INIA D-1198 FOND IPL Hair Removal Device Instruction Manual

May 15, 2024

INIA D-1198 FOND IPL Hair Removal Device

Important Information

Please do not apply any skincare products before using this product.

Please follow the instructions provided in this manual for product installation and usage.

This product is intended for use in a home care environment, regardless of whether it is used by inexperienced operators or trained medical personnel.

Thank you for purchasing this product. To facilitate its use, please read and keep this instruction manual before use. The images in this manual are for illustration purposes only, and the actual product may vary.

Cautions, Warnings, and Tips

Dear user: Greetings! Thank you for choosing our product. To better understand this user manual and use the product, and to prevent personal injuries and property damage, please read and follow the instructions provided below carefully.

If the product is damaged, please stop using it immediately and avoid Ni\ touching any internal parts to prevent electric shock.

Do not insert any objects into this product, and please do not place it casually.
Please do not use non-original adapters with this product.
Do not use the product while bathing or showering.
Different parts of the product require different light intensity settings due to varying skin tones.
Please refrain from using this product on the following areas of the body or in the presence of the following conditions: face, head, ears, neck, nipples, genitals. major arteries, inner navel, areas with plastic surgery, larynx, eyeballs/eyelids/around the eyes, or around the anus.
(Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure whether you can use this product, it is strongly recommended that you consult with a doctor.) Regularly check and clean the emission port to prevent burns and malfunctions during use.
Do not place the emission port close to objects that are easily demagnetized. to avoid malfunction and damage.
Do not direct the emission port towards black objects to prevent malfunction of the machine.
Avoid using in the presence of children, as the hair remover emits a strong light that could harm the eyes.
Do not touch the light emission port after use. as it generates high temperatures and can cause burns.

Within 24 hours after irradiation, avoid exposing the irradiated parts to direct sunlight.
If the skin on the irradiation area is not dry and clean, it will affect the use effect of pulsed light, and it may also cause the product to not flash or flash unexpectedly.
Avoid using the product around the eyes to prevent eye injuries. While protective goggles can protect users during normal operation, they may not completely block the energy when operating at a close distance to the eyes, which can be absorbed by the iris melanin. Please wear protective goggles before use. Although the light does not directly affect the eyes, the high- frequency flashing light may impact your vision.
If your hair is longer than 7mm, it is recommended to use a shaver to remove the hair first. Long hair absorbing heat on the skin surface can cause redness and swelling, and burnt hair may splatter onto the light exit, producing odor, which can affect your user experience.
If the skin in the depilation area is not dry or clean, it may affect the effectiveness of the treatment and lead to improper or accidental light emission.
Do not use the product near water-filled bathtubs, showers, washbasins, or other containers.
Keep the device in a well-ventilated and dry environment, away from children.
Individuals with physical disabilities, mental disorders, or lack of relevant experience and knowledge must use, clean, and maintain the product under the supervision and guidance of a guardian.
After using the device to treat the armpits, do not immediately apply antiperspirant.
Regularly clean any foreign objects or dirt from the light exit to avoid product malfunctions and damage to the light exit.
Do not use the product when the ventilation ports are blocked to prevent product malfunctions and fire hazards.
Avoid shining the light on clothes, hair. and other objects to prevent scorching. discoloration, and damage.
Do not use the product on pets to avoid causing harm.
Before and after use, clean the device from any attached hair and skincare products to avoid product malfunctions and skin damage during subsequent use.
Keep the product and power adapter dry.
Set the energy intensity according to your skin condition. For first-time use, always start with the lowest setting.
If your skin feels slightly warm or reddened after use, it is a normal reaction. You can use the cooling function to alleviate any discomfort.
When performing back hair removal, it is recommended to seek assistance from someone else. Operating alone may pose risks.
The device should not be left unattended after turning it on. Please remember to turn it off after use.
Clean the skin to ensure there are no residual hair, completely dry, and free from oily substances.
When there is a temperature difference of more than 2°C in the environment (transitioning from a cold environment to a hot one or vice versa). turn off the device and let it rest for about 2 hours before use.
Do not use the product near flammable or explosive materials (including sprayers, gas stations, etc.) as it may cause fire or electric shock hazards.
The recommended operating temperature for this hair removal device is between 5°C and 30°C. Please ensure the room temperature before use.
Within 48 hours after hair removal, avoid direct exposure of the treated areas to ultraviolet rays. Apply sunscreen when going outdoors.

Do not direct the light exit towards black objects to avoid damage to the
black objects and the device.
Do not expose the product to sunlight or keep it under UV lamps for an
extended period as it can severely damage the product.
If the built-in fan does not run (no humming sound) after turning on the
power, do not use the device to prevent product malfunctions.
This device can only be used with the supplied power adapter.
If the power cord is damaged, to avoid any risks, it must be replaced by professionals from the manufacturer, their repair department, or similar services.
Before connecting the device, please check if the voltage on the device matches the local mains voltage to avoid the risk of electric shock or permanent damage to the device.
If the wall socket connection for powering the device is poor, the device’s plug may become hot. Make sure to connect the device to a properly installed wall socket to avoid the risk of fire and burns.
Do not subject the device to severe impacts to prevent damage to the lamp.
The fuse and other components of this product are not removable as they are located inside the product. There are no replaceable parts.
The maintenance personnel for this product are only internal staff of the company. Therefore, circuit diagrams and component lists are not provided externally and are for internal reference only.
The light exit is the application part of this product. Place the light exit on the skin area to be treated, press it gently against the skin vertically, and the product will emit light.

Use the device in a brightly lit environment as much as possible to reduce the pupil aperture and allow less light to enter the eyes.
When using the intense pulsed light therapy device, always wear protective goggles as required by the operating instructions.
The patient is the intended operator.
Warning: Modification of this device is not permitted.
Disclaimer: This device is intended to be connected to an independent power adapter. The adapter is part of this device.
If it is the first time using this product or if you have recently tanned, perform a skin test on each area to be treated. To perform a skin test: Select an area near the treatment area (do not attempt to use the product on difficult or sensitive areas such as ankles or bony areas). According to your skin color type. make sure to set the device to the lowest setting. Place the device vertically on the skin. ensuring close contact between the light exit and the skin. After the indicator light blinks. press the light emission button to emit a flash, then slide the device to the next area to be treated. Gradually increase the settings, emit light once, and then move the device to the next area. After the skin test, wait for 2 hours to assess the skin condition. If there are no abnormalities (redness, blisters) in the treated area, you can proceed with the treatment.

Note: When using the hair removal device, it is possible to touch the illustrated body air outlet for 1-10 seconds. Please avoid contact. The highlighted air outlet is the cooling part of this product. Blocking the air outlet may cause poor heat dissipation, and higher temperatures can lead to skin discomfort.


Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, women during menstruation, individuals with scars, diabetes, fragile skin, and photosensitive skin should not use this product.
Severe heart disease. severe hypertension, malignant tumors, folliculitis, infectious skin diseases. burn wounds, and individuals with coagulation disorders are prohibited from using this product.
Do not use if you have collagen metabolism disorders, including scars and poor wound healing.
People with vascular diseases such as varicose veins, dilated blood vessels in the treated area, should not use this product.
Do not use if the skin is photosensitive and prone to rashes or allergies.
Do not use on areas with infections, herpes simplex, skin lesions, hematomas, etc.

Do not use if you have immune response disorders (including HIV/AIDS infection, lupus, etc.).
Prohibited for patients with any bleeding disorders and those using topical retinoic acid, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA), or salicylic acid.
Caution is advised for individuals who have undergone chemical hair removal within 30 days, used whitening products in the short term, or used cosmetics containing vitamin A.
Do not use concurrently with essential oil products. Ensure that the skin in the treated area is clean and dry, and do not apply creams, lubricants, or other cosmetics. If the skin surface is not clean or dry, it may affect the product’s efficacy or even damage the product.
Prohibited to use aspirin, immunosuppressants, retinoic acid, and other drugs. Recent use of photosensitive drugs (such as tetracycline, sulfonamides, etc.) is not recommended.
For sunburned skin, wait until the skin is repaired before using the product. Do not apply on sensitive areas such as mucous membranes.
Prohibited for use on any unhealed wounds. Not recommended for hirsutism or other hirsutism conditions.
If taking analgesics, it may reduce the skin’s sensitivity to heat. Caution is advised before the analgesic effect subsides.
Do not use this product if it is not suitable for your skin tone or hair color.
Do not use on the face, head, ears, neck, nipples, genitals, major arteries, inner navel, or around the anus. Use on these areas may cause skin swelling, blisters, temporary skin discoloration, and skin whitening.
Prohibited for use on tattooed skin, black/brown spots, or black-colored blemishes (such as dark freckles, birthmarks. moles, or warts) on the depilated area. Tattoos or dark spots may absorb excessive light energy,

resulting in skin swelling, temporary or permanent blisters, skin discoloration, or whitening. (Consult a doctor before use if necessary).

Intended Use and Scope of Application

  1. Intended Use: This device is intended to assist in reducing body hair and improving skin appearance.
  2. Intended Usage Environment: For indoor use only.
  3. Power Supply Voltage: Power Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz, Power Output: DC12V 3A
  4. Applicable Users: Only suitable for individuals over 18 years old, and skin/hair types must meet the following criteria:

Skin Tone Chart

Hair Color Chart

Determine your skin suitability using the provided skin tone comparison card. Skin reactions may vary due to different factors; adjust usage based on your skin’s actual condition.

Product Structure

Product Structure

Note: Do not obstruct the air inlet and outlet with any objects, as this may lead to significant damage to the device.

Main Product Performance Parameters

Output Energy Density : 2.21 – 4.41 J/cm2
Light Spot Area : 3.4 cm2
Energy Levels : Level l to 5
Light Wavelength Range : 590 – 1200 nm
Interval Between Continuous Exposures : 1.2 s to 2.5 s Lifespan: 150,000 cycles
Power Adapter:

  • Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Output: 12V=3A Rated Power: 36W

Product Dimensions: 179 x 65 x 39 mm

Product Installation and Use Instructions

  1. Precautionary Check
    a. Unboxing Check: Take out the main unit and its accessories from the packaging box, count the accessories according to the packing list, and keep the related packaging materials for future transportation, storage, and reference purposes.
    b. Check if the main unit and accessories are intact, and inspect for any signs of mechanical damage. If there are any indications of equipment malfunction, do not use it and contact the dealer or after-sales service immediately.

  2. Preparations before Use
    a. Determine if your skin tone is suitable for this product using the skin color chart provided in the instruction manual.
    Note: If it is your first time using this product or if you have recently tanned, perform a skin test on each treatment area. To conduct a skin test, select a nearby area to the treatment site (avoid difficult or sensitive areas such as ankles or bony areas). Adjust the intensity level to l according to your skin tone, place the device vertically on the skin with the flash window in close contact, wait for the indicator light to flash, and then press the Flash Button/Mode Switch Button to emit a flash. Move the device to the next treatment area, gradually increasing the intensity level and emitting a flash each time. After the skin test, wait for 2 hours to assess the condition of your skin. If there are no abnormalities such as redness or blisters, you can safely use the product.
    b. Use a shaver to remove and clean the hair from the treatment area, ensuring that the skin is in good condition, dry, and free from any wounds or abnormalities.
    Note: Before hair removal, clean the armpits from deodorant, perfume, creams, and other cosmetics, and ensure that the skin is in good condition and dry.
    c. Check the flash window for any hair residue or dirt. If necessary, clean the flash window according to the cleaning method provided in the user manual before using it.
    Note: If the flash window on the treatment head cannot be cleaned properly, it is recommended to replace the treatment head.

  3. Instructions
    a. Wear goggles.
    b. Power Connection: Plug in the adapter and ensure the power voltage is within the normal range. The power indicator should remain steady.
    c. Powering On: Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the device.

    • The fan will start running at the default intensity level: Level 1, in BODY mode.

    • The device remembers the last mode and intensity level before being powered off.
      d. Adjusting Intensity: Press the power button briefly to cycle through intensity levels in the sequence “l-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-l”.
      e. Switching Modes: Press the mode button briefly to cycle through modes in the sequence “BODY-FACE-BIKINI-BODY-FACE-BIKINI”.
      f. Using Manual Mode: Press the flash button briefly to emit light.
      g. Using Auto Mode:

    • Activating: Press and hold the flash button for 2 seconds to enter Auto Mode. The Auto Mode indicator light will illuminate.

    • Exiting: Press the flash button briefly to exit Auto Mode. The Auto Mode indicator light will go off.
      h. Powering Off:

    • Manual Shutdown: Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to power off. The device will enter shutdown mode with only the power indicator light remaining steady, and the fan will stop running.

    • Automatic Shutdown: If there is no activity for 3 minutes, the device will enter shutdown mode.

  4. Post-Hair Removal Precautions
    a. It is recommended to avoid contact with water within 6 hours after hair removal. After 6 hours, moisturize the treated area with hydrating lotion.
    b. Avoid using perfume, face masks, and cosmetics with exfoliating beads on the treated skin.
    c. If any discomfort occurs, please consult a dermatologist promptly.
    d. Sunbathing can cause darkening or sunburn of the skin, and using the device during this time may result in redness, swelling, or inflammation. Therefore, avoid excessive sun exposure during product use, and the time required for sunburn recovery should not be less than l week.
    e. Avoid swimming within 24 hours after hair removal and protect the treated area from excessive sun exposure. If unavoidable, be sure to apply sunscreen.
    f. Do not attempt to achieve skin tanning during hair removal treatments.
    g. Consult a doctor if you plan to undergo any plastic surgery procedures in the treated area after hair removal.

  5. Treatment Intervals
    a. Weeks 1-4: Three times per week
    b. Weeks 5-8: Twice per week
    c. Week 9 and after: Once per fortnight

Product Maintenance and Care Methods

  1. Machine Maintenance
    a. To ensure optimal performance and longevity of the product, please clean the device before and after each use to avoid the accumulation of hair residue and dust. Failure to clean the device properly may result in reduced effectiveness.
    b. Check the device, especially the transparent window and body components, to ensure they are clean and in good condition.
    c. Do not clean the device and its accessories under running water or in a dishwasher.
    d. Avoid using steel wool, abrasive cleaners (such as toothpaste), or corrosive liquids (such as gasoline, engine oil, acetone) to clean the product.
    e. Keep the device for intense pulsed light therapy dry. Do not immerse the device or any of its components in water to avoid the risk of electric shock.
    f. To prevent damage or loss of the device and its accessories, store them in the packaging box after each use. Prior to storage, make sure to clean the product thoroughly.
    g. If the product is not in use for an extended period, store it in a dry, shaded, and cool place, away from contact with hard objects to avoid damage.
    h. Avoid storing the product and its accessories in a humid environment for a prolonged period, as it may adversely affect the performance of the product.

  2. Regularly inspect the device, including the wires, for any signs of visible damage. In case of damage or breakage, discontinue using the device and unplug it from the socket when not in use to avoid the risk of entanglement.
    Note: If it is no longer possible to clean the transparent window, please stop using the product.

  3. Cleaning and Disinfection
    Turn off the machine and unplug it from the power source to allow it to cool down. The flash window of the device may become hot during use. Ensure it has cooled down before cleaning/disinfecting. Cleaning: Use a cloth dampened with water or a mild detergent to thoroughly wipe the device surface, then use a dry, soft cloth to dry it.
    Disinfection: Use a lint-free cotton pad dipped in 70%~ 75% medical alcohol to wipe the device surface for disinfection, then use a dry, soft cloth to dry it.
    Note: Take extra care when wiping during cleaning or disinfection to ensure that no moisture enters the internal components of the device.

  4. Troubleshooting
    The following are common issues that may arise during the use of the device. If the provided information does not resolve your issue, please contact INIA’s customer service for assistance.

I ssue


Possib l e Reasons


So l ution

Unab l e to star t properly| Power not connected| Check if power is connected.
No light emits-son| Excessive temperature of  device head and bod Improper contact of the device head with the skin| Wait for the device to cool down before using it again. Ensuring the device head is in close contact with the skin until the indicator light turns on.
Indicator light not turning on| Poor device contact| Check if the power connection is normal. If it is, consider repair or replacement of the product.
Unusual  odor during flashing| Contamination of the filter and presence of hair residue on the| Clean the filter and remove hair residue. Reducing the 1ntensIty of high exposure.
Intense pain during hair removal| Hair not shaved before treatment device body| Shave the hair in the treatment area before using the device. If shaving causes skin irritation.  Trim the hair as Short as possible and use the device in a comfortable setting.
The treatment area is no1 suitable for hair removal| Do not use this device on the labia. Vagina, anus. Nipples or areola. It is also not suitable for use on men’s faces or scrotum.
High intensity of light exposure| Reduce the intensity of light· exposure of a comfortable level.
Damaged light transmission window| Repair or replace 1he product
Redness in treated area after use| Mild redness is normal. Harmless to 1he body, and will quickly fade| After hair removal. soothe the skin with aloe Vera gel.
Unsatisfac1ory Hair removal results|  Low intensity of light exposure| Choose a higher intensity level for the next session.
Missing flash zones in the  treatment area| Flash the device in areas that are close to each other. ensuring some overlap between flash zones
Inability of the device to remove certain hair colors| This device is not suitable for_ removing light blonde-haired person. Gray. Red. Alternatively, white hair.
insufficient frequency of device usage| To successfully remove hair, it is recommended to follow the Recommended irradiation plan.
Slower response to light expires| Continuously use the device for at least 6 months, as it can still inhibit hair regrowth during this period.
Device casing becomes warm  during use| Normal endotenon| No action required. If the device has been used for a long time, you can turn it off, let it rest. and cool down before using it again

Storage/Transportation Conditions and Methods

  1. Please place the product in a dry, well-ventilated, dust-free, and pollution-free area, away from direct sunlight.
  2. Regularly inspect the product for any safety hazards to ensure safe usage.

Product Accessories List

No. Accessor Name Quantity
**** Adapter 1
2 **** User Manual 1
3 **** Goggles 1
4 Razor 1

Explanation of Graphics, Symbols, Abbreviations, etc. used in Medical Device Labels

Symbol Explanation of Content
Class II Equipment
Warning or Precautions
Disposal Instructions for Electronic and Electrical Products. Disposal of

the product should be done in accordance with regulations.
| Afraid of rain
| Batch
| Manufacture Date Label
| BF Type Applied Part
| User Manual
| Upwards
| Fragile Items
| Manufacturer’s Identification

Waste Disposal Statement

As this product is classified as a medical electronic device, it should not be treated as general household waste when its usage life is over. It should be disposed of according to the regulations and guidelines applicable in the respective region.


The warranty period for this product may vary depending on the country of sale. We will strive to extend the warranty period to the maximum extent permitted by the laws of that country. If the instrument experiences quality issues within the warranty period, we will provide free repair or replacement. However, damages caused by improper use or non-compliant operations are not covered under warranty. In such cases, we will replace the damaged parts or offer a trade-in at cost price. The ownership of the old instrument belongs to our company.

Please present your order purchase receipt and our official website’s after- sales registration information when requesting warranty service. The warranty period for our products starts from the date of receipt of the order at the time of purchase.

Our company may not offer warranty or return services under the following conditions:

  1. Product damage caused by unforeseeable events such as fire, earthquake, flood, etc.
  2. Instrument malfunctions and damages caused by your negligence, misuse, or other abnormal conditions during use.
  3. Instrument damage caused by unauthorized disassembly or improper storage (e.g., rodent infestation, liquid ingress).
  4. Damage caused by the forced use of the product in non-product usage environments, including but not limited to exceeding workloads. Equipment damage caused by abnormal external forces (falling, compression, collision, etc.).
  5. Equipment damage caused by the use of non-manufacturer accessories and expansion components.
  6. Product damage caused by other uncontrollable circumstances.
  7. Our company shall not be liable for consequential damages or losses arising from the use or operation of this product, including but not limited to loss of business profits, business interruption, other losses caused by using the instrument, costs associated with replacing equipment, devices, or services, or customer claims.

Our company will assume the types and extent of liability for unexpected events in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

  • All rights of final interpretation belong to CAREEASE SOLUTIONS LLC.

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