Dorman MAS CC649032 Pre Filled Complete Clutch Unit Instructions

June 12, 2024

Dorman MAS CC649032 Pre Filled Complete Clutch

Pre-Bled, Pre-filled Complete Clutch Unit Installation for Concentric Slave Cylinder Applications

NOTE: Replacing the concentric slave cylinder requires the transmission to be removed and reinstalled. Consult vehicle service manual for proper procedures.

Quick Disconnect Tool


  1. Disconnect the hydraulic tube coupling at the transmission with the supplied hydraulic line Quick Disconnect (QD) tool by sliding the white plastic sleeve toward the slave cylinder.

  2. Remove the transmission per your vehicle manufacturer’s Shop Manual.

  3. Remove the concentric slave cylinder mounting bolts and remove from the transmission.

  4. Clean the transmission input shaft and install the new concentric slave cylinder. Make sure the slave cylinder is installed flat against the transmission mounting surface.

  5. Install the slave cylinder attaching bolts and tighten per the vehicle manufacturer Shop Manual requirements. Check to make sure the slave cylinder is not cocked.
    Plastic (torque 3 to 5 Nm); Aluminum (torque 15 to 20 Nm)

  6. Reinstall the transmission per your vehicle manufacturers Shop Manual.

  7. Remove the reservoir, clutch M/C and clutch tube as one assembly.

  8. Install the new reservoir, clutch M/C and clutch tube as one unit on the vehicle.

  9. Reconnect the clutch tube by inserting the male coupling into the female coupling on the concentric slave cylinder. Make sure the coupling is secure (by pulling both ends).

  10. Pump the clutch pedal 5-10 times, making sure that the pedal is allowed to return completely after each stroke. Continued pedal strokes will bleed the system of any air and the release bearing will move through its entire stroke with each pedal application.

  11. Depress the clutch pedal and hold it down.

  12. Slowly open the bleed screw on the concentric slave cylinder and allow any trapped air to escape. When there is a solid stream of fluid, close the port. Since the clutch slave cylinder, clutch master cylinder and fluid line are all pre-filled, and pre-bled, the system should bleed immediately after installation.

  13. Torque the bleed screw and release the clutch pedal.  Do not over tighten bleed screw. Bleed screw of Plastic CSC (torque 3 to 5  Nm) Bleed screw of Aluminum CSC (15 to 20 Nm)

NOTE: Under normal usage, small amounts of air remaining will be purged from the system.

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