EVVR Center Lite Smart Home Controller User Manual

October 29, 2023

Center Lite Smart Home Controller
User Manual


Thank you for purchasing Evvr Center Lite, the smart home controller. In order to use your controller safely and effectively, please read this User Manual thoroughly before  use and follow the instructions provided. Please keep this User Manual for future reference.
Evvr reserves the rights to change the product information and specifications without notice. Products and specifications discussed herein are for reference purposes only. All information discussed herein may change without notice and without warranties of any kind. This document and all information discussed herein remain the sole and  exclusive property of Evvr.
EVVR is a registered trademark of Evvr.
Copyright © 2022 Evvr.

Safety Instructions

Warning: These safety instructions provide important safety information and should be observed at all times. Please read them before using the product.

General Safety

  • This product is designed to be used in dry indoor places. It is not waterproof, please keep it away from rain or water.

  • Adapter shall be installed near the device and shall be easily accessible.

  • Do not use the device if it is damaged or it shows any kind of visible damage.

  • Do not handle the device and its components with wet hands.

  • Do not dismantle the device.

  • The AC adapter may become hot during normal operation of your Contorlloer.
    Use care when handling the adapter during or immediately after the operation.

  • Always use genuine parts and accessories provided. Using parts and accessories other than the provided one may cause short circuits or overheating, and result in electric shock or fire.


  • Always place the device on an even and stablesurface.
  • Keep the device away from direct sunlight or moisture.
  • Keep the device away from heat sources, such as stovetops or ovens.
  • Do not subject the device to extreme temperatures.
  • Do not subject the device to a strong impact or vibration.
  • Keep the device away from potentially dangerous locations, such as flammable, explosive, chemical-laden or wet atmospheres where petrol orflammable liquids are used for storage.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is recommended that you clean the hub by wiping it gently using a soft and dry cloth. Do not use water, chemical substances or detergents. These may cause discoloration  or corrosion to the product’s exterior and may cause a fire or electric shock.
Do not attempt to repair the hub or its accessories by yourself, as damage or personal injury may occur. Damage caused by unauthorized repair is not under the warranty.  Please contact our Authorized Service Center for any possible problems concerned with the product.
Warning: No user-serviceable parts inside. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
Evvr disclaims all liability for any accidents or damage caused by using the product in the ways that are not described in this User Manual  or using non- genuine parts or accessories.

About Evvr Center Lite

Evvr Center Lite is a smart home controller that can manage various smart devices from different brands. It supports ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth devices and other  connected devices for which there are corresponding and adaptive plugins installed.

Package Contents

Note: The images shown in this User Manual are for reference only and may slightly differ from the actual product. The plug is varied according to the destination country/area.


  • Easy to Use
    Evvr Center Lite works out of the box, free of wiring or installation.

  • Internet Independent
    Evvr Center Lite processes and stores data locally with end to end encryption, protecting your data and privacy. It can work even without internet.

  • Voice Ready
    Evvr Center Lite has a built-in voice control hardware that frees your hands from manual controls. You can control your home simply by asking nicely, Evvr assistant is not released as the date of this document, and it will be released in a future update.

  • All in One App
    You can manage your smart home devices from anywhere in the world within one app.

  • Big Screen Display
    You can monitor the status of your smart devices on TV or display when the hub and TV/display are connected with an HDMI cable.

  • Backup Battery
    In case of a power outage, Evvr Center Lite can continue working with the built-in rechargeable battery.


Model| US Version: ECL-NAZWZBBTG1 EU Version: ECL-EUZWZBBTG1 Oceania Version: ECL-OAZWZBBTG1
Processor| 1.2GHz Quad-Core CortexTm-A7
Communication| ZigBee 3.0; Z-Wave Plus; IEEE 802.11b/g/n; BLE 4.0
Storage| 8GB eMMC
Memory| 1GB DDR3 1333MHz
Built-in Speaker| 1.0W/70hm
Built-in Battery| 2500mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Adapter| Input: AC 100-240V; 50/60Hz; 0.6A
| Output: 5V/2.5A
Network Connection| 2.4G Wi-Fi/Ethernet
Operating Temperature| 32 °F to 95 °F /0°C to 35°C
Storage Temperature| -4°F to 113°F /-20°C to 45°C
Net Weight| 0.72Ib /328g
Gross Weight
| 1.70Ib /770g
Dimension| 6.3″x 6.3″x 1.1″ (160 x 160 x 27 mm)
*: Average weight: there may be slight weight deviation for each device.

Parts and Functions

Back View

Parts Functions
Reset Button Restore to factory settings. See 7. Basic Operations.
Power Port The supplied power adapter converts AC power to DC power for use

with this port.
HDMI Port| Support an HDMI cable for connection to TV or display.
Ethernet Port| Support a standard Ethernet Cable for connection to a local network.
USB Port| Support USB-enabled accessories
LED| Indicate the real-time status of the device.

Top View

The LED indicates the real-time status of the hub and connected devices:

Solid white The device is starting up.
Solid green 1.The device is powered on.

2.The device works normally.
Flashing green| The device is discovering smart devices.
Solid yellow| Internet disconnected.
Fast flashing red| A smart device has reached an emergency level.
Breathing orange| The device is powered by a battery.
Flashing blue| The built-in voice assistant is activated.
Blink blue 5 times| The device is responding to the identification request.

Before Use

Assemble the Power Adapter
Before use, you need to connect the AC adapter with the plug to assemble a ready to use the power adapter.
Properly align the key in the plug and the slot in the AC adapter, and finger- tighten the plug and AC adapter to hold the adapter firmly in place.

Attach Extrenal Power Supply

  • Plug in the adapter to an outlet and attach the power connector to the back of the device.

Warning: Only use the adapter and its accessory provided.

Connect to TV/Display (Optional)
You can see the real-time status of the device and connected devices on a TV or display when the hub and TV/display are connected with an HDMI cable.
» Attach the HDMI cable to the device and plug in the other side of the cable to the TV/display.
Note: The HDMI cable is not provided.
Note: The feature will be released in a future update.

Getting Started

Download Evvr App
Search “ Evvr ” in Apple App Store or Google Play and download the latest version of the Evvr App.
Note: The Evvr App supports iOS 12+ or Android OS 8.0+

Create Account /Login (Optional)
You can create an account as instructed. If you already have an account, please login directly.

Connect to the internet
Evvr Center Lite can connect to the internet via a 2.4G Wi-Fi or an active
Ethernet Cable.
Note: Evvr Center Lite can work without internet only if there is a local area network. However, the internet is necessary for using the app to control your devices remotely.
a) Wi-Fi Connection
» Follow the instructions in Evvr App to complete the connection.
b) Ethernet Cable Network Connection
» Insert an active Ethernet Cable into the Ethernet port of the hub.
Pair Evvr Center Lite
Follow the instructions on the app to pair Evvr Center Lite.
Note: The first person who pairs the hub will be assigned as the owner of the hub. The others who want to pair the hub must be invited by the device owner, and the device  owner can assign differentroles to newusers. However, in the case of local use, all users are owners.

Basic Operations

Boot the Device
The hub is about to work when it is plugged into the outlet.
Shut Down the Device
The hub stops working when the DC end of the adapter is unplugged from the device.

If the DC end is plugged, while only the AC end of the adapter unplugged from the outlet. The built-in battery will power the hub automatically and enable the hub to continue working. In case of power failure, you need to keep the DC end of the adapter being plugged in the device.

Restore to Factory Settings
Unplug the DC end of the adapter from the device, and then re-plug the adapter into the hub while keep pressing the Reset Button until the LED glows white.
Note: All user data will be cleared if the hub is restored to factory settings.

Legal Compliance

Disposal Instructions
**** This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product must not be disposed of with your other household waste.
Instead, it is your responsibility to dispose of your waste equipment by handing it over to a designated collection point for the recycling of waste electrical and electronic  equipment.
The separate collection and recycling of your waste equipment at the time of disposal will help conserve natural resources and ensure that it is recycled in a manner that  protects human health and the environment. For more information about where you can drop off your waste equipment for recycling, please contact your local city office,  your household waste disposal service, or the shop where you purchased the product.

CE Compliance Statement
**** This product had been subject to testing requirements for the CE mark.

FCC Statement
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and
(2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
Warning: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to  provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not  installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off  and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

  • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
  • Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
  • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
  • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

The equipment complies with FCC Radiation exposure limit set forth for uncontrolled environment. This equipment should be installed and operated with minimum distance 20cm between the radiator and your body.

Warranty and Service

Limited Warranty
For warranty information, please visit https://www.evvr.io/warranty

If you have any question, please contact us through www.evvr.io. If it becomes necessary to return the device for repair, contact your local distributor for more information.

Make Every Moment Meaningful.
For more information, please visit www.evvr.io


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