000F Fast Actuators

neptronic-TT000F-Fast-Actuators-FIG- \(2\)


  • Clutch for manual adjustments
  • Maintenance free
  • Position indicator
  • Fail safe by Enerdrive System1 (on model 060 & 080)
  • Auxiliary switches (on model 020 & 080)

Technical Data





  • We strongly recommend that all neptronic® products be wired to a separate transformer and that transformer shall service only neptronic® products. This precaution will
    prevent interference with, and/or possible damage to incompatible equipment.

  • When multiple actuators are wired on a single transformer, polarity must be observed. Long wiring runs create voltage drop which may affect the actuator performance.

Mechanical Installation

  • Manually close the damper blades and position the actuator at 0º or 90º.
  • Slide the actuator onto the shaft.
  • Tighten the nuts on the “U” bolt to the shaft with a 10mm wrench to a torque of 150 [17 Nm].
  • Slide the mounting bracket under the actuator. Ensure free movement of the slot at the base of the actuator. The bracket pin must be placed in the mid distance of the slot.
  • Fix the bracket to the ductwork with #8 self-tapping screws.

Wiring Diagrams


PC Board


Stroke Adjustment

To adjust the stroke, press and release the reset button to start the auto- stroke process. The LED should be illuminated.

  • First option:
    • The actuator will then travel in both directions to find it’s limit.
    • The LED will extinguish, the process is complete.
  • Second option:
    • When the desired end position is reached, press and release the reset button. The actuator will now return back to its original position. (you can also press and release the reset button when It’s reaches the original position)
    • The LED will extinguish, the process is complete.

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