Unitree Aliengo Pro Quadruped Robot User Manual

October 29, 2023

Unitree Aliengo Pro Quadruped Robot

Aliengo Basic introduction to robot operation (please follow the introduction in detail)

Unitree Aliengo Pro Quadruped Robot 1

How to power on the robot

Unitree Aliengo Pro Quadruped Robot 2When robot power on, it will enter the normal mode directly.

How to switch to sport mode 3.0 (the latest mode)
Put the robot dog in sport mode3.0

Unitree Aliengo Pro Quadruped Robot 3

  • the light of the right side of the robot must be turned on
  • wait around 15 seconds after turned on the robot
  • Press L1+start
  • If everything are OK, the robot dog will first crawl on the ground and then stand normally.(but all the joints are locked)
  • START Enter the walking mode, push the joystick to start walking
  • The switching between the two methods is completed by L2+START, and the robot needs to be standing when switching.
  • Movement mode 3.0 is divided into two sports, one is fast walking and the other is slow stairs.

The fast walking mode will automatically stop when the robot speed decreases, without START switching. Both walking methods can start walking by pushing the joystick.

The robot dog in sport mode3.0 has good balance ability and exercise ability, and has the ability to go up and down steps below 16-18cm. When walking on stairs, pay attention to controlling the speed during the first and last steps.

When walking fast, you can walk on uneven roads such as slopes, and pay attention to speed control.
sport mode 3.0: haven’t support Combined action at present.

Important notes:

  1. for any emergency situation or any unexpected action with robot, please make sure press L2+B immediately.
  2. After falling down in sports mode 3.0, you need to switch to 1.0 mode before allowing the robot to stand normally, and then switch back to the desired mode

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