GARDENA SmallCut 300 Trimmer Small Cut 300 Instruction Manual

June 1, 2024


GARDENA SmallCut 300 Trimmer Small Cut 300


  • This product may be used under supervision, or if instruction regarding the safe use of the product has been provided and the resulting dangers have been understood, by children aged 8 and above, as well as by persons with physical, sensory, or mental disabilities or a lack of experience and knowledge. Children must not be allowed to play with the product. Cleaning and user maintenance must not be performed by children without supervision.
  • The use of this product by young people under the age of 16 is not recommended. Never operate the product when you are tired, ill, or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medicine.

Intended use:

  • The GARDENA Turbotrimmer is used to trim and cut grass and lawns in private houses and hobby gardens.
  • Do not use the product in public facilities, parks, sports grounds, adjacent to roads, or in agriculture or forestry.

DANGER! Risk of injury!

  • Do not use the product to cut hedges, to shred, or to make compost.


Important! Read the operator’s manual carefully before use and keep it for future reference.

Symbols on the product:

  • Read the operator’s manual.
  • Keep other persons away 360°
  • DANGER! Risk of injury to other persons!
    • Keep other persons out of the work area.
  • Wear safety glasses and ear protection.
  • Do not let the product become wet with rain or other moisture.
    • Do not leave the product outdoors while it is raining.
  • Disconnect the mains cable if the cable becomes damaged or entangled.

Safe operating practices Training

  • a) Read the instructions carefully. Be familiar with the controls and the correct use of the machine.
  • b) Never allow children or people unfamiliar with these instructions to use the machine. Local regulations can restrict the age of the operator.
  • c) Keep in mind that the operator or user is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people or their property.


  • a) Before use check the supply and extension cord for signs of damage or aging. If the cord becomes damaged during use, disconnect the cord from the supply immediately.
  • Do not use the machine if the cord is damaged or worn.
  • b) Before use, always visually inspect the machine for damaged, missing, or misplaced guards or shields.
  • c) Never operate the machine while people, especially children, or pets are nearby.


  • a) Keep supply and extension cords away from cutting means.
  • b) Wear eye protection and stout shoes at all times while operating the machine.
  • c) Avoid using the machine in bad weather conditions especially when there is a risk of lightning.
  • d) Use the machine only in daylight or good artificial light.
  • e) Never operate the machine with damaged guards or shields or without guards or shields in place.
  • f) Switch on the motor only when the hands and feet are away from the cutting means.
  • g) Always disconnect the machine from the power supply (i. e. remove the plug from the mains, remove the disabling device or removable battery).
  1. whenever the machine is left unattended;
  2. before clearing a blockage;
  3. before checking, cleaning, or working on the machine;
  4. after striking a foreign object;
  5. whenever the machine starts vibrating abnormally.
    • h) Take care against injury to feet and hands from the cutting means.
      i) Always ensure that the ventilation openings are kept clear of debris.

Maintenance and storage

  • a) Disconnect the machine from the power supply (i. e. remove the plug from the mains, remove the disabling device or removable battery) before carrying out maintenance or cleaning work.
  • b) Use only the manufacturer’s recommended replacement parts and accessories.
  • c ) Inspect and maintain the machine regularly.
  • Have the machine repaired only by an authorized repairer.
  • d) When not in use, store the machine out of reach of children.


  • The machine should be supplied via a residual current device (RCD) with a tripping current of not more than 30 mA.

Additional Safety Recommendations

  • DANGER! Risk of suffocation! Small parts can be easily swallowed. There is also a risk that the polybag can suffocate toddlers. Keep toddlers away when you assemble the product.
  • DANGER! When wearing hearing protection, and due to the noise produced by the product, the operator may not notice persons approaching.
  • If the product starts unintentionally when the mains plug is connected, disconnect the mains at once. Contact GARDENA Service to check the product.
  • DANGER! Risk of cardiac arrest! This product generates an electromagnetic field while it operates. This electromagnetic field may affect the functionality of active or passive medical implants (e. g. pacemakers), which may result in serious injury or death. Consult your doctor and the manufacturer of your implant before using this product. After using the product, disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket.


  • Use only permitted extension cables as per HD 516.
  • Ask your electrical specialist.
  • If the product gets hot during operation, let it cool down before storage.


DANGER! Risk of injury!

  • Cut injury when the product starts accidentally.
  • Before you assemble the product, make sure that the main cable is disconnected.

To assemble the trimmer [ Fig. A1 / A2 ]:

  1. Put the top part of the handle 1 and the trimmer head 2 together until they make a click (click). Ensure that the two arrows > face each other. The cable must not be stretched or caught when you do this.
  2. Put the bottom handle 3 on the top part of the handle 1 until it makes a click (click). Ensure that the two arrows B face each other.
  3. Put cover 4 on the trimmer head 2 while you feed the cutting filament 5 through the opening in cover 4.
  4. Put the cover 4 on the trimmer head 2 until it makes a click (click).
    • Make sure that all cams lock in position.


  • DANGER! Risk of injury!
  • Cut injury when the product starts accidentally.
  • Before you connect, adjust, or transport the product, disconnect the main cable and transport the product by the bottom handle.

To connect the trimmer [ Fig. O1 ]:

DANGER! Electric shock!

  • To avoid damage to the mains cable 8 the extension cable 6 must be inserted into the cable lock 7.
  • Before you operate the product insert the extension cable 6 into the cable lock 7.
  1. Loop the extension cable 6, insert the loop into cable lock 7, and pull tight.
  2. Connect the plug 8 of the product into the socket 9 of the extension cable 6.
  3. Connect the extension cable 6 to a 230 V mains socket.

Work position [ Fig. O2 ]:

  • Hold the product by the top part of handle 1 and the bottom handles 3 so that the trimmer head 2 is tilted a small distance forward.
  • Make sure, the filament does not touch hard objects such as walls, stones, and fences to prevent the filament from welding together or breaking.

To start the trimmer [ Fig. O3 ]:

DANGER! Risk of injury!

  • Risk of injury if the product does not stop when you release the start button.
  • Do not bypass the safety devices or switches. For example, do not attach the start button 0 to the handle.

To start:

  • Push the start button 0 on the top part of the handle 1.

To stop:

  • Release the start button 0.
  • To extend the cutting filament

(Tip mechanism) [ Fig. O4 / O5 ]:

  • The tipping mechanism operates when the motor operates. The best result occurs only with the maximum cutting filament length.
  • During the first operation, it can be necessary to extend the cutting filament many times.
  1. Start the product.
  2. Hold the trimmer head 2 parallel to the ground and briefly tap the trimmer head 2 onto a solid surface (prevent constant pressure for extended periods).

The cutting filament 5 is automatically extended with a mechanism that can be heard and adjusted to the correct length with the filament limiter 11. If necessary tap many times again and again.


DANGER! Risk of injury!

  • Cut injury when the product starts accidentally.
  • Before you maintain the product, make sure that the main cable is disconnected.

To clean the trimmer [ Fig. M1 ]:

DANGER! Electric shock!

  • Risk of injury and risk of damage to the product.
  • Do not clean the product with water or with a water jet (in particular high-pressure water jet).
  • The airflow slots must always be clean.
  1. Clean the airflow slots w with a soft brush (do not use a screwdriver).
  2. Clean all movable parts after each operation. Especially remove any grass and dirt from the cover 4.

To replace the filament cassette [ Fig. M2/M3 ]:

  • DANGER! Risk of injury!
  • Risk of injury from metal cutting parts!
  • Do not use metal cutting parts or replacement parts and accessories not approved by GARDENA.
  • Only use original GARDENA Filament Cassettes. You can order Replacement Filament Cassettes from your GARDENA dealer or directly from the GARDENA Customer Service.

For Art. 9805 SmallCut 300 / Art. 9806 SmallCut Plus 350: GARDENA Filament Cassette for Turbotrimmers Art. 5307.

  1. Push in cassette cover e on the two locking clips r at the same time and remove.
  2. Remove the filament cassette t.
  3. Remove all dirt.
  4. Pull approximately 15 cm of the cutting filament 5 out of the new filament cassette t through the hole in the plastic ring z.
  5. First, put the cutting filament 5 through the metal sleeve 17.
  6. Put the cutting filament 5 around the guide pin 18.
  7. Put the filament cassette t into the filament cassette holder.
  8. Attach the cassette cover e on the filament cassette holder o until you hear both locking clips r make a click.
    • When attaching the cassette cover e, the cutting filament 5 must be put around the guide pin 18 and must not be caught.
    • If the cassette cover 13 cannot be fully installed, turn the filament cassette 15 back and forth, until the filament cassette 15 is fully in the filament cassette holder 19.


To put into storage:

The product must be stored away from children.

  1. Disconnect the mains cable.
  2. Clean the product (see 4. MAINTENANCE).
  3. Stow the product in a dry area where it has protection from frost.


The product can be hung up by the handle. The cutting head is not put under too much strain if the product is stowed hanging up.


DANGER! Risk of injury!

  • Cut injury when the product starts accidentally.
  • Before you troubleshoot the product, make sure that the main cable is disconnected.

To pull the cutting filament out of the filament cassette [Fig. T1/T2]:

If a cutting filament is pulled into the filament cassette you can pull it out again with the instructions below.

  1. Remove the filament cassette 5 with the instructions under 4. MAINENANCE “To replace the filament cassette”.
  2. Push together the plastic ring 6 on the filament cassette 15 between your thumb and index finger.
  3. Pull the plastic ring 6 over the side part of the filament cassette (if necessary, use a screwdriver).
  4. You can at this time get the cutting filament that was pulled into the filament cassette.
  5. Unwind the cutting filament 5 by approx. 15 cm and put it through the eye of the plastic ring I (if necessary, loosen the welded cutting filament beforehand using a screwdriver, and unwind and wind fully).
  6. Pull the plastic ring 16 onto the filament cassette 15.
  7. Install the filament cassette 6 with the instructions under 4. MAINTENANCE “To replace the filament cassette”

NOTE: For any other malfunctions please contact the GARDENA service department.
Repairs must only be done by GARDENA service departments or specialist dealers approved by GARDENA.


  • NOTE: The stated vibration emission value has been measured according to a standardized test procedure and can be used for comparison of one electric power tool with another.
  • It can also be used for preliminary evaluation of exposure. The vibration emission value can vary during the actual use of the electric power tool.


GARDENA Filament Cassette for Turbotrimmers Art. 5307


Product registration:

  • Please register your product at



  • (in accordance with RL2012/19/EC/S.I. 2013 No. 3113)
  • The product must not be disposed of as normal household waste. It must be disposed of in line with local environmental regulations.


Dispose of the product through or via your municipal recycling collection center.

EU Declaration of Conformity

  • Lawn trimmer Art. No.
    • The undersigned hereby certifies as the authorized representative of the manufacturer, GARDENA Germany AB, PO Box 7454, S-103 92, Stockholm, Sweden, that, when leaving our factory, the unit(s) indicated below is /are under the harmonized EU guidelines, EU standards of safety and product specific standards. This certificate becomes void if the unit(s) is /are modified without our approval.
    • Conformity Assessment procedure according to 2000/14/EC Art.14 Annex VI, Noise level: measured/guaranteed(1) | EU directives(2) Harmonised standards(3) | Deposited documentation(4) | Year of CE marking(5) | Ulm, (date of issue)(6)GARDENA-SmallCut-300-Trimmer-Small-Cut-300-FIG-22

Declaration of Conformity [only for the UK]

The manufacturer, GARDENA Germany AB PO Box 7454 S-103 92 Stockholm Sweden, hereby certifies, when leaving our factory, that the unit(s) indicated below is/are under the UK Regulations, designated standards of safety, and product- specific designated standards. This certificate becomes void if the units are modified without our approval.GARDENA-SmallCut-300-Trimmer-Small-

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