Lenovo XT82 TWS bluetooth 5.1 Earphone Gaming Headset-Complete Features/Instruction Guide

June 4, 2024

LenovoLenovo XT82 TWS Bluetooth 5.1 Earphone Gaming Headset


  • Bluetooth version

  • Charge Box Battery

  • 300mAh

  • Earphone Battery

  • Music Time
     About 4 hours

  • Resistance

  • Frequency Response Range

  • Sensitivity

  • Driver Diameter

  • Distance

  • Microphone

  • Brand


One of the best and most well-known manufacturers of affordable headphones, Lenovo is back with a new model from the XT Series called the Lenovo XT82, which is intended for gamers. The Lenovo XT82 has a contemporary design with an LED Power Display, better specifications, and features, but most importantly, it is priced affordably.

What’s In the Box?

  • 1 Pair TWS Bluetooth Headsets

  • 1 Charging Case

  • 1 Charging Cable

  • 1 User Manual

Build and Design Quality

Charging Case

Overall, I think the Lenovo XT82 gaming headphones’ design is cool; it doesn’t look particularly gaming-related, it doesn’t have excessive lighting, and the case doesn’t have a lot of lighting like a pair normally would. I also think it’s a really nice touch that the glassy LED Power Display is intended to give you that gamer looks without being obnoxious.

A built-in magnet surrounds the aperture in the center of the front of the case, making it simple to open and close with with one hand. When the compartment is opened, a charging spot for the earphones is located there. Additionally, there are LED indicators for battery health below a slit. The box’s blue light turns on when it is charging and turns off when it is fully charged. The LED turns red when the headphones are charging inside.

Touch Control Panel

A high-precision touch control panel that can accomplish precise control with good responsive touch sensitivity is located on top of the earphone to manage the Lenovo XT82. With touch control, you can start the Voice Assistant, place calls, switch between songs, and even adjust the volume.

Lenovo XT82 Waterproof

You can use the Lenovo XT82 earbuds effectively in any sports environment thanks to its Life WaterProof protection from rain, perspiration, and dust. To prevent any damage and for it to last a long time, it shouldn’t be entirely submerged in water.

Connecting A Lenovo XT82

The Lenovo XT82 has excellent compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. It uses Bluetooth 5.1 technology for reliable and powerful transmission, a smoother connection, and high sound quality. You can listen to music for up to 10 meters, even through thin walls. Any wireless earbuds can be paired by simply taking them out of the charging case and opening it; the earphones will then switch on and enter the pairing mode on their own. Open the Bluetooth interface of the smartphone after that; it will automatically recognize the device name “Lenovo-XT82”; click it to finish the pairing. Once the device is manually paired, if Bluetooth is available, it is automatic and quick after that. Just take it out of the box and start using it.

XT82 by Lenovo  Audio Quality

The music from the Lenovo XT82 Earbuds offers a fantastic stereo impression since it comprises distinct tones and is dominated by a focus on low frequencies. Thanks to the 13mm Dynamic Driver units, they are perfect for modern styles and dance music as well as genres where beats and drums are crucial. Dynamic sound produces a smooth, natural sound of pop, rock, and other strong rhythms. The armature driver thrives in mellow genres like acoustic and classical music and offers powerful, more accurate bass to provide greater detail.

Noise Cancelling Technology

The Lenovo XT82’s noise-canceling technology, which is in charge of the microphones on each speaker, is one of its advantages. The noise reduction hole at the top of the device is in charge of catching outside noise and using an internal digital signal processing algorithm to minimize it so that calls can be made with clear audio. In this case, the sound is pleasing because it isn’t hissing or overly muffled, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any noise at all. The XT82 performs adequately overall for earphones of this size and price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my Lenovo Bluetooth headphones need to be reset?

Remove the earphones from the charging case, tap any of them seven times to activate Bluetooth pairing mode, then tap them four times to remove them from the pairing list and reset them to their factory defaults.

Do the earbuds from Lenovo include an app?

Install the “Lenovo Smart Wearable” app on your phone to pair, manage, and check for earbud software updates in addition to other functions. 18. From where can I get the Lenovo Smart Wearable app  Download the Lenovo Smart Wearable app from the APP Store and Google Play.

How are TWS earbuds reset?

Take out the earphones from the case, then turn them off by pressing the buttons for a short period of time. Hold down the buttons on both earbuds for around 5 seconds starting with the earbuds in the OFF position. Approximately 5 seconds after turning white, the LEDs will switch off. Your earbuds will reset as a result.

How can I see how much juice is left in my Lenovo earbuds?

Either set your headphones on the wireless charging pad or use a USB-C connection cable to charge them. There is no accompanying accessory for the wireless charging board. The charging case’s built-in LED lets you know how the battery is doing. There are four sizes of earbud tips: L, M, S, and SS.

How do you check the battery level of your wireless earbuds?

When your earbuds are plugged in and charging, the charging case will blink red. The light will cease flickering and remain a solid red color when it is completely charged.

How can I charge my wireless earbuds from Lenovo?

You must first remove the charging box’s cover, insert the Lenovo HT28 TWS headset, and turn on the charging box. The LED indicator on the headset turns red when charging begins and turns off when it is fully charged.

How long does it take for Lenovo earbuds to charge?

2 hours of charging battery life of 12 hours USB Type-C, sensor port for charging, and 300 mAh case battery Bass increase, stereo surround HiFi sound quality, IPX4 waterproof, sweat-proof.

Why does one TWS earbud function but not the other?

Your wireless earphones might only work on one side since the initial setup of the earbuds may not have gone smoothly. Other causes include a glitch (which necessitates a manual reset), the necessity for Bluetooth reconnecting to your other device, and genuine hardware damage.

How do I restore the factory settings on my earbuds?

The standard process for resetting earbuds like these is to 1) put the earbuds in the charging case while leaving the lid open, and 2) press and hold the charging case’s button for 10+ seconds. At that point, the charging case’s indicator light should change to show that the reset was successful.

How can the volume be changed on my TWS 5.0 earbuds?

 Direct volume control is offered with the Creative Outlier Air TWS earphones, and it is easy to use. By holding down the left earpiece’s button, you can lower the volume. Pressing and holding the right earbud will increase the volume.

The TWS button is what?

You may enjoy full stereo sound quality without the necessity of cables or wires thanks to a special Bluetooth function known as True Wireless Stereo (TWS). This is how TWS operates: You connect your favorite Bluetooth music source to a primary Bluetooth speaker.

With no case, how can I charge my TWS?

You must connect a Micro USB cable to your device and either a computer or a USB adapter in order to charge earbuds with a micro USB. After that, you must wait while your earbuds fully charge.

Can be used while showering, in a standard shower?

I do not know if they are waterproof but at this price I do not think and will not try.

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