OTC MST6914 Fuel Filter Wrench User Manual

June 9, 2024

Form No. 550920
Operating Instructions for:

Davco Fuel Filter Wrench

Applications : No. 6914 fits Davco Filter Model Nos. 232, 233, and 234
No. 6915 fits Davco Filter Model Nos. 382 and 384OTC MST6914 Fuel Filter
Wrench -

  1. Use No. 6914 or 6915 Davco Fuel Filter Wrench to loosen and remove the vent cap.

  2. Open the drain valve to drain fuel from the filter assembly. Close the drain valve.

  3. Use No. 6914 or 6915 Davco Fuel Filter Wrench to loosen and remove the collar.

  4. Remove the cover.

  5. Remove the filter and grommet assembly, as well as the o-ring on the cover, and the o-ring on the vent cap. Dispose of these items according to the laws in your jurisdiction.

  6. Install the new filter and grommet assembly. Install the new o-rings on the cover and vent cap.

  7. Install the cover and hand tighten the collar.
    CAUTION: Using the wrench to tighten the collar may cause damage to the cover.

  8. Fill the filter assembly with clean fuel through the vent in the top of the cover.

  9. Install and hand tighten the vent cap.

  10. Start the engine and allow it to idle until stabilized and at operating temperature.

  11. While the engine is idling, slowly open the vent cap ½ to 1 turn. The fuel level in the filter assembly will begin to drop.
    When the fuel level reaches to about one inch above the collar, hand tighten the vent cap.

CAUTION: To prevent personal injury, wear eye protection that meets ANSI Z87.1 and OSHA standards.

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