Laserliner 080 50 Flexi-Messlatte Laser Measuring Device User Manual

June 4, 2024


Flexi leveling staff

Principles of taking a measurement using the Flexi leveling staff:

Laserliner 080 50 Flexi Messlatte Laser Measuring Device -

In the first step, the laser measuring device is aligned and the laser receiver (A) is mounted onto the leveling staff and set to “0”. Next, the knurled screw (B) is used to set the  Flexi leveling staff exactly to laser beam height “0” (Picture 1).
The laser receiver is then re-adjusted and moved to the height of the laser beam (Picture 2).
If the measurement point lies below the starting level, the leveling staff will indicate a negative value; if it lies above, the value indicated will be positive. So, the plus/minus scale indicates the correct height reference value straightaway, without the user having to carry out any calculations.

C Plus/minus mm scale
D Height difference
E Millimetre scale for measuring heightsLaserliner 080 50 Flexi
Messlatte Laser Measuring Device - fig1

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