MaxxGarden 21682 Pizza Oven User Manual

June 12, 2024


MaxxGarden 21682 Pizza Oven


Product Information

  • Product Name: Pizza Oven 160 cm
  • Model Number: 21682

Product Usage Instructions

  1. Safety Precautions:
    • Do not use the barbecue in a confined and/or habitable space such as houses, tents, caravans, motor homes, boats, as it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and fatality.
    • Ensure proper ventilation when using the pizza oven
    • Keep children and pets away from the pizza oven during operation.
    • Use heat-resistant gloves and tools when handling hot surfaces.
  2. Assembly:
    • Refer to the user manual for detailed assembly instructions.
    • Identify the different components and parts mentioned in the manual.
    • Follow the step-by-step instructions provided to assemble the pizza oven.
  3. Placement:
    • Choose a suitable outdoor location for the pizza oven.
    • Ensure the area is flat, stable, and away from flammable materials
    • Place the pizza oven on a heat-resistant surface or a stand if provided.
  4. Operating the Pizza Oven:
    • Open the charcoal door and add charcoal to the designated area.
    • Light the charcoal using a suitable fire starter or lighter fluid as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Close the charcoal door and allow the charcoal to heat up for approximately 15-20 minutes.
    • Place the pizza on a pizza stone or tray and carefully slide it into the pizza oven using a pizza peel.
    • Monitor the cooking process and rotate the pizza if necessary for even cooking.
    • Use a pizza peel or tongs to remove the cooked pizza from the oven.
    • Allow the pizza oven to cool down completely before cleaning or storing.
  5. Cleaning and Maintenance:
    • Ensure the pizza oven has completely cooled down before cleaning.
    • Remove any leftover ashes or debris from the ash pan using a brush or scoop Wipe down the exterior surfaces of the pizza oven with a damp cloth or sponge.
    • Clean the pizza stone or tray according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Regularly inspect and clean the pizza oven to ensure proper functioning. For any further questions, complaints, or assistance with parts and manuals, please contact our MaxxTools support team via phone or email.


  • Packaging materials can be dangerous for children. There is a risk of suffocation. Do not leave packaging materials within reach of young children.

  • Do not use it in bad weather conditions such as high winds.

  • Do not wear loose clothing when using the grill or allow hair to come in contact with the grill.

  • The installation and dismantling must be done by an adult.

  • Keep a fire extinguisher near this product at all times.

  • Don’t place goods over 5 kgs. on each side shelf.

  • Do not use gasoline, kerosene, or alcohol to light charcoal. Using any of these products or similar products could cause a flare up, a flash fire or an explosion. Severe bodily injuries can be a potential result.

  • Do not add instant light charcoal briquettes to the existing fire. A flash fire may result that could cause bodily injuries.

  • Do not light and operate the grill without the slide out ash pan in place.

  • Keep10 feet of clearance between grill and any combustible materials when grill is in use (including, but not limited to bushes, shrubs, trees, leaves, grass, wooden decks or fences, buildings, etc.)

  • The barbecue shall be heated up and the fuel kept red hot for at least 30 min. prior to the first cooking.

  • Do not cook before the fuel has a coating of ash.

  • Do not leave grill or coals hot and ashes unattended.

  • Do not try to move the grill while it is in use.

  • Allow the unit to cool completely before conducting any routine cleaning or maintaining.

  • Recommend the maximum coal capacity is 2.0 kgs.

  • WARNING! This barbecue will become very hot, do not move it during operation.

  • Do not use indoors!

  • WARNING! Do not use spirit or petrol for lighting or re-lighting!
    Use only firelighters complying to EN 1860-3!

  • WARNING! Keep children and pets away.

  • Do not use nicked flame in the grill bowl, use charcoal fire instead.


Do not use the barbecue in a confined and/or habitable space e.g. houses, tents, caravans, motor homes, boats. Danger of carbon monoxide poisoning fatality.

| Description|  | Qty| | Description|  | Qty

Chimney lid

| ****

| ****


| 10|  Front right leg| ****

| ****


2| /Chimney Chimenea| |


| 11| Bottom rack Rejilla inferior| MaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-
Oven-12| ****


3| Crop Body| |


| 12| Cooking door| MaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-
Oven-13| ****


4| Handle washer| |


| 13| Charcoal door| MaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-
Oven-14| ****


5| Cooking grid

| ****


| 14| A/Plaque de fixation| MaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-
Oven-15| ****


6| Griff Handle| |


| 15| B/Plaque de fixation| MaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-
Oven-16| ****


7| Charcoal grid

| ****

| ****


| 16| Back left leg| ****


| ****


8|  Ash pan| |


| 17|  Front left leg| MaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-
Oven-18| ****


9| Back right leg| |


| 18| Rad/Wheel| |


A| M6*15


| **| 33| C*| M612
Screw| **| 4
B| M8 Lock nut| **| 2| D| M8 Nut| **| 4**

  1. A M6x15 = 4xMaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-Oven-24

  2. A M6x15= 16xMaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-Oven-25

  3. B M8 = 2xMaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-Oven-26

  4. A M6*15 = 3xMaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-Oven-27

  5. A M6*15 = 4xMaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-Oven-28

  6. A M6*15 = 2xMaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-Oven-29

  7. C M6*12 = 2x D M6 = 2xMaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-Oven-30

  8. C M6*12 = 2x
    D M6 = 2xMaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-Oven-31

  9. A M6*15 = 4xMaxxGarden-21682-Pizza-Oven-32


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