winny HJ3052 Robotic Pool Cleaner Optimus Pro User Manual

June 10, 2024

Winny HJ3052 Robotic Pool Cleaner Optimus Pro

Important Precautions

  1. Please read the manual carefully, and use the cleaner according to the manual. We are not held liable for any loss or injury caused by improper use.
  2. Please do not allow children to ride on it or play with it as a toy.
  3. In order to prevent severe damage to the cleaner, never power on it when it is out of the swimming pool.
  4. It is forbidden to operate the cleaner when there are people in the pool, and the power supply should be connected to a leakage-protected and earthed socket.
  5. In order to avoid overheating and potential damage for components, never cover the power supply.
  6. In order to avoid any accident or damage, it is strongly recommended to fix the power supply indoor in at least 3.5m away from the swimming pool edge and connect the power supply with a fixed holder by using the safety rope.
  7. Before power-on, make sure the filters be assembled and the cable be fully released to avoid any winding, which could affect the cleaner’s performance or cause damage.
  8. Hold the top handle when putting the cleaner into or lift it out of the water. Do not pull the cable.
  9. It is forbidden to use the cleaner beyond its working conditions stated in the manual.
  10. The cleaner should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, away from direct sunshine.
  11. Only professionals can dissemble the cleaner and its power supply, otherwise the warranty otherwise the warranty will be invalidated. otherwise the warranty will be invalidated. otherwise the warranty will be invalidated.
  12. It is forbidden to drop and hammer the battery and cleaner.
  13. Use the accessories recommended or sold by the manufacturer only.
  14. It is strictly forbidden to place drugs for water treatment inside the cleaner for dosing, otherwise the warranty will be invalidated.


  1. Put into or lift out of the pool with the cleaner bottom towards the wall to avoid any possible scratches to the pool. Hold the top handle and put it into the pool. Let the cleaner immerse into the pool floor after emptying the air inside it (the air inside should be exhausted completely, otherwise its normal working will be affected).

  2. Please hold the top handle only and never pull the cable when lifting it out of the pool.


The robotic pool cleaner HJ3052 is a new type of highly efficient and energy- saving swimming pool cleaning robot. Through its advanced computer-controlled program, it can clean the pool walls and bottom automatically. At the same time, it filters the pool water and gets rid of suspended particles without replacing the pool water. It is totally environmental-friendly.
For safe operation, the cleaner works on 28V direct current.
Please read this user manual carefully before use.


Power supply needs to be placed in a proper position so as to reach the coverage for the whole pool, meanwhile as least 3.5m away from the swimming pool edge.


  1. Rated input voltage: 220VAC (230VAC)/110VAC (120VAC)
  2. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  3. Output voltage: DC28V
  4. Power: 140W
  5. Cleaning cycle: 1/2/3h
  6. Filter capacity: appr. 16m³/h
  7. Filter density: 180μm
  8. Moving speed: appr. 10.5m/min
  9. IP grade: Cleaner IPX8; Power supply: IPX5
  10. Max. water depth: 2m
  11. Working temperature: 0°C -40°C
  12. Remote distance: >20m
  13. Frequency of remote control: 433MHz

Operation instructions

Instructions for operation panel

| No.| Sign| Instruction| Function description
| 1| ON/OFF| Power on/off| Press this button, the cleaner is power-on.

Press a second time, the cleaner is off.

| 2| MODE| | ALL: to clean pool floor, walls and waterline (once floor, once wall)
| | WALL: to clean the pool walls only
| | FLOOR: to clean the pool floor only
| | ALL + FLOOR: to clean the pool floor three times and pool walls once
| 1H: cleaner running for 1 hour
| | 2H: cleaner running for 2 hours
| | 3H: cleaner running for 3 hours


| Indicators| Indicate the operation modes and cleaner status|
Working status| 2 or 3 indicators on| Cleaner stopped|
“1H” flashes slowly| Cleaner running for 1 hour|
“2H” flashes slowly| Cleaner running for 2 hours|
“3H” flashes slowly| Cleaner running for 3 hours|
“ALL” on| Working under mode “ALL”|
“WALL” on| Working under mode “WALL”|
“FLOOR” on| Working under mode “FLOOR”|
“ALL” & “FLOOR” on| Working under mode “ALL” &


“ALL” >> “WALL”>>”FLOOR”

flash in order

| Manual: forward|
“FLOOR” >> “WALL”>>”ALL”| Manual: backward|
flash in order| |
“3H” >> “2H”>>”1H” flash in order| Manual: left turning|
“1H” >> “2H”>>”3H” flash in order| Manual: right turning|
All indicators flash slowly| Auto-running finished|
| Diagnose| Code| Fault| Suggestion
| All indicators flash quickly with buzz| Power supply is overloaded| Stop using and contact after-sales
| “WALL” & “2H” flash quickly with buzz| Driving

motor 1 is overloaded

| Check the belt
| “FLOOR” & “3H” flash quickly with buzz| Driving motor 2 is overloaded| Check the belt
| “WALL”, “FLOOR”, “2H” & “3H” flash quickly with buzz| Cleaner is out of water and cannot be restarted| Empty the air inside the cleaner and restart it
| 5| AUTO START| Auto-start function| Indicator off: no reservation
| Indicator on steadily: reserve successfully, and wait for the start
| Indicator flashes: start working

Build in antenna version

Note: Users have to press all the time to achieve left or right turning.
Remote Control Assembly: take the remote control apart when using it for the first time and install the battery correctly according to the direction indicated)

App control on smartphone via Bluetooth
Initial interface

Open the app and connect with the cleaner

Interface of manual operation

No. Indication Function
1 Connection status
  • Disconnected
  • Connected

2| Button “FORWARD”| Manual — Walk forward
3| Button “BACKWARD”| Manual — Walk backward
4| Button “LEFT”| Manual — Turn left
5| Button “RIGHT”| Manual — Turn right
6| Button “STOP”| Stop

Note: Users have to press “ ” all the time to achieve left or right turning.

No. Indication Function
1 Connection status
  • Disconnected
  • Connected

2| Auto mode|

  • Pool floor – cleaning floor only
  • Pool wall – cleaning wall only
  • Once floor once wall
  • Three times floor once walls

3| Start cleaning|

  • Auto Play: work automatically according to your settings
  • Stop: stop automatic working
No. Indication Function
1 Connection status
  • Disconnected
  • Connected

2| Single cleaning| Delay start
3| Setting for single cleaning| Range: 1 hour – 23hours




| By pressing this button, the APP on smartphone will send the current reservation settings to the power supply via Bluetooth, and start the timing at the same time.
5| Cancel| Press this button to cancel the current reservation
6| Periodic cleaning| Cycle working
7| Setting for periodic cleaning| Range: 1 day – 10 days

Download address
For Android: search “Winny” in Google Play For IOS: search “My Winny” in Apple Store

Filter cleaning
Take out the filter baskets:

  • Press the opening button (see Figure 1)
  • The top cover will pop-up automatically (see Figure 2)
  • Open the top cover (see Figure 3)
  • Take out the filter basket (see Figure 4)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Clean the filter baskets

Re-install the filter baskets
Pay attention to the installation position and close the top cover.

Transport caddy (Optional)

Exploded view

Assembly of transport caddy

  1. Open the package for assembling

  2. Put the connection part onto the plate

  3. Insert the wheel axle

  4. Assemble the protecting cover and axle cover

  5. Assemble wheels

  6. Put on the nut

  7. Tighten the nut

  8. Assemble the top handle

  9. Assemble power supply holder

  10.  Assemble cable holder

Float block

Please refer to following operation if it is difficult for the cleaner to climb the wall and clean the waterline. The following operation is not necessary if the cleaner climbs the wall well.
Open the top cover and glue the float block at the position shown in the below picture. The other side is also glued.


  1. You can also glue the float block on the top cover without removing the cover. Touch the position with your hands and glue it according to the picture.
  2. The float block has glue on its back, so It has to be glued on the top cover tightly and then put it into the pool 24 hours later.

Packing list

No.| Item| Name| Model| QTY (pc)| Application| Remark
1| Cleaner| Cleaner body| HJ3052| 1| | In carton
2| Power supply| HJ3052| 1| | In carton
3| User manual, certificate & safety rope| | 1| | In plastic bag


This product has passed all quality control and safety tests, conducted by the technical department of the factory.

Warranty information:

  1. The warranty is covered for 24 months (only for motors & PCB) from the date of its original purchase.
  2. This warranty is void if the product has been altered, misused, or has been repaired by unauthorized personnel.
  3. The warranty extends only to manufacturing defects and does not cover any damage resulting from mishandling of the product by the owner.
  4. The sales invoice must be presented for any claim or repair during the warranty period.

Please contact your local dealer for any warranty issues.

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