Laserliner RangeXtender 30 Multi-line Laser Receiver Suitable Instructions

June 4, 2024

Laserliner RangeXtender 30 Multi-line Laser Receiver Suitable

Completely read through the operating instructions, the ‚Warranty and Additional Information‘ booklet as well as the latest information under the internet link at the end of these instructions. Follow the instructions they contain. This document must be kept in a safe place and passed on together with the device.

Function / application
Laser receiver for all red line lasers with RX-READY technology.

General safety instructions

  • The device must only be used in accordance with its intended purpose and within the scope of the specifications.

  • The measuring tools and accessories are not toys.
    Keep out of reach of children.

  • The structure of the device must not be modified in any way.

  • Do not expose the device to mechanical stress, extreme temperatures, moisture or significant vibration.

  • The device must no longer be used if one or more of its functions fail or the battery charge is weak.

Safety instructions
Dealing with electromagnetic radiation

  • The measuring device complies with electromagnetic compatibility regulations and limit values in accordance with EMC-Directive 2014/30/EU.
  • Local operating restrictions – for example, in hospitals, aircraft, petrol stations or in the vicinity of people with pacemakers – may apply. Electronic devices can potentially cause hazards or interference or be subject to hazards or interference.
  1. Insert battery Open the battery compartment on the housing‘s rear side and insert a 9 V battery. Correct polarity must be observed.
  • A Sound ON / OFF
  • B Receiver field for laser beam
  • C Universal mount
  • D Battery compartment
  • E LED’s for laser indication: front
  • F ON / OFF switch
  • G LED status indicator
  • H Switch tolerance range: precision range / freehand range
  • I LED tolerance range: switched off, precision range / red, free-hand range
  • J Head magnet
  • K Vial

Working with the laser receiver RX
Use the laser receiver RX for levelling over longer distances or when the laser lines are no longer visible. Switch on with button F; control lamp G will light up.

Line lasers: This button switches hand receiver mode on and off.
RX 30: This button is used to establish the tolerance range.

Set the line laser to hand receiver mode. The laser lines will now pulsate with high frequency, making the laser lines darker. The laser receiver can detect these pulsating laser lines up to a maximum distance of 30 m. Minimum distance from the laser device about 3 m.
Now move the receiver field (B) of the laser receiver through the laser lines upwards and downwards (horizontal laser line) and/or sideways (vertical laser line) until the centre LED lights up. Now mark the horizontal and/or vertical reference dimension.

Minimum distance from the laser device about 3 m. Pay attention that the laser lines are not reflected by reflective surfaces. Such reflections can lead to false indications.


The light intensity of the laser lines is greatest at the centre and diminishes toward the ends. This can reduce the maximum reception range of the laser receiver.

Used with levelling staff
The laser receiver RX can be fitted on measuring staffs with the universal mount. The Flexi measuring staff is always recommended when measuring from floor heights.
It also allows you to determine heights directly without any need for calculation.

Danger – powerful magnetic fields
Powerful magnetic fields can adversely affect persons with active medical implants (e.g. pacemaker) as well as electromechanical devices (e.g. magnetic cards, mechanical clocks, precision mechanics, hard disks). With regard to the effect of powerful magnetic fields on persons, the applicable national stipulations and regulations must be complied with such as BGV B11 §14 „electromagnetic fields“ (occupational health and safety – electromagnetic fields) in the Federal Republic of Germany.

To avoid interference/disruption, always keep the implant or device a safe distance of at least 30 cm away from the magnet.

Technical Data
Laser reception range max. 30 m
Length of receiver unit 30 mm
Auto power off after 5 minutes (if display remains unchanged)
Power supply 1 x 9V 6LR61 (9-volt block)
Operating time approx. 15 hours
Operating conditions 0°C … 50°C, max. humidity 80% rH, no condensation, max.

working altitude 4000 m above sea level
Storage conditions| 0°C … 70°C, max. humidity 80% rH
Dimensions (W x H x D)| 60 x 110 x 26 mm
Weight| 130 g (incl. battery)

Subject to technical alterations. 19W45

EU directives and disposal
This device complies with all necessary standards for the free movement of goods within the EU.
This product is an electric device and must be collected separately for disposal according to the European Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment.
Further safety and supplementary notices at:

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– Laserliner –
Möhnestraße 149, 59755 Arnsberg, Germany
Tel.: +49 2932 638-300,
Fax: +49 2932 638-333 [email protected]

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59757 Arnsberg, Germany
Tel.: +49 2932 638-300,
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