OMNIAIRE 2000V Series HEPA Air Filtration Machine User Manual

June 9, 2024


OMNIAIRE 2000V Series HEPA Air Filtration Machine

OMNIAIRE 2000V Series HEPA Air Filtration Machine

Do not use with combustible or explosive material. Do not expose to water or rain. Connect only to grounded outlet with GFCI device. Disconnect power for cleaning and servicing. This equipment to be operated only by trained personnel.

Safety Warning Instructions


  • This equipment to be operated only by trained personnel.
  • Do not use with combustible or explosive material.
  • Do not expose to water or rain.
  • Connect only to grounded outlet with GFCI device.
  • Disconnect power for cleaning and servicing.
  • Do not operate if cord or plug is damaged. Contact a authorized service facility for examination and/or repair. Do not run cord under carpeting.
  • Do not cover cord with throw rugs, runners, or similar coverings. Arrange cord away from traffic areas and where it is not a tripping hazard.

The OmniAire 2000 is a compact and versatile, variable speed HEPA air filtration machine/air scrubber that delivers the performance of full size negative air machines. It is used for removal of toxic mold, asbestos and lead dust during renovation and abatement projects, and for purifying air in commercial, factory sites and medical facilities. Designed and built with multiple filter options including HEPA, 8-Pocket Bag filter for construction dust, and activated carbon filters to meet your job requirements. Additional accessories include intake manifold, flex ducting and quick clamps.

Application Examples

OMNIAIRE 2000V Series HEPA Air Filtration Machine 1

To create NEGATIVE PRESSURE inside the containment, more air has to be exhausted out than leaks into the containment. Place the machine inside the containment and hook a flexible duct to the outlet ring of the machine exhausting to outside the containment.
(See Above) All of the air being exhausted has been treated by the HEPA filter so no contaminants are being exhausted from the containment.

OMNIAIRE 2000V Series HEPA Air Filtration Machine 2

To create POSITIVE PRESSURE inside the containment, more air has to be pumped in than leaks out of the containment. Place the machine outside the containment and hook a flexible duct to the outlet ring of the machine ducting the exhaust into the containment. (See Above)

OmniAire 2000 Specifications

Airflow: 900CFM Low, 1900 CFM (OA2000C)
400-1900 CFM Variable Range (OA2000V

Power Requirements: 115VAC/60 Hz/10.6 Amp or 230VAC/60Hz/6.0A
Motor 1.25 HP with thermal overload (115VAC) or 1.0 HP with thermal overload (230VAC)
Optional: MERV 15 bag filter; OdorGuard 600 activated carbon web filter; VaporTrap V-bank filter (27 lbs of active carbon); HEPA filter 99.99% @ 0.3μ
Filtration: HEPA filter 99.97% @ 0.3μ; MERV 9 primary/secondary filter
Recessed Controls: speed switch – HIGH/OFF/Speed Control (OA2000C); variable speed controller (OA2000V); amber change filter light; red power indicator light
Housing: aircraft grade aluminum; silicone sealed before riveting; 12” outlet; (4) rubber grip handles; (2) 5” hospital grade locking casters; (2) 5” rigid casters
Size/Weight with Filters: 20”W x 32”H x 34”L; 117 lbs.

Receiving Instructions

Visually inspect the unit for damage. Remove the primary/secondary filter and ensure that the HEPA filter has not been dislodged during shipping. The HEPA filter should be sitting on the filter guides and the filter tabs that hold the HEPA filter in place should be tight.

If the filter is not seated correctly then remove the filter tabs, reposition the filter, and reinstall the filter tabs before operation to ensure that there is no bypass around the filter. If the filter tabs are loose verify that the filter is in the correct position and retighten the filter tab nuts.

For Asbestos and mold abatement, the machine must be operated with a HEPA filter in place. Also, it is recommended to use the primary/secondary filer and replace it frequently to extend the life of the HEPA.

Speed Control
The OA2000C has two speed settings: Low and High. These will operate the machine at 900CFM and 1900 CFM respectively.
The OA2000V has a variable speed setting, which operates the machine between 400 and 1900 CFM. The unit can also be fixed at a high speed using the HIGH/VARIABLE speed selector switch.

Start the Machine
For the OA2000C, simply turn the switch to HIGH or LOW speed position.
For the OA2000V, to start the machine in high speed, set the rocker switch HIGH/VARIABLE speed to the HIGH position. In this position the SPEED CONTROL is disabled. To start the machine in VARIABLE SPEED, set the rocker switch to the VARIABLE SPEED position and rotate the SPEED CONTROL knob clockwise to obtain the desired airflow.

As the filters fill with dust, the efficiency of the filters is maintained, but the airflow will decrease, and the vacuum reading will increase. Change the primary/secondary filter frequently to protect the HEPA and to get more air flow. When amber indicator light comes on, the REPALCE FILTER indicating light will turn on and the HEPA filter will have to be replaced to increase the air flow. Accessories such as an optional intake manifold can be used on the suction side of the unit providing 12” connection for the flex duct. The discharge side of the unit has a 12” diameter ring for a flex duct.

The blower and motor do not require any maintenance when the machine is operated with the HEPA filter in place.

Pre-Filter Replacement
The primary/secondary filter should be changed when the orange side shows it is loaded with dust. Changing the filter can be done while the machine is running. Ensure that the orange side of the prefilter is facing the HEPA filter.

HEPA Filter Replacement

During your projects, your HEPA filter purifies the air and gradually becomes loaded with sub-micron particulates. Even when the HEPA filter is fully loaded, the filter is still removing particulates from the air at the rated efficiency yet at a reduced airflow. This will affect the ability of the machine to provide positive or negative pressure within the containment.
To replace the HEPA filter unplug the machine and remove the screen/manifold to remove the prefilter. You will see 4 filter tabs holding the HEPA filter in place (see photo). These tabs are secured with 1/4-20 Nylock nuts, which require a 7/16” wrench or socket.

Remove all 4 filter tab retaining nuts and remove the filter tabs and set aside. Slide the HEPA filter out along the filter guides and remove it from the machine. ALWAYS TREAT THE USED HEPA FILTER AS HAZMAT AND PROCESS IT ACCORDING TO YOUR ESTABLISHED HAZMAT PROCEDURES.

To replace the HEPA filter ensure that the gasket on the HEPA filter faces inwards toward the flange, slide the filter in place along the filter guides and re-install the filter tabs and filter tab securing nuts. The nuts should initially be tightened to where the stud is flush with the end of the nut. This will compress the gasket on the filter approximately 1/2 of the thickness. This allows for the filter to be reseated and tightened at a later time if necessary.

Bag Filter Replacement
For the projects that do not require a HEPA filter, the economical bag filter can be used to control the dust at construction sites. The bag filter housing can be installed in place of the HEPA filter. The Bag filter with a MERV 15 rating and multi pocket configuration has a large dust holding capacity and requires replacement when the airflow of the machine drops below your required minimum flow.

The bag filter housing can be installed in the place of the HEPA filter using the filter tabs and Nylock nuts. The bag filter is secured inside the housing with 4 P-clips. To remove the filter turn the P-clips 90 degrees and pull it out. Then install the new bag filter and secure it using the P-clips.

Vapor Trap Carbon Filter
Activated carbon filters are designed to remove odors and gaseous pollutants from air. These filters are an effective and quick solution to your VOCs and odor problems. The selection of the carbon filter depends on the type and amount of the gaseous pollutants. You will need to determine the requirements of your application. The Vapor Trap is a disposable V-Bank,
24”x18”x12” filter and contains 27lb of activated granular carbon. It can be installed in place of a HEPA filter. We recommend using our primary/secondary filter in front of the Vapor Trap to extend its odor absorption capacity.


Your Omnitec Design machine is designed and engineered to provide years of trouble free service. Occasionally problems occur. Here are some helpful tips and solutions

The machine does not start

  1. Check that the unit is plugged in and there is 115VAC available (or 230VAC for the 230VAC unit). Select either LOW or HIGH speed to turn the machine on. If the red indicator light comes on, power is coming to the unit from the outlet.
  2. Call Omnitec technical support to troubleshoot further.

The machine just hums when turned on

  1. Unplug the unit.
  2. Remove the HEPA filter and push the blower wheel by hand. If it does not move freely or if you hear a grinding/scrapping noise as you spin it, then the blower wheel is touching the side of the blower housing. This may be due to an impact of some kind and the motor mounts have been bent. Remove the motor/blower assembly and replaced the bent motor mounts.
  3. If the blower spins freely, check the capacitor. With the HEPA filter still removed from the machine, insure that the wiring connected to the capacitor is plugged in and not broken. Re-plug the unit into the power outlet keeping the switch in the OFF position. Then push the blower wheel and as it is spinning, turn the speed selector switch to HIGH. If the machine keeps running, the capacitor needs to be replaced.

The machine will run for a few minutes then turn off

  1. The machine must have a HEPA filter installed to operate properly. If you are trying to run it without a filter in place, the motor will overheat within a few minutes and the thermal overload will engage and shut it down. Let the motor cool off for 30 minutes, install the filter and try running the machine again.
  2. If the filter is in place and the machine still shuts off after a few minutes then the motor is faulty. Replace the motor.

The machine vibrates excessively when running

  1. This is an indication that the motor bearings are worn out. If the machine continues running, at this point the vibration will cause the center hub of the blower wheel to separate from the wheel requiring replacement of both the motor and blower. Replace the motor.
  2. If the machine does require electrical servicing of the motor or switches the following page contains a wiring diagram to aid in repair or troubleshooting.
Ordering Info Part #
OmniAire 2000C OA2000C
OmniAire 2000V OA2000V-708
OmniAire 2000V 230 V OA2000V230-701
Primary/Secondary Two-Stage Filters (box of 20) OFP2518
HEPA Filter 99.99%, 0.3μ (metal frame) OAH2418G
HEPA FILTER 99.97%, 0.3μ (pb frame) OAH2418
Bag Filter Housing (includes 1 Bag Filter) HBF2000
Bag Filter MERV 15 OBF9
Vapor Trap V-bank Filter OCVT18
OdorGuard 600 Carbon Filter OG2418D
Intake Manifold Kit (Manifold, Clamp & 3’ Duct) OAIM2000-12KIT
ABS Plastic Intake Manifold, 12” Dia. OAIM2000-12
Quick Clamp, 12”-16” Dia. QCW14
Flexible Duct, 12” Dia. x 25’ L OAD12
Flexible Duct, Wire & Fiber Reinforced OAD12R


This warranty policy covers Equipment (Machines and Accessories) sold by Omni CleanAir and applies to the OmniClean, OmniTec, and AgriAir portfolio of brands. Omni CleanAir warrants that our products are free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use during the warranty period.

All OmniClean machines including the OCA500, 1200 and 1500 series, excluding consumables come with a standard two (2) year warranty. All OmniTec and AgriAir machines, excluding consumables come with a standard one (1) year warranty. Warranty covers parts and labor only, excluding consumables. Consumables (HEPA filters, prefilters, carbon filters, and UV light bulbs) carry no warranty other than to be free of defects upon arrival. Non- Consumable accessories come with a standard ninety (90) day warranty.

The warranty extends to the following parties:

  • Customers (individuals or companies) to whom Omni CleanAir directly sells products covered by this policy.
  • Customers (both individuals and companies) who purchase Omni CleanAir products from an authorized distributor or reseller.

This limited warranty is not transferrable or assignable to any subsequent purchaser and is only applicable in the country where the product was originally purchased.
The following circumstances are not covered by this warranty policy:

  • Damage caused by an act of nature such as flood, fire, wind, earthquake or lightning.
  • Damage caused during shipping or an impact event with other objects.
  • Damage caused by improper care or negligence.
  • Damage caused by misuse, abuse, mishandling or misapplication.
  • Damage caused by alteration or adjustments by unauthorized personnel.

Under no circumstances shall Omni CleanAir or any supplier of Omni CleanAir be liable for any loss, damage or expense, including, but not limited to, loss or damage arising out of the failure of the products to operate for any period of time, inconvenience, the use of rental or replacement equipment, loss of profits or other economic loss, or general, direct, special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages or property damages.

Many states and localities have their own varied codes and regulations governing sales, construction, installation, and/or use of Equipment for certain purposes. While Omni CleanAir attempts to assure that its Equipment comply with such codes, it cannot guarantee compliance, and cannot be responsible for how Equipment is installed or used. Omni CleanAir recommends that, before purchasing and using Equipment, purchasers review the Equipment application, and federal, state and local regulations, to be sure that the Equipment, installation and use will comply with them.

Omni CleanAir offers extended warranty through the Gold Care Membership Program, for as long as membership status is maintained. For more information, please visit

To Submit a Warranty Claim or Receive Technical Support

Contact our Technical Support Department at 425-512-0379 or by email at Hours are Monday through Friday 7:30am – 4:00pm PST. Please have the product model name and serial number available, along with the purchase date and invoice number, if applicable. Our service technicians will work with you to diagnose your technical issue and recommend a suitable course of action to solve your problems swiftly and to your satisfaction.

If it is determined that your product is defective and under warranty, OmniClean will repair or replace, at our discretion, any faulty parts or equipment. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) will be issued for the defective product.

Customer to arrange and ship the product to Omni CleanAir at the customer’s expense and must use original packaging. For units that have failed within 30 days, Omni CleanAir will pay the cost of return shipping from the customer site. If Omni CleanAir determines that the Warranty Claim is valid, Omni CleanAir will be responsible for shipping the repaired product to the customer upon completion of any repairs or replacements.

In instances where equipment is damaged in transit either while being returned to Omni CleanAir or after repairs have been completed, Omni CleanAir and the customer will need to work together to resolve these situations with the freight carrier(s) involved.

  • If a shipment is made on the customer’s account with a third party freight carrier, the customer is responsible for filing any claim for reimbursement and will be responsible for any associated repairs or the replacement of the Equipment in question.
  • If a shipment is made on Omni CleanAir’s account with a third party freight carrier, and the Equipment arrives at the customer location clearly damaged, it is the responsibility of the Customer to reject the freight carrier’s delivery. If the customer accepts the shipment and determines after the fact that the Equipment was damaged during shipment, the customer is responsible to provide photos, an inspection report, and any other information to Omni CleanAir within 14 days, in order for Omni CleanAir to file a claim with the third party freight carrier. Once the claim has been filed, Omni CleanAir will work with the customer to address the damage incurred.


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