obi 326245 LED Ceiling Light Instruction Manual

October 26, 2023

obi 326245 LED Ceiling Light

obi 326245 LED Ceiling Light


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Safety instructions

  • The light may be installed indoors only.
  • To operate this product safely, the user must have read and understood these instructions for use before using the product for the first time.
  • Always keep the operating instructions within reach.
  • If you sell or pass on the device, you must also pass on these operating instructions.
  • When working on walls, ceiling or floors, pay attention to any installed cables as well as gas and water lines.
  • Installation may be carried out only by a suitably qualified electrical specialist.
  • Use only connection clips authorised by the manufacturer.
  • Only use connection cables permitted by the manufacturer.
  • The light source of this luminaire is not replaceable; when the light source reaches its end of life the whole luminaire shall be replaced.

Risk of damage to the eyes! Never look directly into the LED.


DANGER! Risk of fatal injury due to electric shock! Installation may be carried out only by a suitably qualified electrical specialist. Before installation, it must be ensured that there is no current to the electrical network (switch off at main switch or remove fuse).

Assembly – p. 2

  • Remove the holder.
  • Drill the holes and insert dowels.
  • Screw the holder firmly to the wall or ceiling.
  • Connect the mains cable.
  • Place the lamp in the holder


WiZmote – Remote Control
The WiZmote sends Wi-Fi broadcast signal to the WiZ lights. You can set the lights to turn on/off, adjust brightness, change to night light, and choose from 4 favorite light modes with just one press on the button. The WiZmote communicates directly to the WiZ lights via Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, no hub is required for it to operate.

Setup in WiZ App
Before starting the setup process, make sure at least 1 WiZ light in the room is turned on and connected to Wi-Fi.

  1. Select room in the app.
    • Press [+] on the top right corner and select [WiZmote].
  2. Add WiZmote to room
    • Follow the on-screen steps in the app to complete setup.

Setup without App
If you bought new WiZ lights and want to control them without connecting them to Wi-Fi, you can link them directly to the WiZmote. Make sure the lights are not already paired in the WiZ app before you do so.

  1. Install your WiZ light
    • Turn off the light you want the WiZmote to control. Then turn it back on again.
  2. Link WiZmote to light
    • Press the [ON] button 3 times in the first 10 seconds the light is turned back on.


  • You can only link the WiZmote with WiZ lights which have a firmware version above 1.16.0. If your lights were produced before 2020, you will need to pair them in the app.
  • If you pair your lights in the app, they will stop responding to the WiZmote they were previously linked to until you add the WiZmote to the room in the app.

WiZ App Favorite Modes Settings

  1. Turn lights on
  2. Favorite modes 1–4
  3. Turn lights off
  4. Night light
  5. Brightness

Note : Light modes shown are available on color lights.


NOTICE! Risk of damage to the device! Do not use any sharp or abrasive objects, or aggressive cleaning agents. Do not use cleaning solutions.

Storage and transport


  • Store the device and any accessories in a dry, well-ventilated place.
  • In case of longer periods without operation, protect the device and its accessories against soiling and corrosion.


  • Use the original packaging to ship whenever possible.


If something stops working…

DANGER! Danger to life and limb!
Improper repairs can result in the product functioning unsafely. This endangers yourself and your environment.

DANGER! Risk of fatal injury due to electric shock!
All work to eliminate possible faults should be carried out with the fuse switched off. All work should be carried out by a qualified electrician.
Malfunctions are often caused by minor faults. You can easily remedy most of these yourself. Please consult the following table before contacting the vendor. You will save yourself a lot of trouble and possibly money
326245 LED Ceiling Light 4

If you can’t fix the fault yourself, contact your nearest vendor. Please be aware that any improper repairs will also invalidate the warranty and additional costs may be incurred.


Disposing of the product
A crossed-out wheelie bin icon means: Batteries and rechargeable batteries, electrical or electronic devices must not be disposed of with household waste. They may contain substances that are harmful to the environment and human health.

Consumers must dispose of waste electrical devices, spent portable batteries and rechargeable batteries separately from household waste at an official collection point to ensure that these items are processed correctly. Information on returning these items is available from the seller. Sellers are required to accept these items free of charge.

Batteries and rechargeable batteries, which are not permanently installed in waste electrical devices, must be removed prior to disposal and must be disposed of separately. Lithium batteries and battery packs in all systems must only be retuned to a collection point when discharged. Batteries must always be protected against short circuits by covering the poles with adhesive tape. All end users are responsible for deleting any personal data stored on waste devices prior to their disposal.

Disposing of the packaging
The packaging consists of cardboard and correspondingly marked plastics that can be recycled.

  • Make these materials available for recycling.
Technical data

Part number  326245

  • Illuminant* LED
  • max. lamp wattage 24 W
  • Rated voltage 230 V~, 50 Hz
  • Protection class II

Remote control

  • Frequency range 2400–2483,5 MHz
  • Transmitter range (free-field) 15 m
  • Transmission power 20 dBm
  • Batteries (not included in the scope of delivery) 2× LR03, AAA, 1,5 V

The illuminant can not be replaced.

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