Laserliner CrossGrip Snap DERR Laser and Measurement Instruction Manual

October 28, 2023

Laserliner CrossGrip Snap DERR Laser and Measurement

Completely read through the operating instructions, the „Warranty and Additional Information“ booklet as well as the latest information under the internet link at the end of these instructions. Follow the instructions they contain. This document must be kept in a safe place and passed on together with the device.


Magnetic clamping and wall bracket for versatile use

  • For all devices in the Duraplane series
  • With the magnetic clamp and wall bracket the device can be used as a standalone unit, in a combination as well as in horizontal and vertical positions.
  • Ideal for mounting horizontally and vertically on drywall construction profiles.
  1. Eyelet for mounting on the wall
  2. Powerful magnets (back side)
  3. Snap connection for Duraplane
  4. Clamping bracket adjustment screw
  5. Clamp

Risk of pinching! Do not reach into the clamping bracket!

Connecting and separating the device and CrossGrip Snap

Laserliner -CrossGrip-Snap-DERR-Laser-and-Measurement-fig-

Mounting on a wall

The lugs (1) facilitate direct mounting on walls.

Mounting on magnetic objects

The powerful magnets (2) at the rear allow the bracket to be fixed to magnetic objects.

Mounting on drywall construction profiles

Laserliner -CrossGrip-Snap-DERR-Laser-and-Measurement-fig-

With the clamping bracket (5), the wall bracket can be mounted horizontally or vertically on drywall construction profiles. The opening width of the clamping bracket can be adjusted with the adjustment screw (4).

Danger – powerful magnetic fields
Powerful magnetic fields can adversely affect persons with active medical implants (e.g. pacemakers) as well as electromechanical devices (e.g. magnetic cards, mechanical clocks, precision mechanics, hard disks).

With regard to the effect of powerful magnetic fields on persons, the applicable national stipulations and regulations must be complied with such as BGV B11 §14 „electromagnetic fields“ (occupational health and safety – electromagnetic fields) in the Federal Republic of Germany. To avoid interference/disruption, always keep the implant or device at a safe distance of at least 30 cm away from the magnet.

Information on maintenance and care

Clean all components with a damp cloth and do not use cleaning agents, scouring agents, or solvents. Store the device in a clean and dry place.

Technical data

Technical data (Subject to technical alterations. 22W02)

Weight| 392 g
Dimensions (W x H x D)| 119 x 183 x 70 mm

EU directives and disposal
This device complies with all necessary standards for the free movement of goods within the EU.

Further safety and supplementary notices are at: -CrossGrip-Snap-
DERR-Laser-and-Measurement-fig- \(6\)


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