marta MT-SC1690 Electronic Floor Scales User Manual

June 9, 2024

marta MT-SC1690 Electronic Floor Scales User Manual

marta MT-SC1690 Electronic Floor Scales User Manual


Read this manual carefully before using the appliance and save it for future reference

  • Use only for domestic purposes according to the instruction manual. It is not intended for industrial use
  • For indoor use only
  • Never attempt to dissemble and repair the item by yourself. If you encounter problems, please contact the nearest customer service center
  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety
  • During storage, make sure there are no objects on the scales
  • Do not lubricate the internal mechanisms of the scales
  • Keep the scales in a dry place
  • Do not overload the scales
  • Carefully put products on the scales, don’t hit the surface
  • Protect the scales against direct sunlight, high temperatures, humidity and dust


  • Please unpack your appliance. Remove all packing materials
  • Wipe the surface with a damp cloth and detergent



  • Use two batteries of 1,5 V AAA type (included)
  • Set measurement unit kg, lb or st.
  • Place the scales on a flat, stable surface (avoid carpet and soft surface)


  • To turn on the scales carefully step on it, wait a few seconds until the display shows your weight.
  • During weighing stand still so weight is fixed correctly


  • Scales automatically switches off after 10 seconds downtime


  • «oL» – overload indicator. Max capacity is 180 kg. Do not overload the scales to avoid its breakage.
  • battery charge indicator.
  • «16°» – room temperature indicator


  • Always use the recommended battery type.
  • Before using the device, make sure that the battery compartment is tightly closed.
  • Insert new batteries, observing polarity.
  • Remove the battery from the scales, if they are not used for a long time.


  • Use a damp cloth for cleaning. Do not immerse in water
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents, organic solvents and corrosive liquids


marta MT-SC1690 Electronic Floor Scales User Manual -

Producer: Cosmos Far View International Limited Room 701, 16 apt, Lane 165, Rainbow North Street , Ningbo, China Made in China

WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER SUPPLIES (filters, ceramic and non-stick coating, rubber seals, etc.)
Production date is available in the serial number located on the identification sticker on the gift box and/or on sticker on the device. The serial number consists of 13 characters, the 4th and 5th characters indicate the month, the 6th and 7th indicate the year of device production. Producer may change the complete set, appearance, country of manufacture, warranty and technical characteristics of the model without notice. Please check when purchasing device.


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