AstroAI JY6P160-12 Electric Pumps Portable Air Compressor Pump User Manual

June 4, 2024

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User Manual AstroAI JY6P160 12 Electric Pumps Portable Air Compressor
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Model: JY6P160 -12
– V1.2 –

Thank you for purchasing Portable Air Compressor Pump from Astro. This product is a programmable Air Compressor Pump with an LCD screen that is designed to monitor air pressure while inflating. The smart design supports the storage of hoses and parts within the product itself. Once the pre-set air pressure is reached, the Air Compressor will automatically shut off. For optimal performance and safety, please read and follow all of the instructions below before operating. Please keep this manual for future reference. We hope you enjoy your new Air Compressor!
Thank you again for choosing AstroAl, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your product, please contact us via [email protected].


  • Please read the instructions carefully before use. Incorrect usage may damage the product.
  • Check the preset pressure value before use. The preset pressure value should match the object to be inflated.
  • PSI, KPA, and BAR, are pressure units instead of pressure levels.
  • Please do not use this product in the rain or where there are any liquids.
  • Keep out of reach of children, if there are children nearby please make sure they are properly supervised.
  • Keep the device away from fire, corrosive gases, liquids, and strong magnetic fields.
  • Do not aim the nozzle at people or any part of the human body.
  • Contains small accessories which are a choking hazard for children.
  • Risk of electric shock, do not use air compressor if it is damaged or if wires are exposed.
  • Do not use it on a 24V car power. Connect the pump to a 12V DC, 15A cigarette lighter; Use an AC to DC power converter if you want to use AC power.
  • Avoid extended and continuous use. The optimum time for continuous use is 20 minutes.
  • After extended use, let the pump rest for 10 minutes before using it again.
  • Do not store the air compressor in high temperatures or in a humid environment.
  • When not in use, disconnect the air compressor from all power sources.
  • The air nozzle is compatible with all Schrader valves. For use with cars, small trucks and SUVs, motorcycles, and bicycles. The pump is not intended for use with high-pressure or large-volume applications.
  • Do not over-inflate tires. Excessive pressure might cause injury.
  • Move the product by the handle. Do not drag the product by pulling the power cord or the air hose.
  • During use, do not touch any parts of the air compressor apart from the switch and handle. The air pump gets hot during use and stays hot for some time after.
  • Do not use chemical reagents to clean the air compressor. Only use mild soap and a cloth dipped in hot water to clean the plastic parts.


AstroAI JY6P160 12 Electric Pumps Portable Air Compressor Pump -

  1. Air Pressure Gauge
  2. Carrying Handle
  3. LED Light
  4. Inflation Tube
  5. Multi-function button
  6. Power Cord
  7. 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug
  8. Quick Connector

| a\b 2x Air Nozzle Cones
c Needle Valve Adapter
d Replacement Fuse
e Valve Extender

  • Ensure that your car engine is running before you use it.
  • Plug the inflator pump into your car’s 12V outlet securely, to ensure a strong connection.
  • ( 3 options: PSI, BAR, KPA ) Press the Unit button to switch units.AstroAI JY6P160 12 Electric Pumps Portable Air Compressor Pump - fig6
  • Use the ‘ + ‘and ‘ – ‘ buttons to set the chosen pressure. Use the tire pressure guide on the inside of the driver’s door for guidance. Make sure that the preset pressure is higher than the current pressure of your tire.
  • Remove the valve cap from the valve stem of your tire, then attach the air nozzle to the valve stem. If you need to illuminate the surroundings of the tires, press the switch to the left side.
  • Switch the power button to ‘II’, to turn on the LED light.
  • Switch the power button to ‘I’, start the air compressor, and turn on the light.
  • After inflation is complete, please press the switch to ‘ 0 ‘.


  • Removal: Unscrew the top of the cigarette lighter, take out the fuse, and spring.AstroAI JY6P160 12 Electric Pumps Portable Air Compressor Pump - fig
  • Installation: Put the spring into the cigarette lighter first, then put it into the replacement fuse and screw the top tightly.AstroAI JY6P160 12 Electric Pumps Portable Air Compressor Pump



  • Ensure the in-line fuse is securely inserted correctly; replace the fuse if necessary.
  • Check vehicle cigarette lighter fuse, it should be rated at 15A or higher.
  • Ensure there is a strong connection between the power cord and the 12V socket.
  • Preset tire pressure is lower than current tire pressure, increase the preset tire pressure to the manufacturer’s recommended level.


  • The inflation nozzle is not connected properly to the tire’s valve stem.
  • The 12V socket is not connected securely.
  • Preset tire pressure is lower than current tire pressure, increase the preset tire pressure to the manufacturer’s recommended level.


  • Ensure there is a firm connection between the air nozzle and the tire valve.


  • The inflation nozzle is not connected properly to the tire’s valve stem.
  • Excessive use will slow the inflation rate of the pump. Let cool for 10 minutes.


  • Automatic Shut off: The air compressor automatically shuts off when the pre-set pressure value is reached.
  • LCD Digital Display: Provides accurate measurements. It is easy to operate, read and understand.
  • Longer Power Cord: The 10ft ( 3m ) cable enables it to reach any part of the car easily.
  • Portable Design: Easy to carry and store in a car.
  • Automatically record the reading before power off. The power cut memory function will automatically record your last set.


Working Voltage DC 12 V
Power 60 W
Inflating Speed 22 Liter/min
Maximum Working Pressure 160 PSI
Display Units KPA, PSI, BAR
Continuous Operating Time 20 minutes
Power Cable Length 10 ft ( 3 m )
Dimensions 7 x 7.9 x 4 in


  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Inflation Needle
  • 1 x Valve Extender
  • 1 x Replacement Fuse
  • 2 x Cone Inflation Adapters
  • 1 x AstroAl 12 Volt Air Compressor


Each AstroAl Portable Air Compressor will be free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage from neglect, misuse, contamination, alteration, accident, or abnormal conditions of operation or handling. This warranty covers the original purchaser only and is not transferable.
Questions or Concerns? We’re happy to help! [email protected]. Astro
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