Unitree Go2 Robot Dog Quadruped Robotics Instruction Manual

October 31, 2023


Unitree Go2 Robot Dog Quadruped Robotics

Product Information

The Unitree Go2 is a new creature of embodied AI that offers an infinite revolution in robotics. It comes with various upgrades and features to enhance its performance and functionality.

  • Standard Ultra-wide 4D LIDAR : The Go2 is equipped with an ultra-wide 4D LIDAR that upgrades the recognition system by 200%. It provides ultra-wide scanning with a range of 20m and can detect blind spots as close as 0.05m. However, radar accuracy decreases at close range detection.
  • Tracking Module: The robot can be controlled remotely or automatically tracked. It also features an intercom microphone for effective communication with no scenario restrictions.
  • Front Camera and Lamp: The Go2 has a front camera that allows for visual monitoring, and a front lamp that brightly lights the way ahead.
  • Self-retracting Strap: It has a self-retracting strap that makes it easy to carry and load things.
  • Powerful Core : The Go2 comes with hardware upgrades and a smart battery. It has a standard 8000mAh battery, with an optional long-endurance 15000mAh battery. The battery is designed to provide protection against over-temp, overcharge, and short-circuit.
  • Foot Force Sensor: The robot has a foot force sensor that enables real-time foot perception.
  • 4D LiDAR L1 : Equipped with a 4D LiDAR L1, the Go2 can detect, capture, and draw the 3D real world for the user.
  • Speaker for Music Play : It also features a built-in speaker for music playback.
  • Intelligent Side-follow System 2.0: By adopting new wireless vector positioning and control technology, the Go2 offers improved positioning accuracy and remote control distance of over 30m. It also has an optimized obstacle avoidance strategy for traversing complex terrain.
  • Graphical Programming: The Go2 comes with an optimized graphical programming function that allows for easy program design through simple drag, drop, and connection. This makes it easier for programming beginners to start and innovate.
  • Hd Picture Quality Real-time and Stable: The Go2’s app enables HD image transmission and real-time remote monitoring. It has built-in 4G and eSIM for a more stable connection and remote control.
  • OTA Upgrades: With user authorization, the robot can connect to a cloud-based OTA service to upgrade its own programs for continuous improvement.

Product Usage Instructions

To use the Unitree Go2 effectively, please follow these instructions:

  1. Charge the robot : Before using the Go2, make sure to charge the battery fully. Connect the charger to the robot’s charging port and plug it into a power source. Allow sufficient time for the battery to charge.
  2. Power on/off : To power on the Go2, press and hold the power button until the robot turns on. To power off, press and hold the power button again until the robot shuts down.
  3. Remote control or automatic tracking : Use the tracking module to control the Go2 remotely or set it to automatic tracking mode for autonomous movement.
  4. Intercom communication: Utilize the intercom microphone to communicate effectively with the robot in various scenarios.
  5. Front camera and lamp : Use the front camera for visual monitoring and the front lamp to illuminate the path ahead.
  6. Carrying and loading : Utilize the self-retracting strap to carry and load things easily onto the robot.
  7. Foot perception: The foot force sensor enables real-time foot perception. Make sure the robot’s feet are in contact with the ground for accurate readings.
  8. Graphical programming: Use the graphical programming function to design programs by dragging, dropping, and connecting different actions and commands.
  9. HD image transmission and remote control: Connect the Go2’s app to enable HD image transmission and real-time remote monitoring. Ensure a stable network connection for optimum performance.
  10. OTA upgrades: Authorize the robot to connect to a cloud-based OTA service for automatic program upgrades. This will help improve the robot’s performance and user experience.

Refer to the user manual for more detailed instructions and safety guidelines.

Standard Ultra-wide 4D LIDAR

Upgrades Recognition System by 200%
Go2 features with Unitree’s self-developed 4D LIDAR L1 with 360° x90° hemispherical ultra-wide recognition, super small blind spot and a minimum detection distance as low as 0.05m, which makes Go2 realize all-terrain recognizing.

  • 360°×90°
    Ultra-wide Scanning

  • 0.05m
    Blind Spot(Radar accuracy decreases at close range detection)

  • 20m
    @90% Reflectivity

  • 21600 points/s
    Effective Frequency

  • 43200 points/s
    Frequency of Sample

  • 100Klux
    Anti-highlight Protection

Laser Safety Class: Class 1(IEC60825-1:2014) Laser Safety

Your New Intelligent Friend

Unitree-Go2-Robot-Dog-Quadruped-Robotics-01 Unitree-Go2-Robot-Dog-Quadruped-Robotics-02

New Intelligence——Unitree Go2

Intelligent Side-follow System 2.0
By adopting the new wireless vector positioning and control technology, the positioning accuracy is technically upgraded by 50%, the remote control distance is over 30m[1], and combined with the optimised obstacle avoidance strategy, it can make the robot better traverse complex terrain.

  1. In open spaces with no shelterUnitree-Go2-Robot-Dog-Quadruped-Robotics-03

Motor performance enhanced by 30%
Go2 boasts a peak joint torque of 45N.m[2], a new internal trace connecting technique, and heat pipe coolers to de-crease temperature effectively. [2] The maximum torque in the table refers to the maximum torque of the largest joint motor; the actual maximum torque varies for the 12 joint motors.Unitree-Go2

Battery capacity and endurance upgraded by 150%
Go2 is equipped with a battery capacity increased to 8,000mAh, as a 15,000mAh ultra-long life battery is option-al, and a voltage increased to 28.8V to improve motor effi-ciency, power and stability.Unitree-Go2-Robot-Dog-

Various actions and poses
Go2 boasts a variety of poses such as jumping, stretching, shaking hands, cheering, pouncing, and sitting down.Unitree-Go2-Robot-Dog-Quadruped-

Intelligent Interaction

Have great fun with the APP

  • Intelligent Avoidance
    • Precise and Agile Equipped with 4D LiDAR L1, the robodog de-tects, captures and draws the 3D real world for user.
  • Graphical Programming
    • Simple Yet Smarter Optimise the graphical programming function, make it easy to complete the program design by simple drag, drop and connection. Make programming beginners easy to start and innovate. Unitree-Go2-Robot-Dog-Quadruped-Robotics-07
  • Hd Picture Quality Real-time and Stable [1]
    • A new App realizes HD image transmission and real-time remote monitor.Built-in 4G and eSIM enables more stable connection and remote control. [1]Transformation and quality varies considerably in different network environments.
  • OTA Upgrades
    • Keep Improving and Evolving to be Smarter With user authorization, the robot automatically connects to a cloud-based OTA service to up-grade its own programs to continuously im-prove the user experience.Unitree-Go2-Robot-Dog-Quadruped-Robotics-08



Mechanical & Electron Type AIR PRO EDU
Stand Height 70×31×40cm
Weight (With Battery) About 15kg
Material Aluminium alloy + High strength engineering plastic
Voltage 28V~33.6V
Peaking Capacity About 3000W
Performance Payload ≈7kg(MAX ~ 10kg) ≈8kg(MAX ~ 10kg) ≈8kg(MAX

~ 12kg)
Speed| 0~2.5m/s| 0~3.5m/s| 0~3.7m/s(MAX~5m/s)
Max Climb Drop Height| About 15cm| About 16cm
Max Climb Angle| 30°| 40°
Basic Computing Power| **| 8-core High-performance CPU
Joint| Peak Joint Torque [1]| **| About 45N.m
Range of Motion| Body:-48~48°             Thigh:-200°~90° Shank:-156°~-48°
Intra-joint Circuit (knee)| | | **
Joint Heat Pipe Cooler| **| |
Force Sensor| Super-wide-angle 3D LIDAR| | |

Wireless Vector Positioning Tracking Module| | | **
HD Wide-angle Camera| **| |
Foot-end Force Sensor| | | **
Feature List| Basic Action| **| |
Auto-scaling Strap| | | **
OTA Upgrades| **| |
RTT2.0 Image Transmission| | | **
Graphical Programme| **| |
Front Lamp| | | **
WiFi6 with Dual-band| **| |
Bluetooth 5.2/4.2/2.1| | | **
4G| **| |
Voice Function [2]| | | **
ISS 2.0| **| |
Intelligent Detection and Avoidance| | | **
Charging Pile Compatibility| **| |
Secondary Development [3]| | | **
Accessories| Handheld Controller| Optional| Standard
Docking Station| **| Optional Nvidia Jetson Orin
Smart Battery| Standard(8000mAh)| Long endurance(15000mAh)
Endurance| About 1-2h| About 2-4h
Charger| Standard(33.6V 3.5A)| Fast charge(33.6V 9A)

The above parameters may vary in different scenarios and configurations, please subject to actual situations. If any change in the appearance of the product, please refer to the actual product.

  1. The maximum torque in the table refers to the maximum torque of the largest joint motor; the actual maximum torque varies for the 12 joint motors.
  2. Voice functions include offline voice interaction, commands, intercom and music play.
  3. For more information, please read the secondary development manual.



  • Model :XT16
  • Size (Without Bracket): Φ100.0 / 103.0 mm*76mm
  • Voltage Range: 9-36V DC
  • Laser Wavelength: 905mm
  • Fov: Horizontal 360°, Vertical 30°(-15°~+15°)



  • Model: MID-360
  • Size (without bracket) : 65mm65mm60mm
  • Voltage range : 9-27V DC
  • Laser wavelength: 905mm
  • FOV: Horizontal 360°,Vertical-7°~52°Unitree-Go2-Robot-Dog-Quadruped-Robotics-11

Depth Camera

  • Model: bD435i
  • Size:   124mm29mm26mm
  • Min Depth Distance: 0.105m
  • Depth Image Resolution:
    • 1280*720 @ 30fps;
    • 848*480 @ 90 fps
  • Depth Field Of View : 86° * 57° (±3°)

Docking Station

  • Model: Orin Nano 8GB、Orin NX
  • Voltage range: 16GB 16-60V DC
  • Computing power: Nano supports up to 40 Tops
  • NX supports up to 100 Tops
  • Expansion interface:
    • USB3.0-Type A X1
    • USB3.0-Type C X2
    • Gigabit Ethernet port (standard RJ45) X2
    • 100Gb Ethernet (GH1.25-4PIN) X1
    • M8 Air Plug Interface X1

D1 Servo Mechanical Arm

  • Model: D1
  • Degree Of Freedom: 6
  • Playload: About 500g
  • Max Armspan: 550mm (without jaws)
  • Repeated Positioning Accuracy: About 0.2 cm
  • Power Requirement: 24V 2.5A (MAX 5A)
  • Interface: DC5.5-2.1
  • Motor Type: Servo
  • Power: 60W
  • Control Interface: Control communication interface RJ45 (ETH)

Remote Controller (screen+cameras)

  • Number of cameras : 2
  • Camera Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Wireless frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Searchlight Power: 30W
  • Horn power: 30W
  • Alarm light :Red and blue sharp-flash
  • Remote control with screen : MK15Unitree-Go2-Robot-Dog-Quadruped-Robotics-15


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